Introduction to Xamk Library Services

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[No Text] Hello! In this video, I will tell you about library services in the South Eastern … Finland University of Applied Sciences so in short Xamk … Library. Welcome to the library! Xamk Library provides library services in all four campuses … in Kouvola, Kotka, Mikkeli and Savonlinna. You find information about library services from our web … pages from address From the web page, you find more information … about opening hours and spaces in your own campus library. We have two kind of opening hours – customer service … hours and self-service hours. You can access the library … during self-service hours once you have saved a four … digit PIN code in Kaakkuri, and once you sign in at the … reader at the library’s main door with your library card and PIN code. During customer service hours, you can pay fees, pick up inter library loans and … get guidance. You can have guidance out … side customer service hours and we give guidance also … online. Please contact your library … and reserve a time for guidance. During the self-service hours of the library, you can borrow and return material, pick up reservations, use the computers, read magazines and newspapers, and work or just hang out. You find more information about library services from … the page Library services. Here is information about how to apply for library card. You can send your customer information for the library … card beforehand by using a form Enter or update your … library customer information. It is really important that you … bring a photo ID with you when picking up the library card. From here you find information about materials … and guidance about borrowing, renewing, returning and reserving the … library materials. The basic loan period is 28 days and you can renew your … loans up to 10 times if no one else has reserved the same … material or you don’t have fees over 5 euro. You cannot borrow library materials if you have overdue … fines add up to 5 euro or more, you have unreturned materials, or you have lost or damaged materials. You can continue to borrow when you have paid your … fines/fees, returned overdue materials or … replaced any damaged materials. You can find information about charges also from this page. E-books have different loan periods depending on who is … providing the e-book service. There are no overdue fines … when you borrow e-book. You can find all the library materials from Kaakkuri. You find a link to Kaakkuri from the Student intranet from Tools. The search in Kaakkuri is Google a like. You can make a search by subject, title, author or any combination of … these. There are also many … possibilities to narrow your search in Kaakkuri. When you have picked up your library card from the … library, first thing you have to do in … Kaakkuri is to login and connect your library card to your account. Choose first login and then click HAKA-login. So you will use your Xamk username and password to … login to Kaakkuri. After login, click your name in the upper … right-hand corner and choose Profile. Scroll the page and give your library card number and … PIN-code here. You find your library card … number from the card. Please notice that, if you applied your library card online with e-form, you had the email about your PIN-code before you even … have picked your card from the library. Finally change your PIN-code to be your own and now you … can enter the library also at the self-service hours. If needed, you can apply new PIN-code … through the link you find at Kaakkuri login page. From Kaakkuri, you find information on … course books, theses, e-books and databases. When the material is … available online, there are also links to the … material. If you are asked to login, use again your Xamk username and password. If the book or journal is only printed, you find information where it is at the library. From the main page of Kaakkuri, you find tips how to seek information, short cuts to databases, information about opening … hours and new arrivals and the social media channel … library is using. Here is also a link to the … Guide to Information Seeking. It is an online guide to help … you with your searches. You will get more guidance how to use the library and … how to seek information during your studies. Information specialists will be teaching you during various study modules. It could be useful if you put Kaakkuri and Guide to … Information Seeking bookmarks on your browser. That way you have a fast track to information. See you at the library live or online! Welcome to Xamk library! [No Text]

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