Inappropriate Children’s Books


If a peacock finds a pot leaf Yes, that’s a peacock with a marijuana leaf in its mouth and guess what this is also a children’s book now isnt that great hows it going guys, welcome to reaction time today were gonna be looking at some of the most inappropriate children’s books like this one, it’s a poor pussy game it’s a game inside a book that tells you “the children are seated in a circle” “one child is chosen to be a ‘poor pussy’ stands in the centre” “the ‘poor pussy’ kneels before some child and meows three times” ohhh they’re talking about cats I did not know. I thought they were talking about something different POOR PUSSY! why does that just roll off your mouth like tongue mouth? no. no oh “if he laughs he becomes the poor pussy” “if he doesn’t laugh the pussy must try someone else” why does this sound so wrong? it’s because I have a sick mind, I’m dirty minded I bet all of you guys have a dirty mind too nasty, nasty, children next book we got is titled “go the fuck to sleep” what? this is by Adam mansbach, mansbutch and it’s basically telling you to go to sleep I can imagine just like a very angry parent wrote this he was just like “my child is so annoying!’ “he never stops crying at night” “he can’t stop making noises” and this is the result, an angry parent wrote this book go the fuck to sleep the night dad went to jail ok? what to expect when someone you love goes to jail it’s a book about your dad going to jail what did your dad do? did you dad kill someone? did he stab someone? did he rob a bank? what kind of dad do you have? and why is it a rabbit? a sad rabbit what could papa rabbit possibly do? looks like they’re having fun look at the picture behind, it looks like they’re fishing you gotta love this one ”My big sister takes drugs.” I love the little brother just opens the door and just sees his sister she has like a bunch of drugs in her purse like what does she do? does she do cocaine? does she do heroin? ohh “Billy!” “Billy!” “what are you doing in my room?” “close the door!” don’t worry guys, it’s just flour it really stings my nose I don’t actually do cocaine but this really burns my nose (coughs) ohh! but can you guys imagine the sister doing that like she’s just snorting cocaine and the little brother just walks in “Marissa?” and she’s just snorting like a line of coke and she has it all over her face it’s like “billy, what do you want?” next one is “who cares about elderly people?” what? what is the purpose of this book? is this about a book teaching children to hate elders? it’s like “oh yeah they smell bad, and they’re ugly” “and they don’t take showers” “like what? you should love your grandparents.” “what is wrong with people.” Oh and don’t forget about “The long journey of Mister Poop.” You know Mister Poop? The one that comes out of your butthole? That sounded very weird… El Gran Viaje del Senor Caca *laughs* Senor Caca. (Sounds like ”Cock eh?”) Why is caca such a funny word I just like the word caca Like poop.. It’s like caca *In very weird accent*”Just took a mad caca.” “It felt very nice” “To take a mad caca” This is a book, about the adventures of a piece of turd, you know like travelling, I don’t know where, where do pieces of turds go like where do logs of poop actually go, I don’t know Someone let me know down in the comments below because my poop just goes down the toilet… You got the ‘Little monkey’s big peeing circus’ It’s a circus revolved around a monkey taking a piss in some places… Why? Why does that so weird like, this makes no sense. *Silence* Okay moving on! I’m just gonna move on….. That was a little too much pee in one book for me. How ’bout ‘Cooking with Pooh?’ You know this is not actually like poo Isn’t it like Pooh the bear? No No I don’t see this though. IT SAYS COOKING WITH POOH! but then when you look, just look at the cookie batter. it literally looks like a little pieces of shit in there you know you should get a cookbook do you wanna make some poop cookies that book has to be my favourite THAT’S NOT YOUR MOMMY ANYMORE that’s not your mommy anymore ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) PFHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT it’s a zombie tale look moms gone full zombie. You know thats like a common family thing. like your gathered around, having dinner you guys are all eating, she made mash potatoes all of a sudden your mom just like ” hey Jim, how was school today?” mom? are you ok? yeah oh no im fine. how was school today? your like YO! and you just see her start deforming. like your mom is turning into a zombie. im good its not a normal thing to happen. alright we got fuck me in. ??????? i mean tuck me in. (yeah right) is it tuck me in? i cant tell! because, of the sticker covering the book title. did my voice crack? yeah my voice always cracks. no thats not okay. why would they- they delibrately hid the t in tuck me in like i know.(no you dont) Maybe its not even tuck me in. because i still cant tell I can say I-I dunno, why they have to put a sticker there? look at all the other places you could have put the sticker No. It’s like, let’s make a funny joke For us we know it’s ‘Fuck me in’ For the little kids they’re like, Tuck me in No, it’s fuck me in, little boy. Fuck me in, man. SUCK IT! Said the lion. Now suck it, cause that’s totally normal to happen in children books Suck it man (laughs) and the kids are like “Mom, what does suck it mean” Oh, wait where’d you hear that? The lion said “Suck it” to me WHAT K this one says gender differences. Boy vs Girl EHHH, WHY IS THE GIRL PEEING FROM BUTTHOLE WHAT? I’m pretty sure girls don’t pee from there buttholes. Oh My God, is this how you teach kids the difference between genders nowadays? That looks so nasty Why does it have to be elephants Like out of every animal Elephants probably take the biggest dumps and of course you choose an elephant just to like, your know, make it more exaggerated.

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    Caca in Malayalam is crow.
    I know it’s in Spanish but still.
    tHe MoRe YoU kNoW

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    Lol I have read 'go the f*ck to sleep'
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  3. Bella Xavier says:

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  6. Dylan Estrada says:

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  7. Dylan Estrada says:

    Solo los españoles entienden esto, ¿O usted tradujo esto?

  8. Dylan Estrada says:

    Mira hacia arriba, bebé. Mire hacia arriba y vea a Dick, vea a Rick subir, vea a Dick subir, arriba, arriba

  9. Xela Dark says:

    In my country Romania poop is caca

  10. Minecraft Pro bro says:

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  11. Laarni Noma says:

    i laughe so hard in 6:08

  12. UNBEKNOWNST says:


  13. gacha fluffy says:

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    in filipino coco is a nail

  14. PELONIS GAMING says:

    2017 Tal :- Dont care about demonetization
    2019 Tal :- Family Friendly Content (Education time w/ Reaction Time)

  15. Paige Rushing says:

    Round of applause I laughed the entire time 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. lord over says:

    2:16 the title is actually sarcastic, the book's message is the opposite of what appears.

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  19. Michael Segal says:

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    Caca is a marry(new Zealander)word. And I'm in NewZealand rite now!!!!

  43. Hannah King says:

    most of these are inappropriate from poor phrasing and double meaning, minus some

  44. Sharmilla Ramrutton says:


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  46. Macadamia says:

    I've read The Long Journey of Mr. Poop. It's actually quite educational. It teaches kids how poop is made.

  47. Becci Davies says:

    I read THE NIGHT DAD WENT TO JAIL it actually helps kids understand if a parent goed to jail

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    Cacao means poop in italian2🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    My mum bought go the f*ck to sleep because we don’t go to sleep

  50. doomsday gamer says:

    At 0:54 I have seen that book in a store once I'm downtown and my mom took a picture of it and send it to my dad

  51. Mr. T says:

    Who cares about elderlt people is made by the person that made the addams family

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    Kaka is sister or brother in Indonesian

  70. Auzzie Kid says:

    When the police see tal with white stuff on his nose fbi” ladies and gentlemen we got him”

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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
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    The title was changed to The Muffin Dragon

  87. Emily Martin says:

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    ;-; I remember having that book cuz i didnt go to sleep when i waz a smoll bean

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