I Uploaded 5 Minutes of Embarrassing, Uncut Footage Full of Awkward Pauses and Mistakes


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100 thoughts on “I Uploaded 5 Minutes of Embarrassing, Uncut Footage Full of Awkward Pauses and Mistakes”

  1. Fixepedia says:

    That's why i only show my hands…. for now 😉 ehehehe
    But, yeah… it's not nearly as easy as it looks like and it does take guts to put yourself out there.
    I'm holding back on doing some B-Roll just for the fun aspect…. but i think it's just a time management kinda thing, although i have been thinking on doing something on camera, but i'm not sure what.

  2. Anneli Schmidt says:

    I really appreciate you sharing this! As someone who can’t talk when the camera turns on I feel like I have some hope now!

  3. james oyler says:

    Thank you for posting this, you've inspired me to start a YouTube channel. I have a stutter sometimes and can lose my train of thought like it's the goal 🤣

  4. NoJobRob says:

    Pat – What would you say is your ratio of recording time vs. video time? I'm at about 5 minutes of footage for one 1 minute published but you definitely remind me of myself when I'm struggling to navigate takes.

    Thanks for the inspiration as this has been way more of a bottleneck for me than it needs to be

  5. OilyCadre says:

    Great video. I’m still trying to get those first 4000 watch hours.

  6. Guy Bisuku says:

    Thanks Pat…
    Good to know that this doesn't just happen to me… but even to the best of us!

  7. Justin Miller says:

    Super enlightening!

  8. Juan Ortega says:

    I think this video is great. Most of youtubers do not want to show their true selfs, they act, actually they are good actors, but i think that the more natural you are the better, if you are happy, you show it, if you are sad, you show that to, because that's the way life is, sometimes you're happy sometimes you're angry and that's the way you should do your videos, why give a fake impression.
    Thanks Pat, we all need more realism on youtube and less fakeness.

  9. Hector Garcia CPA says:

    Haha. Same as me.. LOL

  10. Dylan Wilson says:

    Dude. This could to start a new trend on YouTube. #Unedited

  11. Skyler Harrison says:

    I’ve always wanted someone to post something like this! Pat coming in clutch again!!

  12. Catherine Fairweather says:

    That was the best. The juggling was my favorite part. Really so helpful as I feel so awkward when I create content. I would have never thought that was what your uncut roll was like. I always think your production quality is super high and perfect.

  13. That Scam Show says:

    I love those captions! 🤣👌

  14. John O'Donovan says:

    Nicely done Paddy.

  15. Intentional Money MN says:

    Getting over myself has been the biggest thing holding me back with making my videos. I wanted everything perfect before I started, but it won't become perfect until after I start. I've begun the journey and realized anything is better than nothing. Now time to improve on what I've done so far.

  16. Nancy Valdez says:

    Funniest thing ever! Love it!

  17. JonesRandomKnowledge says:

    The best real uncut video I have seen scary but great that you didn't give up on this behind the scenes look at what it is like really to create. I too have made a video explaining this exactly too often the greater shows only what they want the public to see. For me I share and show who I really am. Messing up and all. Let's do this.

  18. Dayo Samuel says:

    This was so fun to watch, Pat. Quick question: do you now edit your videos yourself?

  19. Curt Chandler says:

    Keepin' it real Pat. Love it! Keep up the good work!

  20. Beyond The Guitar says:

    Holy crap I love this so much. This alone sold me on you for life, Mr. Flynn. Thanks for being so real. I relate to this soooo hard 😅

  21. Nick's Web Dev says:

    This is why I listen to your podcast, follow you around the interweb and subscribe to your youtube. You always put out great content man. Absolutely love this and I know everyone else will as well, because it's DIFFERENT and you don't care what people think. Lol. This is GOLD man. Keep up the great work!

  22. Nick's Web Dev says:

    Oh, and the ending? Legendary. Lol.

  23. Explainer Videos says:

    You see he’s not a machine! He’s a man !!
    (Rockys trainers voice)

  24. Poui Designs says:

    This is the funniest video I've watched in a long time. GO Pat!

