Hello, my name is Kat and today I have some books to haul and here in my living room because this is the only room with air-conditioning, so I hope you like this background because you’re going to be seeing a lot of it. I feel like it’s been a while since my last book haul or at least, I have accumulated quite a few books since that last haul. I have 13 books here to get into, so let’s get started. First up I have here: Geekerella by Ashley Poston. This was the BOOKSPLOSION book of the month for April. We are working with QuirkBooks on this one and I just adored this book. I did talk about this book already in my latest reviews video, so I’ll link that down below if you want some more spoiler free details about the synopsis and my feels. But basically, it’s a loose retelling of Cinderella, set in the modern world with these two main characters who are really involved in fandom culture and it was just wonderful. All of the information about the read along and the live show, which is happening very soon, will be down in the description below if you want to check that out. And I decorate the couch I think… I think I’m going to decorate the couch with the books as I haul them. The next book I have here is: Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and this is the BOOKSPLOSION book of the month pick for May. we’re working with Penguin Random House on this one. It is a standalone contemporary novel, which I’ve really been feeling lately. I don’t know something about contemporary novels and the spring/summer season, it just fits in my head. This story is about a girl named Alice, who has had feelings for her best friend for a while now and she ends up buying him a lottery ticket kind of on a whim for his 18th birthday and he wins one hundred and forty million dollars. And this story just kind of follows them as they deal with their relationship and all of the changes in their life that stem from winning the lottery, so yes, this sounds very cute and fun and like I said I’m kind of on a contemporary kick right now, so this is just like, a really good fit for me at this point in my reading life. If you’re interested in joining us for this read along this month, all of the details you need are down below in the description. Next up I have a couple of books that just came out and I’m very, very excited to have them here with me today in this moment so I have here: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas, this is the third book in what was originally a trilogy but now, there’s more books in the series but I believe this is still a conclusion to like, this trilogy arc. I think I’m not entirely sure, I’m still reading this, so I don’t want to know more and I don’t want to tell you anything more because no spoilers. This is a spoiler free zone, all you need to know, right now is that I have this book, I’m reading this book. I will talk more about this book when I’m done, okay… okay! Next up I have here: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan and this is the second book in The Trials of Apollo series, this just came out on May 2nd and I received it as part of a paid promotion I’m doing with Disney Hyperion, so huge thanks to them for helping to sponsor this video. Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors of all time and he has been pretty much ever since I first read one of his books. I just love his take on the different mythologies that he uses and his stories are always super fun and hilarious. The series follows the God, Apollo, who has been turned into a mortal 16 year old boy as punishment and you can just imagine the hijinks that happen from there. Apparently there’s also quite a few familiar faces in this book, this series. So yeah, I am very much looking forward to getting in on this. I love how many books Rick Riordan puts out like, even if I am currently behind on the Rick Riordan books, it’s a good problem to have. The next book I have here is: Kill All Happies by Rachel Cohen. This is another book that just came out on May 2nd and also, another book that I received in order to do a paid promotion with Disney Hyperion, so thanks again to for helping the sponsor this video. It’s a standalone contemporary novel that takes place over the course of just 24 hours as we follow a teenage girl, whose graduation party gets increasingly out of control. It sounds really cute and fun and again, I am just feeling those standalone contemporaries lately, so yeah excited to read this one. The next book I have here is: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. It’s so shiny, it is just annihilating my white balance. It’s so pretty though. I have been waiting for this book for so long and I’ve had it for like, a month now and I still haven’t started it yet. I don’t know why… I kind of know why I’m a little bit nervous. I don’t know, maybe… maybe…maybe… I’m being weird but I’ve been like, looking forward to this for so long and I really, really don’t want to be disappointed at all and I don’t think I will be because I love Laini Taylor’s writing and stories and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love this. I just… I’m a little bit nervous to jump in like, I felt it up in my head so much but I will be reading this very, very soon. So shiny! Next up have here: The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli, this is another standalone contemporary novel. It’s kind of a theme for this book haul, apparently. I don’t actually know much about this book specifically. It has to do with unrequited love and it’s by Becky Albertalli and that sold me on it because I love Becky’s previous book: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It was super cute, it was a great standalone contemporary and I’m just hoping that this will be on par with her previous book. I’m really excited to get to it. Next up I have here: The Whole Thing Together by Ann Brashares and this is yet another standalone contemporary novel, but I think is the last one of this haul. Yeah, looks like it. You might recognize the name: Ann Brashares as the author, who wrote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which is a series that I loved when I was in high school and I haven’t actually read anything by her since. So, I am really excited to give this one a go. It takes place over the summer as we follow these two families who share a history and both have a claim over this beach house and they are like, clashing and there’s family drama and secrets. It just sounds really good. It sounds like a great beach read and also a great contemporary to just add to my ever-growing pile. Next up I have here: Saga: Volume 7 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. These Saga series is one of my favorite series of all time and I don’t just mean like, graphic novels and comics like, it is just a wonderful story like, the world, the characters, everything is so rich. It’s definitely not for younger audiences like, there’s quite a bit of mature content, violence, nudity, and swearing. But I love that kind of stuff, so I love the series. Next up I have here: American Gods by Neil Gaiman and I bought those kind of on an impulse like, I’ve actually been meaning to get this for a while but with the show coming out, I knew it was time because I want to… I want to read before I watch. So I picked this up. I will hopefully get to it soon and then hopefully get to watch the TV series soon. Then I have here: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I bought this for pretty much the same reason I bought American Gods. There’s a TV series based off of this book that I’ve been hearing great things about and I like to read the book first, so I bought the book. I want to read it and then I will watch the HBO show. The next book I have here is: Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. I bought this book completely on a whim. Someone I follow on Twitter recommended it and I’m not sure who that was. It was an author I liked I feel like, it was Victoria Schwab or Laini Taylor. They… they tweeted about this book and I was like, “Ooh vampires in Mexico? I’m in!” And I went and bought it and now, I can’t remember who recommended it to me. It looks like, a dark gritty vampire novel, set in Mexico and I personally still have a soft spot in my read heart for vampire books and it’s been a while since I read one, so yeah, I’m pretty excited to give this a go. And finally, I have here: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. This is another book that I bought kind of on a whim, even though, I have been intending to pick this up for a while now. It’s a Historical novel, set during World War Two and I have just heard so many amazing things about this. It’s won tons of awards and been recommended to me by multiple people, so when I was in a book buying mood last month, it just… it somehow ended up in my cart and then at my house and that’s how I bought this book. I don’t think you needed that story but there it is. Alright there, you have it. There… there are all of the books had to haul for this video today. And that’s gonna be it. So, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have a wonderful night and I will have another video up soon. So I will see you will then. Goodbyee!

