Iceland Travel Tips – Booking the Blue Lagoon

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– One of the allures
of traveling to Iceland is visiting one of its many
geothermal hot springs. Well I just got done booking my trip to one of the most famous
ones, The Blue Lagoon, and I’m gonna share my
experience with you. (adventurous music) Hey guys, what’s up? My name is Chris and
this is Wandering Wilby, a channel where my brother Patrick and I do travel tips and tricks,
we do product reviews, and we vlog our adventures along the way. And today I’m gonna talk
to you a little bit about booking your visit to
Iceland’s The Blue Lagoon. So it may surprise you to
learn that The Blue Lagoon isn’t actually a naturally
occurring hot spring. The Blue Lagoon history
dates back to 1976, when it formed next to a
geothermal power plant. The Svartsengi. Svartsengi. I am murdering these Icelandic names. Iceland has a long history of utilizing the country’s geothermal energy, both for heating
buildings, and for cooking. For heating, Iceland’s
houses have radiators that are pumped with boiling hot water that come directly from the ground. The Svartsengi plant drills
for hot water for this purpose. And the water that it receives
is around 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s all naturally occurring, and it drills for this hot water. Unfortunately, they can’t use the water that is directly pumped out because it includes salt, it’s
mixed with salt water. So, that’s highly corrosive to pipes, and things like that. So what they do is they take that water and they use that to heat fresh water. And that is the water that is used in, you know the houses and for
other things such as that. So basically, The Blue
Lagoon is waste water from the power plant. But don’t worry, the waste
water is completely clean, and it does not contain any chemicals. It only has natural minerals. And has proven actually
to be good for the skin. So 1976 is when The Blue Lagoon
started to naturally form from the waste water from the plant. And since then, in the ’80s, the first public bathing
facilities open in 1987, in 1999 is when things really took off. There was a total renovation, the lagoon was moved further
away from the geothermal plant, and modernly changing
facilities were built, along with the cafe, hotel, restaurant, and a shop where it is possible to buy specialist and
luxury skin products. So location, another cool thing
about this is the location. It is located in the Reykjanes, Reykjanes, another horrible pronunciation. It’s characterized by immense lava fields, volcanoes, and heightened
geothermal activity. It’s situated 15 minutes from
the airport that you fly into in Keflavik. And it’s only 30 minutes away
from the city of Reykjavik. So, it makes it a good first stop for when you come into
Iceland after a long flight. So booking your visit to The Blue Lagoon, you must prebook, apparently, that’s what it says on the website. And the best place to do
it is right on the website, the And you go to the website
and you’ll see many packages. And the cost of these
packages range in price depending on what time of the day you go to The Blue Lagoon. Earlier in the day and later in the day, it seems to be cheaper because I guess the bulk of visitors come there during the regular hours. And it is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. So what are some of the
packages an amenities that are included in The Blue Lagoon? So there’s a comfort package. And the cost depends on the time again, and it ranges from $56 to $96, which gives you entrance to the lagoon, a silica mud mask. Silica is basically at the
mask bar, there’s a mask bar, and silica is an algae that nourishes, moisturizes, and is also
known for anti-aging. Along with this package,
you’re also getting the use of a towel, you are getting
one tasty beverage, which is awesome, at the swim-up bar. There’s a bar there that
you can swim right up to, they have smoothies, juices,
soft drinks, beer, and wine. The next level up is the Premium Package. It depends on the time again. And this ranges anywhere from 80 to $120. With this you get all
of the same things as the Comfort Package, including
a second mask of choice, you get slippers, use of a bathrobe, a table reservation at
the Lava Restaurant. So the Lava Restaurant is a restaurant that is built into an
800 year old lava cliff on the west bank of The Blue Lagoon. You also get sparkling
wine if you’re dining. And then finally there’s a Luxury Package. Which the cost doesn’t range in this one. It is a set $635. You get four hours at the spa, a private changing suite, unlimited access to
both the Retreat Lagoon and The Blue Lagoon. So the Retreat Lagoon is basically connected to the public Blue Lagoon, but it’s more private area with lava canyons and hidden corridors. You also get skincare amenities, and also a drink of your choice. And there are also additional services, such as in water massages,
other spa treatments, these are all additional costs, of course. And all this cane be seen
on The Blue Lagoon website, So with that being our
first stop in Iceland, I’m totally looking forward to it. It’s gonna be very relaxing to sit back in this beautiful,
clear, blue water, warm water, after a five hour flight. So we’re basically, we’re
doing the Comfort Package because we’re trying to save money. And it’s kind of like a more of a choose your own adventure type of thing. If we want to add more
features while we’re there, we can, you know, if you’re feeling good. We’ll probably be having
multiple drinks, I’m sure. Maybe we’ll opt for in-water massage. Maybe an extra mask, I don’t know, we’ll have to see, you’ll
have to stick around and check us out while we’re there. I love hearing from you guys. If any of you have been
to The Blue Lagoon, I’d love to see any questions
or comments you might have, any advice you could give us before we go. We go in less than a month now. If you found any value in this video, please hit that Like button. If you want to see more and follow our adventures in Iceland, please hit that Subscribe button, and add us on Instagram for
Live Video while we’re there. We have lots of exciting things coming up. We’re gonna be vlogging
the whole time we’re there. We’re visiting all the natural
places in Golden Circle. We’re gonna be going to Reykjavik. So we’d love to have you come along. Until next time guys, get out and explore. (funky music)

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