  25. Josh Martinez says:

    This was awesome!!!

  26. Tia Hwang says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing 🤣

  27. Financial Freedom Style says:

    Thank you for sharing this Pat! This is a very helpful video to remind the perfectionists like myself who tend to spend way to much time on planning, even on getting the script and the outline ready first before moving onto the filming and postproduction parts. Great reminder for me to just take imperfect actions.

  28. Jerónimo Visñovezky says:

    Excellent mate, this looks a lot like how my brain works when I want to record and since I want to do audio there is even an "effect" in audacity that will just "truncate silence" and make it seem you were talking all the time. After watching this I will now give myself permission to use it more often.

  29. Derryanne Hubbard says:

    LOVE this video!! I just found you a few weeks ago and I am loving your videos. I am in the early stages of making videos and constantly feel like everyone is getting this so much faster and better than I am. But I have come to the same conclusion as you…just get on camera and do it…edit it…and put it out there. So that is what I am doing….and I am really getting excited about it and looking for new topics. Thank you for sharing this video…it is VERY encouraging!!

  30. Sarah Jurina says:

    This was hysterical. I do a LOT of the same things when I record. I love to keep the bloopers for the end!

  31. The Door To Door Mastery Show w/ Paul Shakuri says:

    AhahhAha I’m a one take do it all type o guy. Showing this I’m like hmmmmm maybe the times I do make mistakes I should just edit like you did. Def not as many mistakes but I absolutely loved this video. Awesome having you on my podcast a while back brother ! Rock on ! Keep up the success !

  32. George Anderson says:

    This is the best video on YouTube ever. I sort of started a YouTube channel but I stopped halfway trying to think of contents to about .After watching your video I have some ideas to talk about. Thanks

  33. CreditFast says:

    That's pretty much how it goes for me. I am the jump cut queen. Somehow I can piece together something that works every time. Good to know that YouTubers can grow large channels by not being perfect.

  34. Arwa Ghrama says:

    Amazing video Pat.

  35. Stephanie Judice says:

    This was awesome! SERIOUSLY helped me SO much! I laughed out loud multiple times!

  36. Cool Gray Cats says:

    Pat, thanks for this video. Makes me excited to hit "record" and shoot some more of that fabulous C-Roll (Crap) footage. Inspiring stuff!!

  37. Baba Run Far says:

    Thank you, thank you!

  38. Jentry Petzold says:

    This. Was. Brilliant. THANK YOU!! I haven’t laughed (mostly at myself for doing the same stuff) that hard in a long while..! Very exposing and inspiring!! Thank you for all you do!

  39. Bradley Adventures and More says:

    This. Is. Incredible. So inspiring and it shows transparency, very encouraging. It frustrates me when I mess up, but this video is an encouragement that it’s ok to mess up. Subbed!!!

  40. Christopher Smith says:

    Thank you for showing this. I get so distracted so easily. Knowing how professional your videos and your podcasts come across, it's very reassuring to see that things behind the scenes aren't always the polished product up front.

  41. Caleb Wheeler says:

    I needed to see this. Thank you!

  42. TLY RIDER says:

    You are the best i can relate to this completely, this is exactly what I go through in my recordings.. and the 10 minute recording take 10 hours to edit and clean up.

  43. Sarah Bernardina Borja says:

    Super relate.. 😂 so happy you made a video like this, it becomes very authentic if you did things like these. Started with the same and keep on fixing my camera every take but as soon as I learned about just shoot, let the editing do the work I've been like this. Thanks Pat for always inspiring us to provide value at the same time showing all the works behind it.

  44. Free Spirit says:

    The thing holding me back are all the cameras I need set at different angles; and how do I edit from those several different cameras. Am technically challenged.

  45. Constantin Grund says:

    This is crazy! Thank you for those insights

  46. Iain Lowe says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Pat! The sincerity of this video truly makes it one in a million especially coming from somebody like you who has been so active in podcasting and on YouTube.

    This is one of the most inspiring, comforting and relatable videos I’ve seen in a while.