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  1. kari_reads says:

    Hi there 😊 I really like your videos so please keep doing what you're doing!! And also please read "Strange The Dreamer" because it's one of the most amazing books that I have ever read in my life!!! You're going to love it, I'm sure, just because it's soooo incredibly written that I can't even express my love for this book with words. And also all the books you talked about catched my interest and I'm going to be putting them on my TBR immediately. 😁 So my bank account has you to blame for after that 😁😝

  2. It’s just me, Leena says:

    Finish the lyrics

    She asked me son when I grow old will you buy me a house of gold

  3. It’s just me, Leena says:

    Btw Kat I'm glad you're getting better

  4. Emy G says:

    I felt the same about strange the dreamer and I ended up waiting until like a week ago to get it but now that I've started it it's AMAZING won't be disappointed

  5. Steph Piano says:

    STRANGER THE DREAMER IS SO GOOD KAT YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! It's gonna be like when you read Carry On all over again, you won't be able to stop gushing about it

  6. Shelley Brown says:

    I'm so glad your continuing YouTube!! I haven't been reading much at all and your making me so excited!

  7. Meagan says:

    Kat your space dress is amazing and it just accentuated your place as my favourite booktuber

  8. TheBookishLife says:

    Love the background. And Kat talking about books always makes me happy! (BTW love your hair 😊)

  9. Rita Torres says:

    Thank you Kat for adding even more books to my goodreads wishlist XD Geekerela sounds so freaking good!! And that yellow book about the party is so beautiful! And Strange the Dreamer…… Also those fairy lights looked awesome! Good change of background!

  10. BadGirl0804 says:

    You found some good ones. I need to pick up the American Gods, Windfall, and the vampire one.

  11. Fashionably Bookish says:

    ACOWAR AHHHH. It was so good! All the Light We Cannot See is incredible!

  12. Elettra Pignatti says:

    'All the light we cannot see' is an exquisite book! you'll love it!

  13. Randee M says:

    I like your energy and enthusiasm for books. I especially like how you are beginning to grow up and away from YA trilogies, etc. and starting to incorporate other types of genres into your reading agenda!

  14. Nyssangel says:

    my copy of ACOWAR is still in shipping 😒

  15. Idle Sun says:

    all the light we cannot see looks right… I'll check it out

  16. charieg77 says:

    Yessss to All the Light we Cannot See! πŸ‘ hope you like it! Great to see you, Kat! Hope you're doing well 😊😊

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    When Kat legit hauls every book you need in your life.

    Ps. Big Little Lies tv show is next level good.

  18. Just Li says:

    All The Light We Cannot See is amazing.

  19. Selina's Shelf says:

    i'm loooving Strange the Dreamer so far, hopefully you will too! (if you ever work up the courage to start it 😝)

  20. Sofie Emde Trebbien says:

    I totally get you with being in the mood for ya contemporary <3 I am so excited for these books!

