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over the past year I have made a few recommendations on my channel for people not to purchase a MacBook either for pricing or thermal issues or keyboard issues and if you’re someone who can swing either way like you can get a Windows laptop and be happy or a MacBook right now and be happy I’d still recommend for you to get a Windows Device instead of a MacBook but if you are someone who requires a MacBook either for work or school or you just really want a MacBook right now then that’s what this video is for it’s kind of like a guide to make a purchase decision for the 2019 lineup of Mac books now as for the reason why I’m doing this now like why I’m making this video now it’s for two reasons number one at this point of the year we’ve seen all the laptops that they have to offer so with the exception of the 12-inch MacBook it’s unlikely that they’ll update any of these for the rest of the year and the second reason is that Apple’s refurb store now has stock of all the devices I would recommend earlier on this year some of the devices were still missing but at this point in time they’re all available and the reason why I recommend the refurb option instead of the brand new stuff is that you’re just getting a way better value you still get AppleCare you still get their warranty you get their return policy you get new batteries and components that can wear out so it’s a much better value than buying new so I’m gonna start this video off with the 13-inch MacBook Air this is a device that goes for just over a thousand dollars in the refurb store if you need more storage it’s $1,200 but this is unfortunately the least expensive of the MacBook options in the store right now now it’s a two core CPU it’s not super powerful I think most people will be able to use this as their kind of everyday machine if you need something that’s more capable like if you plan on doing photo or video editing you’ll might have to look at one of the more powerful options but for a lot of people this is a good fit even if you’re a developer like I think a lot of development can be done on just the two core CPU now when this thing launched it was not available in the refurb store so it was priced around 250 $300 more than it is right now and at the time it was difficult to recommend this because you could get the base model 13-inch device for a little bit cheaper but at this point because it is available in a refurb store I think it’s a good option if you want something a little bit smaller and lighter there is the 12-inch MacBook it’s a device that came out in 2017 like the last time they refreshed it was two years ago so it’s a little bit dated but it is a kind of unique device and how thin and light it is while still having a very usable full-size keyboard the one issue I have with it is the single port if you ever want to plug anything into that computer you have to unplug the power and then plug up your adapter or dongle or whatever it is point being it’s an inconvenience that you just have to live with if you want that reduction in weight it starts at around eleven hundred dollars and if you don’t have a particularly heavy workflow if like the majority of the stuff you do is just typing documents then it’s viable but really its main advantage is that it’s super small ok last two we have the two Mac books we have the 13 inch and the 15 inch now these devices used to run two and four core CPUs so in 2016 and 2017 two core CPUs four core CPUs for the 13 and 15 inch model and then in 2018 they had four core CPUs and six core CPUs and that year the 2018 model is the sweet spot and you can save around four or five hundred dollars if you get the 2018 models in the refurb store but you only want to consider these kind of pro models if your workflow can actually benefit from cork head and a lot of people just don’t recognize whether or not it can like if you’re doing development then yeah if you’re doing video and some photo editing yeah you can benefit from higher core can’t but for everyone else like if you’re just typing stuff doing emails and just doing regular computer work then I wouldn’t really recommend these because you’re paying more for them they’re bigger they’re heavier and really the only advantage that these have over the 13-inch MacBook Air or even the 12-inch MacBook is just cour can’t okay so that’s basically the current laptop lineup I will mention this device the iPad pro because of the new iPad OS this is now a much more viable alternative to laptops than it has been in the past it’s not perfect it’s never going to be perfect but I think it’s like it’s easier to recommend now than it has been in the past if you want to use this as a laptop alternative there’s still a lot of disadvantages to it like the file system is limited and if you’re looking for a particular app that you need for work there’s a good chance it won’t exist for iPad OS and they’re not particularly cheap right these are quite expensive systems but if you’re that person that really wants to try this it is more viable now than it has been in the past so that’s the current lineup I also want to talk about a couple other things the first is kind of an alternate purchasing route to a MacBook and that is to purchase their really old stuff or the 2014-2015 era MacBooks now I think there are a lot of people that remembered the 2014 and 2015 Mac books as having like the best of everything like they were upgradable they were repairable they had very reliable keyboards the thing is if you’re buying those devices now in 2019 they are quite old they’re like four maybe five years old at this point and you’d have to buy them used on eBay or Craigslist at this point they’re a lot cheaper so if you’re on a really tight budget it makes sense and also if you’ve just someone that needs something for iOS development it also makes sense because it’s so inexpensive but for the average user because of the age of those machines you’re gonna have to replace stuff like at the very least the battery is gonna have to be swapped out relatively soon those things have like a thousand cycle lifespan and they’re not super easy or cheap to replace I think just for most people that are interested in getting into that MacBook ecosystem the newer like refurb models are just a safer option right now than the cheaper like much older units just because of how old those units are getting okay there’s one last thing I want kind of leave you with just kind of food for thought traditionally one of the characteristics that Mac books have had is really good resale value if you saw earlier the resale market of the 2014-2015 models is quite active but with the 2016 and onwards devices because these are so difficult and expensive and in some cases impossible to repair or upgrade the resale value of these might be affected by that because if someone buys one of these secondhand and the RAM or the drive goes down it’s not like a hundred or $200 replacement of that component it’s the replacement of the entire motherboard it’s expensive it’s like seven eight hundred bucks at the base so that’s what we have here with apples current laptop lineup but if you really want one well now you know okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs would be liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time

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41 thoughts on “If You Want to Buy a Macbook…”

  1. Dave Lee says:

    I've moved away from Apple's MacBooks but if you're gonna get one, get the right one

  2. xenga92 says:

    There was a Canada-wise recall on the 2015 MacBook Pros, because of explosive batteries. I had to bring mine in to Apple to get it changed. They ended-up having to also replace the fan, because it didn’t work after the installation, so they also had to get me a new cover for the top and keyboard ordered-in. I just got it back yesterday, and it WAY too hot now, that it burns your hands if you touch it. My Mac wasn’t like that before 😑

  3. Carl James says:

    if you buy a windows computer and don't immediately put linux mint/VM windows….
    …. you're silly as.

