I Forgot My Kindle Fire Password!


I forgot my Kindle Fire password! What can
I do? If you are talking about the lock screen password,
or if you’ve forgotten the pin for your Kindle Fire, you have to reset it. Reboot it? Rebooting only works if the problem is a touch
screen glitch where it can’t read what you type right. No, I forgot the password for my Kindle Fire. I mean reset it by swiping from the right
side of the screen, entering your password or PIN wrong five times to get to the reset
option, then select reset to restore to factory defaults. I lose all my data. Not what you have saved to the cloud and paid
content tied to your account, you don’t. It deletes anything that is downloaded to
it. At least you can access everything that’s
in the cloud by connecting wirelessly and running through the registration process again. I know you’d register it by going to home,
more, my account, register. You’ll be able to enter your account information
to register it if you have an account already. If you don’t have one, you can create a new
account. I have an account. I just can’t log in with
it. Remember that for security reasons, you shouldn’t
have the lock screen or pin set to your Amazon account password. So if the lock screen password
is A and Amazon’s is B and you entered B a couple times, you’ll get the reset screen. What do you do if you forgot the Amazon account
password? Go to the Amazon website, confirm all the
account information you can. Like this is my email address to log in and
my address. Then click on forgot your password. You’ll
have several steps at that point, including a captcha. They do that to make it harder for someone
to change a password with an automated script. Then you’ll have an email sent to the email
address for your account. I used a phone number to set up my account. Then they’ll send you a text message with
instructions to create the new password. After you’ve created that, you can log in with it
to Amazon. But the Kindle Fire is the problem. Then after you reset the Amazon password you
forgot and reset the device, you can re-register the Kindle to the new Amazon account password
and select a new Kindle Fire device password. Assuming it all connects. If you changed your network wi-fi password
and didn’t update the Kindle’s settings, you’ll get prompted for that when it first tries
to reconnect to the network after the restore to factory defaults. And if the wi-fi can’t connect, I know rebooting
the router may help. And if you’re changing all the passwords without
writing them down or remembering them, there’s not much else I can do to help. There’s not much else Amazon tech support
could do either. They’d be happy to sell you a new router or
Kindle Fire. But if the Kindle can’t connect to the internet with the right info or take
in your password inputs properly, you’ll want to log in via a computer and request service.

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