Iran threatens US amid nationwide protests over rising fuel prices


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100 thoughts on “Iran threatens US amid nationwide protests over rising fuel prices”

  1. Wesley Hall says:

    This is a third rate country with corrupt leaders.

  2. America First#1 says:

    Those dummy's aren't destroying anything other than them selves. Trump2020 👌👌

  3. Jeffrey Kelley says:

    Remember when Iraq warned us and then we went in hard & fast. They where surrendering in droves! Out gunned ans under trained. Yes Iran has a more up to date military but we still uave more might & power to put them down even if it takes a bit longer. They are just rattling sabers to show their mad arab primitive minded might they once had riding on on horses & camels.

  4. Karen Reaves says:

    The people are fighting for freedom and have become a Christian Nation. The mosques are closed. This is the Great Awakening Worldwide Spiritual Movement of Truth.

  5. Jd Thorpe says:

    We would erase Iran from the globe if we went to war. What did they do with the 400 Million dollars that Obama gave them.

  6. The Offensive Redneck says:

    Can we PLEASE just turn the middle east into a big glass parking lot already? I am so tired of religions trying to dictate how the world should live. And the Muslims here seem to just not want to coexist with the rest of the world so lets just go ahead and solve the problem.

  7. Marco Blanco says:

    they are wearing their diapers in the right place…on their heads……tells where the brain is.

  8. Franklin Jackson says:

    Iran blames everything on the US.

  9. Brian Legates says:

    Beat us HA HA HA

  10. Cody James Singleton says:

    The funny thing about all this is America has more oil than the middle east so they can try and try and try they can't cause a US recession. Because we mine our own oil now hahaha

  11. SKYRIM WORLD says:

    Why does the u.s spend its money on wasteful wars u cant win dont blame other countries for spending money on their own military

  12. Vivek Ray Chowdhury says:

    This news is true ???

  13. Jhigh Tutntup says:

    I bet they can't even fire a missile that would hit America , shade if you think Israel has nine iron dome they ain't got nothing on the USA's titanium dome , it's impenetrable

  14. METAL ROD says:

    They must think Obama is still President. I think we should make Iran a glass factory!!!

  15. realme rara says:

    USA is not scared!!! God is on out side.

  16. Steve Hudson says:

    Starve dogs…Starve

  17. David Martinez says:

    Que le pidan Ayuda a Obama del BOTIN ! Que Nos Robo a WE THE PEOPLE ! Tu Crees ? Amen to that ! VIVA CRISTO REY ! Y VIVA NUESTRO PRSIDENTE ELECTO !
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Bart Venable says:

    The people of Iran seem to be getting sick and tired of their corrupt leaders and their leader’s angst is showing.

  19. george scott says:

    Makes you wonder if they even tell the people about the money we have given them….. Despite what this says.

  20. Rodney Bean says:

    It's a good thing Obama didn't have any scandals when he was office because this could turn around and bite him in the A**

  21. Robert Condon says:

    Don’t they have their own oil wells and why would they not subsidize gasoline for their own citizens?
    Of course the top “leaders” of Iran have to blame the US for their selfish leadership

  22. poolsharklady77 says:

    Look up video of ex state senator John Kerry under the Obama administration ..bringing Russian Vladimir Putin a brief case during the "iran nuclear deal"
    It's hilarious a must watch for the real informed people of the world

  23. Nonnee Yoursa says:

    F your imaginary red line …….we run the show you just run your crooked Iranian moith

  24. charlie betancourt says:

    Yeah the government has a problem with giving Aaron the power to buy arms and selling them yet we see these things but we keep giving them money and you thought Donald Trump was bad and giving when he doesn't want to give anyone War items most of you people are being hypocritical

  25. charlie betancourt says:

    The regime is digging their own hole the problem is if we fall in it , evil has its evil ways and will not progress the people in his country will realize and overthrow the government

  26. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    That's the communist left


    If the United States is truly loyal independent then why do we give a crap about Irans threats?

  28. Best Ofthebest says:

    Ha ha…iran is threatening the U.S.. thats about as funny as Europe threatening the U.S.