  4. Goalazio says:

    I love having a MacBook. Always had issue with Laptops around the same price range.

    I currently have a 2017 MacBook Air and it’s a quality piece of kit for £700. Definitely would recommend it, I usually video edit, photo edit etc on it!

  5. Zirui Hao says:

    Are there ways to get 2015 refurbished models? That’ll solve the old battery concern.

  6. Zirui Hao says:

    @Dave Lee, when you say you’ve moved away from MacBooks, have you also moved away from iPhones? If so, what new ecosystem are you in now?

  7. emretovic says:

    now that I know he is standing, I feel discomfortable somehow like it is tiring

  8. Ravishankar Sharma says:

    Dave Lee will tell you how to roast someone very politely.

  9. Jose Samour says:

    If you want to buy a macbook by an ipad

  10. Triple259772 says:

    I just picked up a 2016 15" pro for 1200

  11. 씨스타mAriA says:

    Fuck Apple ,you are still using that shit keyboard on the new mba and mbp ,why don’t u use the scissor keyboard !?fuck you !🙂

  12. Austin Peltz says:

    Dave: "This is the MacBook lineup for 2019"

    Apple: revamps MacBook lineup 2 weeks later

  13. Rim says:

    Sooooo Apple revamped their mid-2019 lineup today. MacBook Air is cheaper and has True Tone, base model MacBook Pro has Touch Bar, 8th gen i5 and a quad core CPU.

  14. MalarkeyMan says:

    No way, I can’t not stand Windows 10

  15. YJ Gamer says:

    What is the best laptop for gaming and college?????

  16. Hey Yeah says:

    still too expensive for me, so I got a MacBook Air 13'' 2011 model for $315. Runs perfectly and it doesn't need dongles

  17. Chris Chris says:

    another anti Apple video 2 in a row..

  18. Gandalfwiz2007 says:

    As a gamer, i laugh so hard in the face of a MAC, expensive, underpowered, stylish, so it's a piece of jewlery

  19. Gaming Mädchen says:

    Now you need a new video😆

  20. Star A says:

    We need updated video on 2019 MacBook pro and air

  21. Steven Velthuizen says:

    Dave: If you want to buy a Macbook…

    Me: Buy a GPD P2 Max.

  22. BdrumMerX14 says:

    you were wrong they updated them lol

  23. IKSH says:

    I still can't believe that you have been standing the whole time

  24. Grant Baynes says:

    I loved away and got a Razer Blade. 6 months in and I really miss Mac OS.
    I can't wait for Apple to get their shit together and fix the MacBook range so I can move back.

  25. Utkarsh Gupta says:

    Can an undergrad computer science student use the air?

  26. Artform Insights! says:

    Dave, you should do a new vid now on the new AIRs and MBP 13s…I really feel the MBP 13s with the bumped up specs is what Apple is finally responding to all the PC laptops dominating the creator space for low money. 😄

  27. Trell West says:

    2013-2015 macbook pros with retina are still solid computers if you can find one

  28. farzam afifi says:

    Hi Dave
    Which. MacBook is good for programming ?
    Thanks a lot

  29. Thomas David says:

    Can any one help me I wanted to get a 13 inch Mac Book Pro for Lightroom does the base model work

  30. barcitaa says:

    I love my 2019 MacBook Air and I dont really care for the keyboard it has not given me any problem, but if anything happens I know apple will give me 4 years free service plan for it.

  31. DIGITDEEP says:

    More than happy with my Asus GU501GM that I got under a $1,000! Pass on Apple

  32. ASIF K ASHRAF says:

    Bro can u please tell me which is more secure with data windows or macbook….cz am really confused

  33. Prem Wani says:

    Ohhh no this shit guy soupy who controls dev2D discord server 🤬

  34. Ronak Patel says:

    You are wrong MacBooks are the best if it is about windows 10 you can get windows 10 on MacBooks using boot camp assistants for free no hassle and you can switch to os again. I have a MacBook Pro 2018 Retina display and have windows 10 on it .

  35. Ricky Stafford says:

    Just replaced the battery in my late 2013 13" rMBP that's glued in. I wouldn't say it was the easiest thing in the world but it wasn't hard at all and only cost under $50 for the battery itself. Also replaced the rubber feet. It's as good as new. That said, it's still a dual core CPU and I am doing more video editing so I'm probably going to sell it 🙂

  36. Aki Sasaki says:

    But my windows computer always gets so slow after one year. WHY???

  37. Jack of Spades says:

    Apple releasing the ipados is literally one of the key reason i would prefer the ipad over their macbooks

  38. HA Tém says:

    Hey dave
    So I was thinking of buying an acer helios 300 2019 Im not a fan of the pricing and in my country it's like 3400 the equivalent of 1200 dollars so I'm tryna see if it is worth the saving and if it will last on the long term like about 5 years or so.
    Thanks in advance bro and waiting for your reply here.

  39. Ben Rosenthal says:

    I actually got a used 2011 macbook with a ssd and 8gb of ram for only $180, It's pretty great.

  40. BVBZ WENT WILD says:


  41. Tanishk Agarwal says:

    Which is the best laptop under 2000$ rn?

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