Introducing Online Draft Book, Powered by PageUp

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The Human Resources team is excited to
share with you the new Online Draft Book performance management tool, powered by PageUp. PageUp is Lehigh’s new career management system, which combines our draft book performance management tool, career enrichment programming, and job
application platform, all in one easy-to-use online tool. This tool is
designed specifically for higher ed. The end of the year is almost here, which is
why the rollout of PageUp will begin with an online version of draft book.
Performance reviews will launch in December. To prepare you for using this
new tool, there are varied methods to meet your individualized training needs. There are online resources ,including user guides and video tutorials. We also
will be hosting live training via webinars and classroom training. Let’s
first discuss the online resources. You can access these on the HR site at any
time. There are printable, step-by-step user guides you can utilize to navigate
through the process – one for all employees and another for managers. We
also created video tutorials with timestamps. These can be used both as
system overviews and as references. We’re also incorporating something new –
webinars. These enable you to join live online draft book training from the
comfort of your desk. There are two modules. The first one is for all
employees and shows the process of completing the review. The second is
specifically for managers and shows the management side of the process.
We’ve scheduled these modules back-to-back, so a manager could first
watch the overview for all employees, then stay on the line for the manager
specific one. The final training type is classroom
training, which provides you with instructor taught, hands-on practice in a
computer lab. All of our live online draft book training starts in December.
You can register via the link on this screen, which will take you to PageUp’s
learning library. Registration for all of our workshops will eventually live in PageUp. You can dip your toe into the water through enrolling for draft book
training here. First, select the type menu. Then, filter by, “online draft book.” Then, select the live training for which
you’d like to register. Here we’re selecting managers. Then, we’re going to select a
time slot. Scroll down to view time slots, then select your class. Scroll a
little further and click book. It’s that easy! You’ll then be redirected to the
learning library and you’ll see a message confirming your booking. Thank
you for taking the time to watch this video. Once again, here’s the link to
register for training please contact any member of the performance management
team in HR if you have questions.

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