It’s Not EASY Getting Good Grades! – Study Motivation


it’s very simple the attitude you have
when facing struggles and obstacles is what determines whether you will be
successful if you’re going to commit the next two three four years of your life
to your education then your attitude is everything
being able to keep studying despite the adversity thrown at you you fail an exam
keep studying you argue with your friends keep studying you have money
problems keep studying you keep on marching on through the struggle the
chaos the frustration the procrastination the disappointment the
anger the regret when all that is there but you keep studying through it all you
know you have the discipline to be a successful person it’s the ability to
know that even though at the time you feel overwhelmed and overpowered you
know deep down that it too shall pass you will find a way you will keep
studying to chase your goal to make you proud to make your family proud through
thick and thin you will continue studying it is something that is
ingrained into every successful person the ability to push through difficult
times not because you were lucky with it not because they inherited it but
because they developed it they did it once they did it again
they did it again and each time after that gets easier and easier the more you
overcome your struggles today the easier you’ll overcome your struggles tomorrow
and once you build up that momentum of improving your productivity it becomes a
whole lot easier and it’s funny how it works the more you study the more you
understand the subjects and topics and the more you prepare for your exams the
easier your exams will be the easier University will be the easier it will be
to get a good internship or graduate job after graduating it’s really very simple
the more you study the easier your life will be
keep studying do not ever give up respect the struggle of your journey
because it’s the struggle that will build you to be stronger but be
persistent keep working on it’s going to be a struggle it’s going to be hard but
that is an incredible thing because you are going to figure it out you will pull
through you have enough time you have enough resources you have enough
commitment you will find a way to smash your exams believe in yourself you will
figure things out when tomorrow comes you might not know what steps to take
but believe in yourself steer your own ship it’s your life take control

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52 thoughts on “It’s Not EASY Getting Good Grades! – Study Motivation”

  1. Ramdini 24 says:

    It's correct👍

  2. Faatimah Ahmad says:

    I love these inspiration videos. I was set maths homework and I found it so hard but I kept studying, kept marching on, like you said. I searched in all books I had at home to figure out how to find the bearing of ship A from ship B. In the end, I scored 100% in all my tasks. I can't wait to see myself improving like this in the near future! YES!

  3. shanaya Sharma says:

    Boom !💖 right on time!
    I just got over with my studies n this arrived!!
    I promise I’ll continue being on d hustle! I promise I’ll study whatever obstacles comes my way! I promise I’ll study harder than yesterday!
    Thank you very much ✨ may d good lord bless!!

  4. Yashaswini Raj Yashaswini says:

    Pain today and Pride tomorrow !! ☺
    You can achieve ur goal…

  5. shakshi aka Me says:

    I understood everything from this vid… Thank you sosososo much for it and I will definitely SMASH my exams … But I have a question ….

    QUESTION : What if you aren't able to start studying and you feel tired and stuff but you have studied before ( it feels good, you feel happy, etc) and you know how it feels, still for you its hard to just sit on that desk and study… What to do then ?…

    *Stay BLESSED*

  6. Himank Agarwal says:

    You are the best i am just 14yrs old. Make a video on how to study one day before exam plsss and to make a timetable you have inspired me

  7. Devin says:

    Its definitely easy to get good grade if you really work your ass off

  8. Ananya R says:

    Project Elon I could wait for your video.because this is the best channel in the world.

  9. Ananya R says:

    Can you make a video about how to exercise regularly

  10. janvi bhardwaj says:

    Any CA aspiriant here?

  11. ROBIN BATTH says:

    Thanks for charging me:)

  12. Alinae Zehra says:

    Exam tomorrow! 💣🔥

  13. Nancy Jackson says:

    Keep studying guys no matter what .

  14. Lekhraj singh Kural says:

    Vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru ji

  15. Naveen Chaurasiya says:

    Who is that guy in thumbnail he looks exactly like my brother

  16. Kichu san says:


  17. Ved Pandere says:

    Awesone video

  18. Richard Ortega says:

    Sat this Saturday 😰

  19. Practical Inspiration says:

    It can be hard to muster the motivation today to work towards achieving great results, but it's much easier tomorrow when you get the results you desire

  20. سـ๋͜‏ـآرآ -SARA says:


  21. Jade Ann says:

    Pray for me🙏🏻
    Pray for me to pass my exam next week pls….😅😌🙇‍♂️💙

  22. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

    You can't breath?

  23. Maxence Baron says:

    Comments are so funny, lets see in a week

  24. Emin Elizade says:

    Very very good📚👍🏻

  25. Acurazine says:

    Study things you truly want, the reward will be much better

  26. Callmeromain2016 says:

    This instantly became my favorite video on your channel. I really needed this right now ❤️❤️❤️

  27. The Gamer Within says:

    No one can beat shwetabh gangwar😏😏

  28. Vanessa D'Angelo says:

    Thankyou 👏👏👏

  29. Rōnin says:

    I've hit rock bottom,literally nothing makes me care about school.

  30. saba zahid says:

    I have struggles with procastination

  31. Weird Gaming says:

    Every day I only have 5 hours of sleep

  32. _박 지수 says:

    I have a science test tomorrow, please wish me luck! i’m in eighth grade 💕🤧 do well on yours too! 😆

  33. Rosellina says:

    I really want to go to medical school. A lot of people think I'm not capable of it and the only person that believes in me is my mum. I'm struggling to stay motivated but thanks to this video I won't give up and keep studying until I prove myself right and everyone else wrong😊😊.
    Thank you project elon

  34. Santanu Kumar Bose says:

    It's one of the most motivational videos I've ever seen

  35. Sumanth k says:

    Watch this is 1.5x thank me later

  36. Tha Lian says:

    Very good with subtitles. Thank you so much

  37. Gorh says:

    thanks man this video was right on time i badly needed it now .Thanks man

  38. Kily says:

    I think the reason I'm afraid of studying is because I'm worried I won't be able to get a high score on the exam

    But I'll continue working hard!!

  39. Jead Ahmad says:

    is that Justin foley from 13 reasons why in the thumbnail??

  40. Ananya R says:

    Make video as soon as possible.atleast 3 videos a week

  41. Ahmad Hesam says:

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  44. Jason Anthony Witt says:

    Cool guy says, "to be proud? You mean your vision of success is working class pride? Not even middle class pretense?"

  45. Ananya R says:

    Can you make a video about difference between late night studying and early morning studying

  46. Ananya R says:

    When I have a break I could see project Elon.this is the motivation channel which encourages students for studying towards future

  47. Nandi Mkhize says:

    The fact that I'm watching these videos instead of studying

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