It’s My Birthday AGAIN!? Magic Spell Book

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(gasps) (suspenseful music) – [Girl] Guys, did you
just hear something? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. (suspenseful music) (screams) – You guys hear that, don’t you? – (in unison) Yeah! – I never heard anything like it before. – Guys, I think it’s in
that building over there. – Come on. – Because it’s all broken? – Guys, it’s dark in here. – But the sound’s getting louder. (girls gasp) – Guys, look at this. – What’s inside? – How long has this been here? – I don’t know. – Guys, I’m bringing this home with us. I wanna see what’s inside. I can’t believe a book this
awesome is completely empty. – I don’t think I’m going to
have a valentine tomorrow. – It’s okay, Jordan. – I wish I had valentine. (gasps) – Guys, did you see that? – Something’s appearing! – Guys, it’s a recipe! – Yeah. – Whoa. – “Cookie Crush Love Potion”? Alright guys, let’s let
the cookies cool and find out a good hiding spot for the book. – Are you from Tennessee?
‘Cause you’re the only ten I see. – Derek, did you eat a cookie? And why are you sitting next to a Barbie? – Derek, do you feel any different? – I wish I can catch a
leprechaun so I can have a pot of gold. (gasps) (ragtime music)
(child laughing) – It ate all the leprechaun
food, and now it’s gonna leave me a pot of gold. I just need to catch it. (ragtime music)
(child laughing) – Guys, I don’t think the
leprechaun is up here. Let’s check downstairs. (gasps) – What happened? (ragtime music) – This means war, leprechaun. (gun cocks)
(child laughs) (orchestral music) (air horn blares) – [Everyone] Happy birthday Taylor! – Thanks? I’m already in my party outfit! Party like it’s my birthday. – We got you presents! (gasps) And cake! – Even better! Let’s party! (orchestral music) (children making train noises) There’s decorations! (orchestral music) – [Children] Whoa! – Happy birthday Taylor! – Thanks Parker! – Are those presents mine? – No Parker! They’re all mine! – Oh. – Who’s ready to open presents? – Me. – Bring out the birthday chair. – I got it! – Ah! – [Children] Presents! Presents! – Shopkins! (gasps) (blows raspberry) – Hatchimals! – Hmm. – Build Your Own Volcano! – [Children] Yay! – Hey Taylor, can I have it? – No! – Happy birthday to me. – Um, cake is ready. (children cheering) – I’ll take the biggest slice. – Alright guys, we are going
to be blowing out the candles We’re gonna eat the cake and then we’re gonna be going to bed cause tomorrow is a new day. Won’t be working anymore
but have you had a good day? – Yeah. – Good. ‘Kay. (soft upbeat music) – [Children] Happy birthday Taylor! – Make a wish. – I wish that my birthday was every day and that it would never end. – [Children] Blow it out! (light piano music) – I’m so excited! – You get the first bite. – Mmmmm. (air horn blares) – Again? – [Everyone] Happy birthday Taylor! – But it’s not my birthday. – Uh yeah it is! Look at your shirt! – What? I wore this yesterday. – You got presents. – Yeah, three. – How did you know? – Let’s party! – What? What’s happening? – Taylor, you have decorations! – Yeah, the same ones as yesterday. (child humming cuckoo sound) – There’s balloons! – Happy birthday Taylor! – Thank you Parker? – Are these presents for me? – Still no! – Still? – Who’s ready to open presents? – I guess I’ll do it again. – What do you mean “again”? – Bring on the birthday chair. – I already got it! This sounds like a Hatchimal. I guess it’s a Shopkins. It’s a Build Your Own Volcano. Ta-da! – She’s psychic! – All right guys, it’s time for– – Cake! – Yeah. – It’s just like I remembered it. – What? – (in unison) Happy birthday Taylor! – Thank you guys, I love
having two birthdays. – (in unison) Huh? (blows) (air horn blares) (air horn blares) (air horn blares) Yes! I know that it’s my birthday! And I just want it to stop! – What? Who doesn’t want their birthday? – Yes, I had it eight days in a row! – That would be awesome! – Guess what Taylor? – Yes I know there’s presents downstairs and there’s three of them. And the decorations! And I got Shopkins, Hatchimal, and a volcano set! And I’ve eaten so much cake, I’m gonna throw up. – Uh, it’s party time? – Why did my wish come true? (gasps) Do you have something to do with this? But there’s no recipes! I didn’t cook anything! But I didn’t eat anything. Except for birthday cake. I need to get to the bottom of this. (slow music) – [Children] Presents! Presents! Presents! – Are those presents for me? (present drops) (present drops) (present drops) (present drops) – Sure, you could have them. – Heavy. Thank you Taylor. – Alright guys, it’s time for cake. – Yes! – I need to end this
thing once and for all. Alright, let’s do this. – Make a wish! – Parker, believe me, I will. I wish my birthday would not come back for one whole year. (blows) (air horn blares) (gasps) (guitar music)

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