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In this video we will be finding industry
information for full service restaurants, which has a NAICS code of
722511. If you need help finding an industries official
name or NAICS code please watch our NAICS
tutorial, which you can view through the UHV Library YouTube
Channel. To find industry information start at the library homepage then
click on guides icon and then click on our Business guide. From there you can click on the industry
information tab and you’ll be taken to a page that has a list of
databases that have industry information in them. I’m going to show you
three of them. The first one I’m going to show you is called D&B Hoovers,
which is the very first database in the list. At the very top of the page you will
see a search bar with a blue icon. Click on that and in
the drop down menu click on industries. You can type in the whole industry name or type in the NAICS code. Let’s
type in the NAICS code for our industry, full service restaurants, and do a search. We’ll click on the result and on this page you’ll see an
industry description, industry activities, market research reports, top industry participants, industry news and
geographic segmentation. You can also navigate the information over on
the left hand side. The next database I’m going to
show you is Business Insights Global. We’ll click on Business Insights Global In this drop down menu we’ll select Industry either type in the name or the NAICS code. Click on our industry On the industry page you’ll be able to see key
information, top countries in the industry, as well as top
companies you’ll also find more industry information in this
brown box as well as a list of industry essays if we click on the most
recent industry essay we’ll find an industry snapshot, back ground
and development, current conditions, industry leaders, and more.
And the last database we’ll look at is called IBIS World. IBIS World is dedicated to industry information.
In the search bar you can type in your industry name or
NAICS code right away. We’ll see that IBIS World will break down industries even farther using
letters. Just select whichever one is appropriate for your search. We’ll click
on the first one. Here we have a very extensive report that is
updated recently. You can use this information to help
you analyze your industry. There are tabs across the top of the page
which provide even more information. Some of the highlights are industry
at a glance, which provides you with easy to read graphics, industry outlook, competitive landscape and key statistics. If you have any questions about finding industry information don’t forget
that the library is here to help you.

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