Hi friends! It’s Sasha and today we’ll be
reading I Can Handle Special Occasions! by Laurie Wright. Let’s begin! My name is
Sebastien and I can handle special occasions!
I am so impatient when I have to wait for a special day! Can I handle it? I can
try to keep busy. I can pass the time playing with my little sister. I can help
my mom with her to-do list. I can handle waiting! I get worried when it’s time for
summer holidays. I can handle it though. I can keep in touch with my school
friends. I can have fun with my family. I can sleep in every morning. I can handle
summer holidays! I get nervous when there are events with loud noises. Can I handle
it? I can wear my special loud noise protection suit. I can stick with my best
friend so I can feel safe. I can wear earmuffs
so the loud noise doesn’t bother me. I can handle loud noises! I feel
overwhelmed when there is a celebration and lots of people come for dinner. How
do I handle it? I can go to my room when I need a break.
I can tell my mom how I feel so she’ll help me. I can take deep
breaths to calm down. I can handle celebrations with lots of
people! I feel jealous when my sister gets presents. I’m not sure how to handle
that. I can try to be happy for her. I can remember when it’ll be my turn to get
presents. I can ask to help her open her presents
I can handle presents. I feel stressed out when I have to eat food I’m not used
to at someone else’s house! How do I handle it? I can start with the food I’m used to. I
can ask for some ketchup. I can try a little of everything, just to see if I
like it. I can handle new food! I feel concerned that I won’t have
enough money to buy presents for my family at holiday time. How do I handle
that? I can ask to do some chores to earn money. I can shop at the dollar store.
I can make presents instead of buying them. I can handle it. I feel anxious when
it’s a holiday and I will miss my teacher. Can I handle it? I can draw a
picture of her and look at it sometimes. I can distract myself by playing fun
games. I can count the days until I see her again, so it doesn’t seem so long. I
can handle missing my teacher! I feel scared when I see people dressed
up in scary costumes. Can I handle it though? I can make sure to stay close to
an adult. I can wear x-ray goggles so I know who is wearing the costumes.
I can wear my bravest costume so I know I’ll be safe. I can handle costumes! I feel lonely what my parents are
distracted during busy holiday times. I think I can handle it.
I can stand close to mom or dad until they aren’t busy. I can wait patiently
until they aren’t so busy. I can tell them how I feel and get a hug. I can
handle it when my parents are distracted. I feel tired when I’m stayed up too late
at a party. Can I handle it? I can have a nap even though I’m too old for naps. I
can try to do quiet things alone. I can go to bed early to catch up on sleep. I
can handle being tired. I’m sad when people I love are gone or far away. How
will I handle it? I can share how I feel with people close to me. I can write a
letter to the person I am missing. I can do something meaningful to keep them in
my thoughts. I can handle missing loved ones. I’m all mixed up when my routine is
different during a holiday. Can I handle it? I can walk backward to see things in
a different way. I can go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine in the outdoors, to
help me feel calm. I can know for sure that my routine will get back to normal
soon! I can handle a different routine. Sometimes during special occasions
I feel impatient, worried, nervous, overwhelmed, tired, scared, lonely, anxious,
stressed out, jealous, concerned or sad. But I can handle it
I can handle special occasions! And that was I Can Handle Special Occasions! by
Laurie Wright. Now it’s Sticker Time and today’s sticker is… Way To Go! Thanks for joining
me today. I had so much fun! If you liked this story, give it a thumbs up and hit
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    This is great for kids (even older ones) that have autism spectrum disorder! Great read! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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