If you like these books you’ll like these BOOKTUBERS // #2


hello beautiful people Today we are
doing part two of if you like these books then you might like these
booktubers this video received so much love last time I posted it and I said
that was going to make this a series so here I am what I’m going to do
differently this time is actually mentioned two-three book tubers so one who I would consider quite popular on any kind of scale what I consider to be popular
and then I’m going to also mention someone who is relatively underrated
maybe new or mainly has been here a while and needs to be rediscovered by
all the newbies so this is just to appreciate the large and small and
people here in the middle and I’m hoping that you’re going to enjoy this one if you would like to watch the first of this series and I will link it up top
and I would like you to go and watch that and support the people that I
mentioned in that video as I’m going through this list why not let me know in
the comments three books that you would link to two particular booktubers both big and small and yeah other than that we’re going to get to it The first of the books uh what I would say enemies to lovers fantasy and for some
reason I didn’t really enjoy any of these The first of those the cruel
prince by Holly black this is about a young girl called Jude who is kidnapped
from the human world along with her two sisters by a fairy who has just murdered
their parents she is then raised in the land of fairy and 10 years later wants
nothing more than to basically be a fairy she hates being this weak human
and she decides that she wants to become a fairy Knight
she ends up getting enlisted as a spy for some kind of royal and there’s also
a cruel prince that she has a enemies to lovers thing with We then have Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir This is Lesbian necromancer’s in space as
Gideon and her lady of the planet go to another planet to get involved in some
kind of championship thing there is a murder mystery they have to conduct a
load of tasks of which they don’t really know the outcome or the reason some shit
goes down I didn’t enjoy it so… I also have serpent and dove I’ve got a live show for this today when I’m filming it I didn’t enjoy this either but this is a
enemies to lovers forced marriage book about a witch and a witch hunter it set
in a alternate universe France in kind of the 1700s I would say that if you like these three books I’m not sure what you’re doing on my channel maybe you’re just here for me which is weird but if you did enjoy them then you may enjoy watching Madison Mary.
I believe she likes each of these not sure whether she likes the cruel prince but
she gave both of the others five stars I love her channel, she is
passionate, vivacious I’m really looking forward to meeting her at bookcon and I
really enjoyed her being in the group chat for serpent & dove because it was
just nice getting a very alternate opinion on a book that I really did not
enjoy I would also say that if you like these books then you will also love
watching Boston reads books Boston is really cool really calm she has very
long form videos of which there’s minimal editing so it really feels as
though you’re watching her in real time I think that she is sexy, cute she’s also
the sugar daddy of booktube whenever he’s got a spare penny she’s always
giving to people in the community and I think that she is a fantastic person to
watch and having your life Next we are going onto some fluffy reads with a little bit of smut just a teensy bit just to like dip our toes in the first
of those is the hating game by Sally Thorne I’ve actually not read this one it
is high up my list and I’m just waiting for the perfect opportunity for it and this is about two people who work together who are basically nemeses they
hate each other I think that they end up going head-to-head to become the boss but we shall see so if you loved that and you also loved
the kiss quotient by Helen Hoang about a woman called Stella who has
Aspergers and she decides to enlist the help of a male escort to help her with
like romantic ways it is a little bit smutty it’s also very sweet very
charming we get a dual perspective in this and I really enjoyed this one I do
think it was quite fluffy but also thought-provoking in some place
as well and if you enjoyed red white and royal blue by Casey McQuiston… This is
a gay royal rump and we have the president’s son and the son of the Queen
of England the Prince of Wales and they are also enemies to lovers rivals but
the more time they spend together the closer they become this was actually
blurbed by Taylor Jenkins Reid and also Christina Lauren who wrote The
Honeymooners so if you enjoyed these three or think that you would really
enjoy these three then I think that you would love watching ChelseaDollingReads now most people know Chelsea in the community she is incredible and such
a darling sweetheart love she brings so much light to this community her
creation of readathons and her daily vlogging and everything she just puts us
all to shame but she is a beacon in this community really really really enjoy her
channel and I know that you guys will too if you’ve not watched her yet then do you even booktube?
