Jake Tapper on the President’s Tweets, and His Daughter’s Inspiring Book


All right, Tap man. So talk to us. The president is
attacking John McCain. Yeah. He did it once. And then now I think he’s
done it twice that I know of. Now he’s continuing to do it. I think three– no four
times at this point. I’m sorry, I’m having
trouble keeping track. Yeah, I mean, what
do you think of that? Well look, as a newsman I don’t
take a position on policies. I’m not going to tell
you what I think, whether this nuclear policy is
good, or this tariff policy, or taxes. But I think we can all
agree John McCain died seven months ago. It’s indecent to continually
stomp on his memory. He’s not there to
defend himself. And frankly, he has a widow
and children who are still in deep stages of grief. And it’s sadistic. Yeah, I don’t understand it. You’d think that once
and somebody would say, you can’t do that. And it would stop. The other thing I want to
know, do you know anything about this Mueller? When is this going to come out? We keep hearing about the
Mueller report, the Mueller report, and then– do you know when
it’s coming out? No. I don’t think anybody knows. We’re taping this on a Thursday. For all I know right
now it’s dropping. And this is going
to air on a Friday. And who knows? The world might have changed. I don’t know. But it seems like
people are confused. I was being told this
morning, Thursday morning, that people at the White House
were expecting it any moment. But I also have been
told that yesterday. So we’re all very confused. Wow, yes, for sure. OK, so you’re here
because we love you. But also– There’s a better Tapper. Your daughter wrote a book. And it’s amazing. Because the last
time you were here you were talking about that
she started this whole campaign because girls in school are
scared to raise their hand. Boys aren’t because they
don’t care if they’re wrong. Girls want to always be right. And they don’t want
to take a chance. So they don’t raise their hand. And I think that’s amazing. So Alice, come on out Alice. Alice, I think
you’re so amazing. Thank you. So you got a patch. So is this something
that you fought for? Or they made this for you
because you started this? They made this for me
because I started it. Right. And so you just noticed
that girls weren’t raising their hand in class. And said that there’s
something wrong with that. Yeah, I noticed that– well, I wasn’t being
as confident myself. And I noticed that one
day when I kind of knew the answer to a question
the teacher asked me that all the boys were raising
their hands and all the girls were kind of just
sitting quietly. You said that I’ve
got to do something. And you’re 11, right? Yes, I’m 11 years old. We talked about it with mom. Yeah. So there’s mom, hi. Your brother’s like,
that’s the mom. Not me. She’s the mom. No confusion there. All right so and this is the– and you’re hearing
because of this book– first of all, your 11. And you wrote a book. Your dad didn’t write
one until he was 29. So you’re way ahead of him. That’s not fair. So now this is–
someone drew you. Are you happy with
how they drew you? Yeah I think it’s adorable. I think it looks a lot like me. And I really love
the illustrations. It’s really good. And then your dad drew
all these in here. The liner notes. Yeah, that’s amazing
that you did that. To try to make me
feel good, I think, they let me have the
liner notes inside. But you had some notes
for the Illustrator. You told her some things
you wanted to change. Yes. Tell her what. Well, there was this picture of
me in a skirt with a cat shirt. I don’t really like cats. So I had her change– She’s a dog person. Yeah, I’m a dog person. All right. And I wanted her to change
it to a picture of a dog. And I don’t like skirts either. So I had her change it to pants. Amen, sister. All right. Before we go to
break real quick, just name something
that’s very embarrassing that your dad does. Well there’s a lot. One of them would be his
convertible and rap music. Oh. That’s fantastic. I don’t know the problem. Yeah. I’m just enjoying
a beautiful day. It’s obnoxious! No, it’s very cool. What kind of rap music? Who you listening to? You know, some of
the older stuff. I’ll go back to
the Sugarhill Gang. I mean, you know. Or Warren G or Obie
Trice, I mean, you know. I love that. That’s fantastic. All right– She doesn’t love it. So we’re going to take a break. And we’re going to talk about– Oprah made you cry. It’s true. And we’ll talk about that. All the proceeds of this
book are donated to? They’re donated to the Girl
Scouts Nations Capital. That’s fantastic. And you’re not just inspiring
young girls with this. But you’re hearing
from women, right? Yes. When she launched
it I was so proud. I tweeted a picture
of the patch. And then the New
York Times saw that, asked her to work with an
editor to write an op-ed. So she wrote this op-ed. I told you about that
last time I was here. And then when that
came out, Alice and would sit there just
reading the tweets. I would have to
delete some of them. But most of them were women
inspired by Alice’s movement to make women and
girls more confident. It was so great. That’s so fantastic. You should be really
proud of yourself. I am very proud. So Oprah made you cry because? I got a letter one day. My mom was crying. And my dad was just,
like, overly smiling. And then they handed me
a letter that said Harpo. And I was like, what’s Harpo? And then my mom was
like, read it backwards. So then I read it
backwards and I was like, oh my god, it’s Oprah! And so then I quickly
opened the letter. And it was just this
nice letter saying that she really appreciated me. And then I was crying. My mom was crying. My brother didn’t know
what was going on. And it was just
all so incredible. And I still can’t
believe it all happened. And what else was in the letter? Oh yeah, a check for $25,000
donated to the Girl Scouts. Wow! That’s amazing. That’s incredible. But being here still, this
is more exciting, right? To be here? Yeah. Yeah, OK. You’re my favorite. Thank you very much. That’s true by the way. This is surreal for us. Because every morning I get
up and I come downstairs. And Alice is in the TV room
watching you on her iPad every single morning. Wow, well thank you for that. And listen. Yes, $25,000 is a lot of money. But I’m going to top that. So I called my
friends at Shutterfly who want to support the
Girl Scouts as well. So I have a check for $25,001. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Raise your Hand will be
available everywhere March 26. And today you’re all
going home with a copy.

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