It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children


It’s Christmas, David! By David Shannon. At Christmastime, everyone always said … No
David! No Peeking! No Snitching! Those are not toys! Santa’s watching, David! Be Patient! Hurry up! Naughty list, naughty list, naughty list… Santa’s going to bring you a lump of coal! Don’t start yet! Seat your grandmother. No yawning at the dinner table. That’s the wrong fork. Sit up straight! Don’t reach. Put your napkin in your lap. Get your elbows off the table! No, David. You may not open one early. Go to sleep, David! No Christmas for you, David! Wake up, David – You were dreaming! Yes, David! It’s CHRISTMAS!

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56 thoughts on “It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children”

  1. min raya says:

    sounds like a robot is reading this

  2. Not So Negative says:

    I remember this book!!

  3. Zack Wacker says:

    He reads slow

  4. Rebeca’s Corner says:

    Another class in my year has this

  5. Samantha Chara says:


  6. Samantha Chara says:


  7. Lolo&Lorenzo Pina says:

    I loved this book in kindergarten

  8. Joey Carmosino says:

    Where did you get it’s Christmas DAVID

  9. Skyler LaRose says:

    Oh l love this book

  10. Niccole Treadwell says:


  11. It’s.alexander123 says:

    He was butt naked bad david

  12. Aaliyah Negawo says:

    david is a bad boy

  13. pooprat says:

    No, Books Read Aloud For Children, don't read like a robot.

  14. Jailin Sosa says:


  15. Ireland Kim says:

    You read so nicely

  16. justin warren says:

    well ii love it in third grade bevcause i aint a boy i am a girl and it was funny with his clothers off right guyess

  17. Kristy Cheney says:

    Perfect because I have school at 8 and it's 5

  18. Camden loves Queen says:


  19. Salim Ali says:


  20. I DEZTROYED YOU says:

    No David

  21. Hamza Mowlid says:

    this book is good i love this book

  22. Leela Bhujel says:

    My name is david bhujel im so bad

  23. analy Maradona says:

    I like it

  24. Brittany Gourneau says:


  25. jacob rock says:


  26. daniel c says:


  27. Anthony Lopez says:

    I love it

  28. Clever Cookies says:

    Another class in my year has this

  29. LunaCookiiee 12 says:

    Lol when his pants r off

  30. Antonio Nichols says:

    Im just kidding i love your vids

  31. JJWEB Hayden says:

    Where did you get that book because I love that book!

  32. Lashawn Branch says:

    You didn’t read the note on no Christmas for David

  33. Lashawn Branch says:


  34. Rico and Eyepatch says:

    "No Christmas for you, David!" Poor David. That was abusive. And my name is David and tbh if someone told that to me, I would have the same reaction as him.

  35. David King says:

    He reads slow

  36. aimee beutel says:

    David’s butt lol πŸ˜‚

  37. Jenna Rose says:

    He reads slow

  38. Donove Gains says:


  39. Pewdielies Britt says:


  40. John Johnson says:

    I love your videos

  41. Nichelle Powell says:


  42. Latifah Cannon says:

    I like David books 😍

  43. Tallen Nguyen says:


  44. Tallen Nguyen says:

    No David your bad

  45. Walrus says:

    David is naked lol

  46. Daniela Karaula says:

    12 drummers drumming
    11 pipers piping
    10 lords a leaping
    9 ladies dancing
    8 maids a milking
    7 swans a swimming
    6 geese a laying
    5 golden rings
    4 calling birds
    3 French hens
    2 turtle doves
    (1) A partridge in a pear tree

  47. Daniela Karaula says:

    CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY (2001/2002)
    MERRY WISHMAS (2008)

  48. Scotty Sisters says:

    Why would David not have pants on when it’s snowing?!πŸ˜‚

  49. Kailey Cat says:

    I watched this in 3rd grade πŸ™‚

  50. Books Read Aloud For Children says:

    Get the book from Amazon:
    or Amazon Canada:

  51. hannnh smith says:

    No David is a No-No that is being bad πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆ this is what I look like πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆ

  52. Riley Trombley says:

    My brother was listening to you when you said no David my brother said no David

  53. Princesses M&S says:

    David’s teeth is ugly

  54. Lisa Stevens says:

    Is this book real

  55. Vertical Koala says:

    YUCK!!!!!!!!! A BUTT!!!!!!!!

  56. AAS 51 says:

    This low key scared me as a kid

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