and the second person a smaller booktuber that i would
recommend to you based on these is zoereads. Zoe is a new star in our community
and she is fantastic I adore her channel she brings out such thoughtful videos
she did a month-long vlog while she was reading books that had fat people in
them and it was a self-discovery of work for
her it was fantastic not only that but the videos that she’s been doing for
instance she did a spookathon I just I fall in love with that every single time she is light and compassionate and loving and you can just see how much
warmth she radiates I don’t know whether she enjoyed any of these I just think
that if you enjoy these kind of books this fluffy light loving warm sometimes
cheeky then I think that you would really love Chelsea and Zoe next for some diverse and thought-provoking reads It’s terrible because two of these
books have actually not read but they’re on my shelf and I wanted to include
these people so anyway let me just get to it Firstly we have the fifth season
by NK jemisin this was gifted to me by my friend Kylie thank you so much and I
am planning to read it this was actually the Hugo Award winner for the best novel
I think in 2016 and I think it’s something about the
Apocalypse but it’s a deep rich fantasy Also if you enjoyed the hate you
give by Angie Thomas which is about a young girl called Starr who witnesses
the shooting of her best friend this is a story of police brutality of racism of
breaking down stereotypes and understanding how we came to where we
are in America today it’s an incredible book I also still need to watch the
movie for that but because it’s such a heavy topic I have to kind of prepare
myself of that also if you have read and enjoyed or think that you would enjoy
Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse and you might like these people that I’m about to mention This is another Hugo and nebula Award winner
so you can see there’s a little bit of a pattern here and this is supposed to be
climate apocalyptic fantasy try saying that five times & fast This is about a girl called Maggie who is a monster hunter this novel is drenched with Native American folklore culture and history and I’m
really looking forward to this one this has been high up my TBR for such a long
time so if you liked or think you would like I hate you give, trail of lightning
and fifth season I think that you would enjoy watching Jesse from bowties and
books they are one of my greatest friends in the community and they really
think so deeply about the books that they read they think about
representation they think about tone and they think about how it affects both
them and other people every time I want a critical analysis of a book I’ll
probably ask Jessie because that’s what I get from them they are so thoughtful
and considered and they really take the time to dive into a particular matter and understand okay why do I have a knee-jerk reaction on not liking this or
why am i loving it and they dive further whereas a lot of the time
potentially will be reading a book and we might just be like oh I enjoyed it
that was good or we’re not sometimes so critical but I really think that if you
like thinking critically about some of the books that you’re reading especially
when they’re diverse and especially when they’re meant to be thought-provoking
then Jesse would be the channel for you additionally I would recommend seiji
from the artisan geek they are incredible and they also do
really thought-provoking reviews they loved middlegame and I loved their
review of middlegame oh my gosh but every time again I want something that’s
thoughtful and considered I will go to seiji She’s not very well-known and she’s not hugely active in the community and I think sometimes it does
it a bit of a disservice to smaller booktubers Who don’t get their voices out even though that’s so important and so valuable so please go out and give her
some love additionally I am actually adding a third person on to this one
someone who I think does a really good job at this as well read with Cindy so I know that Cindy puts on this kind of joke and tries to entertainers but she
thinks so much about the books that she’s reading and really thinks about
why she’s not liking them why she loves them to be able to add an elements of
entertainment and joke on top is just such skill I found every video she puts
up so entertaining and I love her as a person and don’t know what you’re doing
if you’re not watching her because she is literally one of the Queen’s of
booktube right now the fact that she did a whole video on the similarities
between becoming by Michelle Obama and hot pterodactyl boyfriend and it made
sense and it was funny and it was a critical analysis of both books my mind
was just kind of blown and I think that she’s actually made people want to read
hot Pterodactyl boyfriend I mean even I want to read it now why have you done this to us Cindy? We’re going into our deep rich Adult
fantasies the first of those is name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss this is one
