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I did it the hard way you know I’m a kid
that came from poverty I could remember being a kid living in Jersey with my
mother 7 I was living in a one-bedroom you know no lights no heat never cried
never complained I just worked hard to get to where I got to in life it’s been
it’s been hard work my dad going out there when I lived with
my dad in Michigan my dad going out there taking chances hustling to put
food on the table you know he sacrificed everything for me my dad went to prison
and I had to become a man at 16 my dad came back into my life I was 21 I never
cried never complained all I did was work hard I didn’t never
never robbed never stole nothing from nobody just hard work and dedication
that’s it to get to where I got to so anybody that’s watching this interview I
earned it the hard way you know just the American dream maybe
you’re going through a divorce maybe you’re going through an illness a lot of
people who watch this podcast are going through difficulties or outright
tragedies but you want to practice seeing the setback or the dark time as
fuel to leverage your growth and so on this first point about study the alchemy
no matter what you’re going through in your life whether it’s a large
difficulty or a small setback you want to ask yourself how can I use what I’m
going through as fuel for my growth you want to ask yourself what is the
gorgeous opportunity hidden inside this so-called problem I mean and if you look
at the mass of humanity they really train their brains to focus on problems
right they hit a wall and then just because of their belief system they
don’t know it because most people are not really that aware of their belief
systems so they blame it on the world they blame it on the supplier they blame
it on the teammate they blame it on their husband or wife
they blame it on their childhood versus understanding our daily performance
reflects our deepest beliefs and so if you are experiencing some kind of a
setback whether its large or tiny you want to train your brain to see the
treasure within the lead set up hard and fast rules in your life rules that
cannot be violated because from a willpower perspective it is very
draining again to go back and forth in your head so it’s much easier to say
okay I will not drink soda and I’ll only eat foods off of this list then it is
for you to go okay I ate really good yesterday and I worked out extra hard
now I’m at dinner and they just gave me a free dessert is it okay for me to have
a small portion because that takes a lot of mental energy to process when you sit
up hard and fast rules as draconian as this might feel and sound at first it
actually creates a tremendous amount of freedom in your own life to spend your
brainpower on the things that matter the most so set up rules you must work
between these hours you need to go to the gym five days a week for me I set a
rule I have to release one YouTube video every single Monday and that’s why I am
here right now so set up rules realize that when to have the level of success
that I want to have it’s difficult to spread it out and do multiple things you
know it’s in order to to be world-class and I made a decision I want to be
world-class and it just it takes such a desperate obsessive focus to to excel on
a level that I want to make movies you know I was Star Wars
when I was young I sat in the movie theater and watched Star Wars and I just
couldn’t believe that that movie made me feel like that just floored and just
stunned by the creativity and just I’m realizing that in order to move people
in that way in order to touch people in that way you’ve really got to focus with
all of your fiber and all your heart and all your creativity the thing about
self-discipline is that it is necessary for everything you do in your life you
have to be self-disciplined discipline comes from somewhere else it’s very very
hard to remain consistent because you tend to
resist as well because I see trainers and they’re in the gym with people and
you know the guy or girl that they’re working out hates their workout hates it
because the discipline is coming from somewhere else you it’s something that
you dread every time you go in you don’t really want to do it it’s like oh but oh
no my trainers here he’s about to you know beat me up and make me feel crazy
well the truth is every trainer should work his way out of your life anybody
who’s working you out your teachers your trainers your people they have to train
you to get out of your life so you can go ahead do your own workout do your own
thing practice self-discipline now one thing I want to straighten out big-time
discipline is not punishment it’s not discipline it’s training that’s all it
is I was talking to my son one time and I asked him huh it was weird because I
was trying to see if he really knew what it was all about and I said hey man you
know I have to discipline you what is discipline and he goes punishment well
in this minute when I do something wrong and you punish me I think no no
discipline is training if you change your mind your mindset and really focus
it on what discipline really is you start to welcome discipline you welcome
self discipline into your life really I just kept at it um I work work work work
work I don’t I don’t believe in I hate lazy people I hate laziness
I just don’t like procrastination I don’t like people that make up excuses
just get it done and I’ve always taken that approach with my life and my career
and I guess that’s why you know I guess that’s why I’ve been around and I
haven’t just gotten around you know I’ve been a little bit you know well you guys
probably yeah so I’ve been trying for a long time and it just goes to show you
like you know what if you really want something you work hard at it you know
I’m saying eventually people are coming around it’s just it’s just up to you to
stick with it I think the problem is a lot of people just give up because it’s
so difficult you know you want to go and you know it’s like you got bills to pay
you can’t keep on – – do you guys do this so a lot of people just give up but
I just didn’t I just kept working the thing that I have always told my
students and my clients is to start with a small win begin with something small
so for example if you want to lose weight I often tell people just start
walking every single morning don’t worry about counting calories don’t worry
about complex workout ideas don’t worry about anything
that anyone is selling you just get up and walk every morning right now it’s
not the walking that’s actually gonna make that person successful now it will
add to your success because getting up and walking fresh air and exercise it’s
going to support you in losing weight but we all know that there’s far more
factors to consider but what it will do is create the virtue of discipline
commitment right commitment and discipline sort of go together
and the fact that that small win associated with getting up every single
morning is under your belt you’re going to feel the courage the confidence
and you’ll have the ability to begin adding other things to ability to grow
stronger so now that you know it’s been 60 days 90 days and it’s like
you got that pattern down you get up every morning you just walk that’s it
you don’t think about it it’s become a habit you now can use that tool of
creating habits and instilling discipline with the next one which
should be a little bit more advanced your hardest tasks you should set for
the morning in the morning you typically have the highest willpower your brain is
refreshed glucose stores are pretty good even though you’ve been fasting
overnight you’re refreshed you’re ready to go you’re more likely to make smart
decisions because you can think you have clarity you’re not exhausted by the
day yet so whatever is hard for you whether that’s exercise some new thing
you’re trying to do try to do it before your day before the long day which is
why most successful people in history have some kind of smart morning routine
so they wake up they do the most important tasks first while they’re
fresh and then do the rest of the stuff throughout the day or at the end of the
day when they’re more tired care more than normal and more than necessary
about your results that’s it learn to care start developing inside of
you this this adamant feeling this desire to care more than normal and more
than necessary about the results that you want you see most people don’t cross
the finish line with their goals and their dreams not because they don’t have
the ability or the resources or the relationships more often than not it’s
because at some point they allow themselves not to care more than normal
and more than necessary just think about an example in your own life when you
decided to take action on some desired outcome but ultimately you gave up on it
you’ll notice if you’re honest that at some point along the way you allowed
yourself off the hook because you gave yourself permission to
no longer care you see having the conviction about your outcome about your
result is so powerful and it is enacted when you allow yourself to care about
that result more than normal and more than necessary you see when we allow
ourselves to care more than normal and more than necessary that something
becomes a priority in our life in his book the power of habit
Charles Durak talks about the science of small wins and in a nutshell he just
says in order to be successful at creating a new habit you must allow
yourself to experience small consecutive wins that support the behaviors you want
I call this winners momentum when you decide to care more than normal and more
than necessary about your desired outcome even if you don’t even believe
in that moment that you’re able to accomplish it just by caring having the
conviction about the small little steps along the way creates a winner’s
momentum that ultimately catapults you across the finish line Subscribe for more motivation!

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