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– [Narrator] Influence by Robert Cialdini is one of the top 10 books that have made a major impact on my life and it can for you too. Watch this video to the end to learn the six weapons of influence, that can dramatically
improve your relationships, business, and career goals. The first is reciprocation. People don’t like feeling
they owe someone something. To make someone feel this way, offer them a free gift or favour. Often this will lead to a
bigger reciprocal response. This is why you seem marketers offering you that free pdf, 10 ways
to make money online fast. Marketers give you a small
gift jam-packed with value, and hope that you reciprocate by buying their 47 dollar video course. I used this principle
to get my first mentor. I offered to manage his
Facebook page for free, and he reciprocated by
inviting me to a video call. The bottom line is if you want something from someone, offer
them something small for free. Moving on to weapon number five,
commitment and consistency. Humans tend to do something once we agree to it verbally or in writing. This is why marketers offer
us a trip-wire product. A trip-wire is an irresistible
low risk paid offer, like a seven dollar e-book for example. You’re more likely to buy more books or products from the same author. The same goes for your personal goals. Write them down or tell your friends that you’ll lose five kilogrammes over the next three months or be making 1000 dollars per month by the end of the year. You’re more likely to commit. The next weapon social proof. When people are unsure about a course of action, they tend to look to those around them to guide them. For example, would you buy book A with zero reviews or
book B with 165 reviews? If you’re like me you chose B. No reviews leaves us with uncertainty. You’ll also appear more attractive at a night club if you bring friends with you. It demonstrates that you’re attractive, because other people
want to be around you. This social proof. The next weapon is liking. People prefer to say yes to those they know and like. We automatically attribute traits such as honesty, talent, and intelligence to attractive people. We gravitate to people who share similar views, interests, and values as ourselves. Perhaps you want to get a girlfriend or attract a new client for your business. You need to find areas of shared interests to increase report and
ultimately become more likeable. The second to last weapon is authority. The more authority you
are perceived as having, the more likely others
are to comply with you. Imagine you’ve contracted
a horrific brain tumour. You’re rushed to the doctor’s surgery. You’re thrown onto the operating table. You look up and you see a
man dressed in a Santa suit. Do you trust this guy to
diddle daddle with your brain? Of course not. But if he was wearing
a white doctor’s coat and had a stethoscope around his neck, you probably would right? It immediately tells you he’s a doctor. And he knows his stuff. It conveys authority so we trust him. This is the reason I spent five times more than I normally would on a new pair of shoes for when I go to business networking events. To bring the point home, there’s a classic scam where thieves dress up in official looking uniforms, and pretend to be parking inspectors. They appear authoritative. They lie that the ticket
machine is broken. And asks civilians to
pay them the parking fee. But you didn’t hear that from me. The final weapon is scarcity. The thought of losing something motivates us more than the thought of gaining something of similar value. This is exactly why advertisers ask you to buy that new camera
at a discounted price for a limited time only. The power of scarcity extends
beyond selling cameras. I take advantage of the
principle by letting others know that I have a tight schedule so time with me becomes
a scarce opportunity. And therefore increases
my value as a human being. I also don’t respond to Facebook messages instantly which shows I’ve got more meaningful things to do. So to sum up, any time you want something from someone else, always consider what weapons of
influence you can use. Thank you for listening guys. Don’t foget to join my email
list on to get three gold nuggets
from the book I’m reading every week, and subscribe for more videos to help you become one percent better.

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    Great vid Brandon! the example of the book reviews is so true, this is why a lot of people offer their products for free when they first launch it, to get reviews

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    Thanks for not squeezing 4 more "weapons" out to make it a top 10. Really like when the list is only as long as it is relevant

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    What's thepoint of this video? I mean, seriously, you can't really summerize a book in 4 minutes, people have to read it themselves and take what resonates with them..

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    It's crazy how much our behaviour is biased and based on biological traits. What tricks of influence are you playing on us though?

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    Hey, I wanted to address the "tell your friends" thing. You actually don't want to tell anyone your goals unless it's someone that will actually hold you accountable. What happens when you tell someone you're gonna do something and they give you positive feedback, is that it makes you feel like you've done something when you've not actually gone any further toward your goal. Studies have shown that people are actually less likely to follow through with a new habit or goal if they tell people about it who don't actually hold them to it, compared to people who just write it down

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    The one about being perceived as an authority works for other characterics as well, doesn't it? If everyone in a room seems to like someone, then you're more likely to like (see what I did there xD) him too.

    I hope you don't mind if I ask a small question. I've been working on a new animated self-help channel (no worries I'll make it as unique as I possibly can) and I was wondering whether authors are always okey with us taking their idea's and then even making money on their idea's. Yes we are promoting them but what if an author doesn't like that? Is that copyright infringement? I would really appreciate an answer. Thanks in advance Brandon.

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    6. Reciprocation
    5. Commitment + Consistency
    4. Social Proof
    3. Liking/Have Shared Interests & Values
    2. Authority
    1. Scarcity

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    I must have missed this video when it came out. This is one of my favorite books. I like to think of it as a more ethical 48 Laws of Power.

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    Please tell me how is rule #one is not manipulative and a bribe?

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    I never asked those around me for advice. If I did I probably wind up worse than if I did nothing

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