  47. S Steele says:

    How much does editing cost generally?

  48. Khairul Ariffin says:

    Wow thank you so much for posting this Pat! I admire your courage to dare to be vulnerable and sharing this.. I’m glad to know that this means we’re all normal and there’s nothing wrong with messing up on my videos when I record..

  49. Jesús Gireaud says:

    So inspiring, so revealingly!!! Thank you so much for this.

  50. Raymond Chatwin says:

    I'm so glad to see these people I look up to are human too.

  51. Raymond Chatwin says:

    I'm so proud of you. Don't be ashamed of doing whatever it takes even when it makes you uncomfortable.

  52. Frank Mendoza says:

    Pure Genius! This video is the very reason you have SUPERFANS! Always raw, real and helpful even at the risk of exposing yourself. #teamflynn #4theWin

  53. Atul Tilkaan says:

    This is real gem Pat Flynn. We all can relate to it. Just a question. Do you write full script for the video or you just memorize all of that?? If you write.. have made a video about it. I just wanted to see the full process.. Anyway thanks for putting it out. Really enjoyed watching it.

  54. Robin C says:

    Hesitation is one of the big killer for me. Seriously this video is game changing. i am gonna watch it whenever i dont want to be in front o the camera. definitely the best video of Pat Flynn 🙂 Thanks Pat. You are amazing. Stay awesome 🙂

  55. JonoCloud says:

    Man thanks for this! Really helping me atm while working through first time putting together a video!

  56. Travis Haines says:

    Pat: "I'm gonna be awkward to help you".
    Me: "Wow. That actually helped. A lot…"

    Thanks Pat for being genuine.

  57. DommiesBlessed says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Pat! Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and sharing with us. Preciate it!

  58. Ahmed Al Ahmed says:

    Awesoooooome. That really explains a lot.

  59. Immersive Sports Science says:

    when you realise his unedited self was a lot better than your edited videos.

  60. The Transplant Helper says:

    This was totally awesome. I’ve been a public speaker for 18 years and a YouTuber for the last 3. I generally keep trying until I get my videos in one smooth take with no edits. I make plenty of mistakes and start over time and time again. You validated how great a video can been even if you only get one line at a time and edit properly. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all.

  61. Emilia Gardner says:

    Lol I record a lot like this too

  62. Carmen Sanchez says:

    Wow! This is inspiring! Thanks for your transparency

  63. Creative Coach says:

    this was great to watch! this serves as a good reminder that people need to just put out content, it will always improve over time!

  64. Summit For Wellness says:

    This was seriously one of the best behind the scenes to watch. Even doing intros/outros for my podcast my brain freezes and I have to spend time processing what I want to say. Then I started just writing out an outlined script and read from it (without sounding like a robot). But every time I think about doing video, it seems exhausting because of how many times I would stop to think. It's great to see that even the most polished people run into the same issues!

  65. Financial Freedom Safari says:

    🤣 😅 Exactly how I record my videos!!! But, you’re waay funnier 😂

  66. Ted Cragg says:

    This is fascinating, thanks.

  67. LarthMedia says:

    I’ve only got two atr-2100’s, not quite enough to juggle with…yet

  68. Devil King says:

    Thanks so very much Pat! This one is amazing. Really like this kind of content. 100% Genuine!

  69. Engenharia Reversa says:

    You're way better than me, anyway, congrats! 😂

  70. Robert DeLeon says:

    Great video. Just what I needed to see.

  71. Fox Run Environmental Education Center says:

    Haha! I push record and turn into instant dork! Or maybe the real me comes through 🙂 thanks – that was not only hysterically funny but very inspirational. I am going to make a video!

  72. Ankush Choubey says:

    This was the best video I have seen in a while. I had performance anxiety looking at other people's finished products. Every time I learn about what happens behind the scenes I realize that everyone is the same. Even people I aspire to be like. I just need to finish what I start. Thank you!

