I LOVE MY BOOKSHELF (feat. Scout) **not clickbait**

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Hey! So my family recently moved and so we’re just
unpacking all the boxes which means…..where is it? I messed that up. Okay. New bookcase! New library! I get to redesign my bookcase library! Yeee! I’m just so excited. *funky music plays as Maddie unboxes all of
her books at hyper speed* So here are all of my books. I’m sorting it by color so white, black, brown,
gray, …whatever, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, and then the serieses are
all staying together because I couldn’t bare to separate them. So. Yeah. Let’s try to fit it into my bookshelf now! Yay! *more funky music as Maddie assembles her library* So those are my two bookcases. How do you organize your bookcases? Do you like how I organize mine? ‘Cause I like how I organize mine. Alright. Can’t stick around for too long, I’ve gotta
unpack everything else. Hey I got a bed this time! That was an improvement. So. Yay!
*end theme* Thank you for watching my video! If you enjoyed it, feel free to subscribe
for more like it. Oh I’m still filming. Duh.

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