  30. raul r says:

    They have every right to threaten you for wanting to forcefully bully them for land and their country and resources, America has no right to be there but America is a bully who wants to take the oil and other resources for itself, America goes there to fight wars made up by the us government, gtfo of their country and let them live, America should be given a lesson it will never forget and guess what, the government will send your kids to go get killed for their personal interest and the American people are going to deserve it for believing in this government.

  31. Your Future Space Force Chiropractor says:

    Hey Iran let's take this outside…. the Exosphere

  32. APS Chauhan says:

    US is pocking it's nose ij everyones affairs . Let Iran sort out its affairs .

  33. jopageri1964 says:

    Where's the howling from the leftists in our nation? The Devilcrats believe that this is President Trump's fault. And they're correct. MAGA 2020 and beyond.

  34. Guided Hand says:

    So who's the real islamabadass?

  35. dean vo says:

    All dictators in Iran, China, Venuz, Russia or any communist countries when their countries in trouble. They blamed US
    So they do not know their own problem and can not solve since they work for their party not country
    Wish Trump will wipe them off during hie second term

  36. Ball Around The World says:

    How would a rescission in the USA change policy?

  37. paul keith says:

    Trump knows how to handle these countries and instead of sacrificing our soldiers he hits them where it hurts.It`s effective and saves us money.Our past leaders did not think out of the box.

  38. Jacob Walls says:

    Lol, Iran is a paper tiger…the theocracy will fall soon

  39. Jeff Walls says:

    Good luck with that Iran lol

  40. John Gonzales says:

    Enough of these Threats,Turn Iran into GLASS!!

  41. John Doe says:

    The fuckface fake Muslim , he just sits there for his own benefits, Islam like all other religion are invented for the benefit the elites to indoctrinate some dumb idiots so they can collect their money to buy a new jet or roll's

  42. Robert P says:

    iran is no threat.

  43. Admin Fenzexpo says:

    You will know them by their fruits. Trump will make a good deal, he is the King of Deals!!

  44. Prisoner Zero says:

    Iran is the flea on a camel's back.

  45. Aster0th112 says:

    Iran can stfu or they will get erased from the face of the earth…. period

  46. Spurs nation says:

    Obama is a traitor to this country for giving Iran billions of dollars!!!!

  47. mat5267 says:

    Iranian leadership is looking pretty week.
    I bet it will implode in the next 2 years.

  48. Vince Diesel says:

    Can you imagine with the news would be if freaking Hillary had become the president? Go ahead, tell me that God didn’t throw a little mercy and grace upon us.

  49. Scuba Steve says:

    Iran sounds like the democrats.

  50. Beast J says:

    It’s time to blow up Iran and build a water park. I’m thinking a bullet train from DisneyLand to Tehran 🤔

  51. 1A 2A says:

    Cripple them all, give them nothing

  52. Donald Grow says:


  53. Taurean Rebel says:

    WE WILL CRUSH YOU iran …

  54. Metal Michael says:

    All you ungrateful snowflakes that want to complain about America, pack your bags. Go live there, see how it goes.

  55. Brad Bower says:

    Hey Obama why don't you move to Iran, you'd fit right in there!!!!!!!

  56. Keuntea Vance says:


  57. Manuel G Chapa Jr says:

    I WHO???

  58. Chronically Wolfy says:

    Iran: "We have the oil"
    America: "He have an Elon"

  59. Charles Naaniumotu says:

    Iran going to 'have to be very careful not to overplay their hand'

  60. Mike Perkins says:

    Trump is a bigger terrorist to Americans and the free world more than ALL terrorists on Earth COMBINED.
    Trump is a Belial a self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Trump would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven as we can see with us.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  61. Sam Halsted says:

    Iran could make this better. All this trouble for nuclear weapons madness? For such a wonderful people and culture, they don’t need this menace.

  62. Ryan Bahe says:

    What was the purpose of the Obama administration giving Iran $130 billion? Wow! $130 billion could solve the infrastructure here in America. Shame on the Democrats.

