Interested in studying Vet Science at The University of Queensland?


Hi, if you’re interested in studying a
Bachelor of Veterinary Science Honors at the University of Queensland here’s some
key information on how to apply and what you’ll study once you enrolled. So how
long is the program and what will you study? At UQ, Veterinary Science is a
five-year program and you start working with animals from the very first
semester of your first year. In your first and second year you will learn how
various animals look and act when they are healthy. In your third year you
explore what happens when things go wrong, you study infectious diseases,
cancer and pathology and begin learning about diagnosis and treatment. In the
first three years you will also be required to complete some practical work
during your university vacations, this is called preclinical extramural studies
where you spend eight weeks working on farms and completing laboratory work. In
your fourth year you complete medical and surgical courses this involves the
study of suitable medicines, surgical procedures, diseases and nutritional
requirements for all major animal groups. The fifth and final year of the program
is entirely clinical there are no lectures or practicals, you will spend
your time in veterinary clinics doing actual clinical work shadowing a
registered Vet. A lot of this work is done in UQ’s veterinary facilities, but
you will also spend ten weeks in private practices under the guidance of private
practitioners, this is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and work
with prospective employers before you graduate. UQ accepts between 120
and 140 students into its Veterinary Science program each year, this includes
around 80 to 100 domestic students and 30 to 40 international students. If
you’re a domestic student looking to enter our Veterinary Science program
directly from high school you will need to have completed the prerequisites
subjects of English, chemistry and mathematics b – plus either physics or
biology. You will generally need an OP of one which is equivalent to an ATAR
score of 99. The rural access and subject incentive
schemes apply to this program, only around 20 to 30 students receive direct
entry from high school into our veterinary science program each year, so if you
don’t expect to receive a score that high that’s okay there are other entry
options. Many of our students actually start in another program and transfer
into Veterinary Science after a year or two. To be eligible to apply to transfer
you will need to complete at least eight courses, which is equivalent to one
academic year and meet the required grade point average or GPA at UQ your GPA is
a score between 1 and 7 with 7 being the best. The number is an average grade for
all your completed subjects, if you are studying at UQ you will need a GPA of
5.8 to transfer from another program into Veterinary Science. If you are
studying at another University you will need a GPA of 6.5 or equivalent, it’s
important to remember that veterinary science at UQ is a highly competitive
program so meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee entry.
You can transfer into veterinary science from any program, but we recommend you
choose something you are really interested in, the more you enjoy what
you are studying the more likely you are able to achieve better grades plus, if
you end up completing that program rather than transferring into Veterinary
Science you will have a qualification in a field you are passionate about. Generally we don’t offer credit for
courses you’ve successfully completed before you transfer into our Veterinary
Science program, however if you transfer from our Bachelor of Science majoring in
Animal and Veterinary Bioscience you will be eligible to apply for credit for
two first year subjects, this could reduce your workload in the first year of your
Veterinary Science program by 25%. If you’re an international student
interested in studying Veterinary Science at UQ you will need to meet the
program’s minimum entry score and have completed the required prerequisite
subjects, you must also meet the English proficiency requirements. It’s important
to note that the English requirements for veterinary science are higher than
UQ standard requirements. Students from New Zealand will need to achieve the
same entry requirements as Australian domestic students. If you aren’t a
current school leaver your application will be considered on an individual
basis, it’s important to remember that veterinary science at UQ is a highly
competitive program so meeting the minimum entry requirements does not
guarantee entry. All students applying for entry into you
his Bachelor of Veterinary Science Honors, will need to complete a situational
judgment test or SJT, this test is in addition to the academic
entry requirements. This new entry requirement is applicable for domestic
applicants from 2019 and international applicants from 2020. The situational
judgement test is used to help select applicants who are best suited for the
rigours of veterinary science studies and the profession as a whole. The test is used
to gauge skills and attributes such as resilience, critical thinking and
communication which are essential for veterinarians but are not always
reflected in academic performance alone. The situational judgement test used by UQ
is called CASPer, which applicants complete online, tests will be scheduled
in September and October, you can find out more about the CASPer tests
including technical requirements, fees and dates, example questions and results
by visiting Thank you for taking the time to learn about the
University of Queensland’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science Honors Program.
For more information please visit our website.

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