of my favorite books of all time I do mention it quite frequently on this
channel We follow a man called Kvothe, he is telling his life story to a
chronicler. He used to have incredible amounts of magic he was an arcanist but then something happened something big happened and he kind of went into
hiding and just became a barman so we get to figure out what’s going on there this is a three part trilogy it also has a novella and we’re still waiting for
the third part there are whispers that it’s going to be released on August 20th
2020 but we shall see that’s what that’s what Amazon is saying right now that has
not been corroborated by anybody else, mind you. Then we have strange the
dreamer by Laini Taylor absolutely adore adore this book so much In this we follow a man called Lazlo Strange Who is an orphaned librarian and
he has always had this dream to visit the lost a mystical city named Weep nobody
else can remember weep nobody else knows anything about it but he has this
intuition that it was a real place and when people come to the library and to his city and request their help for this city that everybody else has
completely forgotten about then Lazlo jumps at the chance when he gets there there is a second kind of story that goes along there there are gods
there are monsters there is death insta-love but I loved it this book
is very flowery but rich and detailed and just stunning I freaking love it then a book that I haven’t read but I think would go along with these the Raven boys by Maggie Stiefvater about a girl called blue who has been
told by her witchy family that the first boy that she falls in love with if she
kisses him then he will die but she isn’t interested in boys and especially
not the boys at the private school the Raven boys but Hijynx ensure and she ends up going on some kind of quest with the Raven boys to find a lost dead Welsh
King really eager to start this pretty eager to start it so if these kind of
books tickle your fancy then I think that you will like these three
booktubers first up we have Elliot Brooks who is not just a booktuber but also an
authortuber she has a book out now called peace and turmoil and she is
working on the second book currently her book I would also fall within
this kind of bracket of a deep rich fantasy with also a lot of political
things going on as well. I’ve been following Eliot for a very long time and I think that she does such fantastic
videos it’s not my favorite videos of her to watch her one-star reviews of her
favorite books there are always great she also does little challenge video
since how she brings her family and as well and once she got her dad to read
really obscure fantasy names and then she tried to explain how you
were actually meant to say them hilarious for these three books I would
also recommend my bestie Jaded Reader the Raven boys is actually Jade’s
favorite book series of all time I love Jade I love Jade I love you she
knows that I tell her pretty much every day
jade has this unique ability to lose herself in magical deep rich books if
your buddy reading them with her then she’ll take you along for the ride as well when watching her videos you can really become entranced with the way that she speaks and the way that she explains some books she recently read
the merciful crow and I feel as though she really discussed it so well she has
a review on that and I think that you should go and check that out Jade has been on booktube for as long as i have been and more people need to watch her seriously you’re the ones missing out and we also have XCatherineReads Catherine is another another bloody level So one: editing style
quick fast think Christine from polandbananasbooks she is literally the
christine of our time she is funny she is quirky and she loves these deep rich
massive fantasies she is a massive fan of the Mistborn series anything Brandon
Sanderson, six of crows, name of the wind those kind of things are absolutely her
cup of tea so if you want to watch someone who is both incredibly
entertaining and fast-paced and on it but also reads these honking gorgeous
thick texts then she’s perfect for you okay so there we have it guys those are
the book tubers that I would recommend to you based on some of these books this
is actually really difficult to do because I want to be recommending books
that have already read and some of these I just haven’t yet linking them
together and it’s making me really think I need to diversify my reading a
little bit like I need to get some horror in there somewhere I need to get
some more smut actually on my shelves but yes please let me know if you would
like another one for his videos and as always please don’t forget to Like
subscribe and comment all that jazz You can find me on Twitter on Instagram and on Goodreads my patron link is also down there in the description if you would
like to join my bookish family okay I love you! Bye, buh buh bye

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