  63. abouzar esmaeili says:

    We support the unity of our country

  64. Incisive says:

    More war propaganda from the greatest terrorist state in history, the USA

  65. Max Kammerer says:

    Historically nations will go to war do to Food , water – and twisted people-!!!!

  66. Frank Conrad says:

    How do you effectively dismantle a country that continues to threaten the world? Dont do what Hillary Clinton would by sending troops to foreign battles………. hit em were Trump knows it hurts them the most……. THEIR MONEY!

  67. Jo Vallas says:

    who approved the 130 billion? congress? or some complete miss guided weak and all deceiver pure and undisputed IDIOT of the World?

  68. Trav says:

    All they want to do is crush Israel. Ask Jesus about how thats gonna turn out. Lol

  69. Jap Joe m says:

    It's because there is no compromise with the land of the fee,if any country don't want to give up their resources for what the United States wants to give them ,then they'll just send their military to just take what ever they want ,! Smh,peace

  70. Brad Johnson says:

    This is why we needed our great president, and this is why we need him again in 2020.

  71. 17 76 says:

    He sounds like the whole DEMOCRAT party. Take a bow liberals! 😡

  72. Paul Gullage Jr says:

    Thumbs down to the last Administration thumbs down

  73. cjr1881 says:

    Blow em up. Take the oil.

  74. Me Too says:

    Behead obama for treason

  75. Gerald Wallace says:

    Shut your mouth iran. You brought this on all by yourself. Enjoy keeping the taste of freedom contained. You don't have long before you are overthrown.

  76. Enki The master says:

    The elite agenda continues with Iran and Saudi Arabia. Upcoming wars

  77. Yen Feng says:

    Iran keep making threats when your cities become wastelands know you brought this upon your people.

  78. Judas Priest says:

    The leader of Iran needs to rethink or run!

  79. Remembered says:

    Let's fight Iran. I am sick and tired of their threats and of their attacks by proxy. We need regime change in Iran.

  80. Ronald Beck says:

    A desperate attempt to deflect blame …

  81. Farrah Vogue says:

    Iranian government abuse their own people 👎

  82. Winston Bryant says:


  83. william storino says:

    Conan the Dog is healthy and ready to send more Islamo-Fascist to Hell.

  84. BIG HUNGRY says:

    Way to go Sheikh Hussein Obama!!!

  85. Zachary Donahue says:

    Iran trying to destroying the us is hilarious

  86. Zoya Spencer says:

    Bahahahahaha ! ! !

  87. LANPartyAnimal says:

    Gee, delusional and irrational Muslims…who da' thunk it?

  88. The Wall says:

    Beebees on a battle ship. If we cross the red line they might throw rocks at us. Keep up your empty threats because your about to be overthrown by your own people. Iran is as strong as Saddam Hussein was they fought to a stale mate after decades and we wiped out Suddam in under a week.

  89. Demo Bot says:

    Instead of issuing empty threats, why don't they try competence at running a country for a change? Why don't they try not to be corrupt and realise there are more than numbers involved in the decision-making regarding a whole country…??
    What? They learned it all from the West?! Oh…

  90. Secret Squirrel says:

    Sounds like a challenge. Blame America for their own shortcomings and inability to control their people.

  91. Dennis Jonese says:

    Trump 2020 from Dennis in the UK 😆

  92. John Timmins says:


  93. Snifferking says:

    The former CIA Director Pompeo are behind the mess.
    The CIA is by far the biggest terrorist in the world.
    The budget is nearly without any limit.

  94. Tom P says:

    People don't b fools everything is a big lie can't believe our government it's Israel the elites the Rothschilds the sinus there's the ones were controlling the media all lies

  95. campbellscollision says:

    F**k Iran!

  96. Made In Poverty says:

    They’re mad and want some more welfare

  97. Thomas Humphries says:

    Bring it Iran !!! 😡 We'll light you up like a sparkler on the 4th of July !!!

  98. Allen Wilson says:

    Yet another threat with no teeth. STFU iran your weak and nobody fears you.

    Revolution is coming to Iran. It's about time

  99. Vince Garza says:

    Lmao Iran will be destroyed in weeks

  100. BorsicksChannel says:

    When you stop paying people to hate you they will hate you for free.

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