  73. Praveen Malik says:

    Motivational and moral boosting. Roll the 📷 👍

  74. Nick Nyxson says:

    100% me 😀 Love thoughts in captions 😀 😀

  75. Rosie says:

    This was awesome.

  76. EMERGENCE says:

    Thank you very much for this video. I am encouraged and hopefully will start soon !

  77. Pen Stock says:

    I thought, I am the only one, who looks ridiculous without editing.

  78. Carolien ten Brink says:

    LOL 😉 🙂

  79. Dustin Wheat says:

    thank you so much for doing this video. i want to use to so show my wife that i think we can work through mistakes to get something going.

  80. simona matache says:

    Hi Pat! Great video! Indeed inspiring and genuine. I've been watching your videos for a while now, but this one became my favorite. I've just started blogging and it can be intimidating sometimes especially when you have no idea what you're doing and you need to figure things out. It's great to see how things are done. Thank you!

  81. Fearless Dreams says:

    This is me every single time I sit in front of the camera 😀 I even challenged myself to do once a week a "one take" video just to be as natural as possible. No scripts, no editing, just pure me and my thoughts that people can relate to.

  82. Santosh Biswal says:

    audience retention on this video will be sub-par 🤣🤣

  83. Ian Knowland says:

    This is the most timely, mind-ready videos you’ve ever done for me, man. Thank you.

  84. Vanroc ElfWarrior says:

    Nah, this is not akward, what you are doing are some test, and doing amazing by the way. This is something pretty usefull for us to see the process of the video before it's done, and It's great.

    Thanks for sharing this with 🙂

    Edit:… Then, you win 😉

  85. Ameriachi I am says:

    This is what those afraid to jump in the water need to know and see. Exceptional idea to put something like this out. Thanks Pat!

  86. WasabiNoise says:

    Thanks for sharing. I do the same thing with my mouth, change lines on the way in my mind while staring into the camera, etc.. Actually, I'm recording a video right now and I just watched a Peter McKinnon video to get inspired but I can't be like him, it inspires me, but I can't be that "cool" on camera. Anyways, thanks!

  87. Den Den Mushi says:

    I just love this! Love the work of Pat!

  88. Jason McCleery says:

    More of these please!

  89. Yummy Inspirations says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, this is brilliant and so inspiring.

  90. Team Foote Real Estate says:

    This is amazing Pat. I have a lot of unedited footage like this that is just sitting around. No more… onward! Also — I laughed so hard during this video. Your captions were so hilarious and so real. Thanks for the inspiration, the good laugh and for being authentic.

  91. Harty Hotel says:

    My very first videos were exactly like this and I thought I was doing something wrong based on how easy others made it look. Now I spend an entire day in preproduction to craft every moment and rehearse my thoughts, and recording takes so much less time. Editing is a breeze too.

  92. Experiment Nation says:

    I rarely like videos ….but I liked this one

  93. Living Intentional says:

    Dude you're the real champ! This was so inspiring! I did the same thing this year. Just said screw it and started. Thank you for sharing this. Do you still use the Audio Technica Mic? How do you make it sound so good when it's far away from you?

  94. Pablo A Garcia says:

    Thank you for making this video! I almost never leave a comment, but this one video has been incredibly helpful. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

  95. Steve Crewe says:

    I've been putting off starting my channel for over a year, fearful of what to say…. and who am I to teach others. I committed at Chris Duckers summit, to get my first video out before the end of this month. Thanks for sharing this Pat. I'm scared to death but I just need to step up and get it done

  96. Patrick McCoy says:

    We are all human, even the super humans among us.

  97. Marie Smith says:

    😂🤣😂🤣 So funny! Thanks for sharing 🤗

  98. Paul Democritou says:

    This is me except i do longer takes and there is much… much swearing… sometimes throwing… sometimes breaking… usually simultaneously!

  99. I'm Simply A Dad says:

    Thanks Pat! Really nice to see the pros messing up or letting their minds wander while they're trying to record! Great video!

  100. Desk Life Bliss says:

    Wow hope this becomes a trend because this BTS video is so insightful! Thank you for being so authentic and real 🙌🏽

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