I Have FINALLY Finished My Creative E-Book! Wanna Copy? – Teaching News Too!

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hey creatives I finished my book yeah okay so I’m a little excited about it! so I have been writing this book and I
think I gave you a little bit of a shout outs about it a couple of weeks ago last
week I mean you might have been wondering why I’ve been doing a lot of
speedpaint videos on YouTube recently and not been
doing so I haven’t had as much time to do any voiceovers so I’ve been going
through some process speedpaints and it’s because I’ve had a lot of other
projects that I haven’t going to tell you about yet until now I can tell you
about them and one of the projects that I involved in is I’m actually going to
be one of the teachers on life book 2020 next year I will be telling you a lot
more about that but get in your calendar the 16th of September because you’re
going to want to join in on the summit the pre life book summit and it’s a
creativity and well-being summit and it’s completely free and it introduces
you to all of the teachers including me but today what I wanted to tell you
about today was more about my book and how you can get a copy of it so I’ve
actually been wanting to write a book for a while now and it’s been in the
back of my mind you know in one of those projects that have been sitting there on
the backburner and I’ve just haven’t been focused on it and then with life
book coming up but it really sort of like focused my mind so I thought this
is the time to get it out and the idea behind this book is that it’s just full
of exercises creative exercises there’s lots of tips there’s some overthinking
busting exercises and tips in here and the whole point is to get you creating
fearlessly and just playing really because I really believe that I love art
play I think art play is really really valuable to us all and it helps in you
know pretty much any kind of art you do but it also helps us as well to unwind
and de-stress and all of those things so that’s really what the aim of this book
is so it has got it’s got quite a few
exercises let me see it’s got I think it’s 11 exercises 10 are new, that you
wont have seen before and one of them is actually my envelope template and
exercise that I did a while back that you can actually pick up on my youtube
but there’s links in the book as well it also has templates it has like ideas
on how to go further with some of the exercises oh it’s just full of stuff is
even got a coloring page oh I was pretty pleased about the coloring page I see
and you know what I’m gonna do the coloring page myself I haven’t done it
yet but I really really want to do it I really hope that you just have a lot of
fun with it and just really play and I hope you know it’s there for you when
you need that little sort of kick starter to get you creating but your
maybe your you know your attention is to split and you’re not exactly sure what
to do or concentrate on and you can literally open any one of these
exercises and you’ve got something there to focus on that it’s going to get you
over that hump and into creating. I’ve said in the book you know you can pretty much use any
of these exercises as warm-up exercises or you can use them as standalone
projects in their own right and you can sort of like add to them and extend them
and just you know play with them do something bigger with them and you can
work through the book or you could just dip in and out and some of the exercises
I’ve actually stepped out for you so you can follow the steps one by one and then
other ones they’re more suggestions of things that you can do and sort of some
questions that you can ask yourself while you’re working and things like
that so just help you to guide you through some of the work that you might
want to do so yeah have a lot of fun with it and you can I’ve printed mine
out double-sided but you could always just print out one or two the exercises
or of course you can just have it on your tablet or whatever device you like
to use whilst you’re creating if you do any of the exercises in the book or that
have been inspired by the book I’m absolutely love to see the results so
just tag me on any of your social media shares and also you can use the hashtag
#KimDellowgetcreating I put it on the screen somewhere and enjoy playing
and have some arty fun with it okay so the important part how do you get your
hands on this book well it’s actually free I it’s fun thing I wanted to do as
a giveaway for my newsletter so you sign up to my newsletter and then once you’ve
gone through the process you will get a link to download the book I’m going to
put a link to where you can sign up to my newsletter in the description below
but YouTube doesn’t like it when people sort of go off YouTube so could you do
me a massive favor could you also share this video with other people you think
would enjoy a book like this and who would get to something out of it and
find it valuable that would be amazing so thank you very much and also you know
the usual sort of thumbs up and things that that would be great so yeah go and
get your book and I will I can’t wait to see what you’re going to create with it
have great fun creating this week and I’ll catch you later bye

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