  21. Courtney H says:

    The "Certain Dark Things" cover matches her eyeshadow. Looks nice.

  22. Carolina V. Santana says:

    Still love you though 😊

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    Where did you get your throw pillows? 😍

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    I want to read soooo many books rn but exams got me in a reading slump πŸ™

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    Geekerella looks and sounds so cute! I cannot wait to pick it up! (once I get through my tbr pile I have on my shelves)

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    So excited to read geekerella! Also just started the series of throne of glass almost done with the first book πŸ“š I'm enjoying it so far:) windfall sounds super interesting.

  27. Claire Marino says:

    Great video! You looked beautiful and super happy and I'm so glad you're doing well. Keep being so awesome, I live for your videos! πŸ™‚

  28. hazleslife says:

    I believe that ACOWAR is the last of Feyre's story but that the other books will be companion novels like Tower of Dawn is to the ToG series

  29. drumsofautumn says:

    (Certain Dark Thins was recommended by Victoria Schab, yup (hi, i'm #1 schwablin trash))

  30. Amber Fox says:

    Strange The Dreamer is my favorite read of all time. But the first 70 pages you have to struggle through, but please doooo! Because this book is so beautiful. I can't describe how beautiful.

  31. Samantha Harvey says:

    LOVE your pillows <3333 Great video πŸ™‚

  32. Ian Flores says:

    I'm So Going To Read WindFall

  33. C H says:


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    Is she slytherin?? she honestly doesn't seem like it

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    No ones reviewing ACOWAR, can't wait for it! 😫

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    I just finished The Upside of Unrequited-I love it-just aww! I have most of the other contemporaries you hauled on hold at the library-can't wait!!

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    I love how you decorated the couch with books. Oh my word I really want to read Strange the Dreamer! 😱 Certain Dark Things also seems rather interesting! Awesome video as always. 😁

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    Ann Brashares wrote one of my fave books (my name is memory) and it was going to be more than one so it was open-ended BUT THEY NEVER PUBLISHED A SECOND

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    I LOVED ACOWAR! I hope you love it as well, no spoilers, but I hope you do a book talk / review when you finish I loved your videos on the others!

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    Trust me you will not be disappointed with Strange the Dreamer. Laini Taylor stays true to her beautiful writing style and story telling methods!

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    definitely a cool new change to the book shelves – when the video first started was like wow, where all the book shelves:) Some top titles – can't wait for the Rick Riordan to be released here:)

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    Your enthusiasm make me so happy ^^

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  52. McKenzie Staley says:

    ACOWAR is the end of the trilogy and the next three books are sequels and prequels to the series.
    Great video Kat! I'm so excited for the next Apollo book!

  53. Myrthe Callaars says:

    All the light we cannot see is one of my favorite books, I really recommend it so I'm really happy that you bought it!

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    So good I had to watch it twice in a row, and thank you for reminding me to read American Gods before it airs… after this I'm back to my pizza making πŸ˜›

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    I'm so excited to read right now! Thank you, Kat, for keeping me in a reading hype consistently!

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    Hey loved the haul, thank you for inspiring my upcoming haul πŸ˜‰ During the summer months along with my contemporaries I usually try to grab a Meg Cabot book and would highly recommend, her books are humorous and the characters are diverse (thinking Princess Diaries here – the book being for an older audience than the film) especially for being released around the year 2000 πŸ˜‰ x

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    Okay … this is so not related to this video but I need to know who don't love the mortal instruments? I mean I am on City of lost souls and I really don't love the series at all …. i mean I don't hate it . It was okay , I just think the whole series is so over hyped or maybe it's because of my high expectations for this series ….
    P.s yes Rick Riordan will always be my favourite author . I literally read all his books . And Jenny han is my favourite contemporary author 😍😍

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    Where did you get your Slytherin pillow?? I love it and want to get a Ravenclaw one for my apartment!!

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    OMG, how awesome would it be if everyone had books on their couch like that. Like, "Hey, there's a lull in the convo, oh look a fantastic book!"

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    Bring back Cooking with Kat! The Worst Cooking Show on YouTube!

  67. Sara Marsh says:

    How you feel about Strange the Dreamer was how I felt about The Dark Prophecy. Then I started it and Apollo's hilariousness was enough to get me over my nerves – haha.

  68. kandklove1 says:

    great book haul

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    is that a galaxy shirt (dress?) DOESN'T MATTER I NEED IT. ALSO I NEED EVERY BOOK YOU HAULED

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    Love you and support you always, Kat!

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    I'm so far behind on my Rick Riordan readings. I need to read The Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase.

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    Great haul! The best part about May is that books are even better outside. My lounger awaits for the next few months! Impulsively purchased books are like candy πŸ™‚

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    american gods is sooooo good and so is the tv show!!! you should totally read it asap

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