Introducing Kindle Create Add-in for MS Word


If you are an author who prefers working in Microsoft Word, Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word, helps authors transform their manuscripts into beautiful eBooks by allowing adjustment of fonts, styles, chapter headings, drop caps, table of contents and so much more. The Kindle Create Add-in sits nicely in Microsoft Word and is available as you format your book. You can do formatting changes by applying elements like chapter title, drop caps, and more. Kindle Create Add-in optimizes your document for both eBook and paperback versions by automatically handling your Kindle interactive table of contents for eBook and trim size margins and other details for your paperback. You can preview your document any time as you work on formatting it.
Simply click on preview and see how it would look as a kindle eBook to customers reading on tablets, phones, or Kindle e-readers. Once you are satisfied with your book, you can upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing and publish it as a kindle eBook or paperback. If you are interested in a more in-depth tutorial, please watch how to use Kindle Create add-in for Microsoft Word. Thanks for watching and happy publishing.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Kindle Create Add-in for MS Word”

  1. Immanuel Dessax says:

    when ready for mac?

  2. Lorena Di Rado says:

    Estaria genial si pudieran subtitular los videos en Español, gracias

  3. Ann Onymous says:

    Is there a version of this addon for openoffice?
    If not, why not?
    I see a lot of people want to do flashcards with createspace (me). I can however do them using kindlecreate. I don't Need the add-on but it would be nice to have!

  4. Scififan9000 :P says:

    That all sounded so simple and easy, I thought I missed something. 😉
    Bless you Amazon! You have truly revolutionized how countless authors are published all around the world. <3

  5. Sparckman says:

    Whoa I like this chics voice. are you a robot?

  6. dddphilosophy says:

    Nice – but when I go to Word, and try to find the Kindle Add-in, I find nothing. When I go to Kindle and do a search, they show nothing. Where is it?
    Took some doing but I found it at:

  7. Kaypenguin says:

    Does this support microsoft word 2007?

  8. Ayesha Akbar says:


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