I Bought Some Old Sex Books! | Hannah Witton


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36 thoughts on “I Bought Some Old Sex Books! | Hannah Witton”

  1. Zachary Becker says:

    Old books fascinate me for the same reasons. I think you can read it with someone else as long as you both go in having a clear idea that you both know its pretty wrong and dumb. It's like reading an ancient text. You get a lot of baggage, whether its racism from the early 1900s or cultural superiority in ancient roman authors or anything in between. It can still be educational even if it is just to show where certain ways of thinking came from. I think that is important to know, if people have the energy for it.

  2. Andy Hartley says:

    Since you mentioned the woman doing a (naked) bridge being a case of severe hysteria, I thought you'd like to know (as if you didn't already) that it's thought that some doctors prescribed manual stimulation (ie, masturbation) as a treatment, which was administered by themselves and not the patient. It's hypothesised (although disputed) that this led to the invention of the vibrator because of the time consuming nature of the task for the doctors. (Guarantee YouTube are going to hide this comment from public view with all those naughty words, but worth it all the same).

    Also, how you managed to say so much in 5 seconds of silence is incredible.

  3. Robert Menzies says:

    Fetish 101 added to new book shopping list 😉

  4. Admir Barucija says:

    Can’t wait to hear your book suggestions, I hope you’re having an amazing day Hannah!! ❤️

  5. David Parkinson says:

    Would you ever be embarrassed going to the counter to buy these books especially if it's a cute girl lol

  6. David Parkinson says:

    Wow that big book would take me years to read

  7. pile333 says:

    Second hand? Pun intended? 😄

  8. David Parkinson says:

    Why are there comments from 22hours ago

  9. Antea says:

    I'm not sure if this will help with the podcast not offending people, but you could always pair up with / feature people of color?

  10. Liz C says:

    Great haul Hannah! I must admit though, I was fascinated by your earrings the whole video – where are they from??

  11. Verity147 says:

    Hannah, really…. "the in's and out's of sex". Really? Don't tell me that wasn't on purpose 😀

  12. Alex says:

    With the 800 page book, I would read one section at a time (maybe the most interesting ones to me) and dip in and out of it throughout the next year

  13. Lizzie Hodges says:

    WHERE are your earrings from?!

  14. Michelle Buckingham says:

    I have always coveted an erotica book section on my shelves! Might be my new years resolution right there!

  15. Martin Decamerone says:

    I am a man, so I don’t read it, but I hope u have fun:)

  16. JKr says:

    The guy in the ad said that he's got a 9 to 5 job working 70h a week… Now, should I feel sorry for him or envious that his week is at least 9 days long, 11 days if he's got a weekend?

  17. rosie rose says:

    I volunteer in the book section of my local Oxfam shop and we recently had a STACK of erotic non fiction books donated (in the same donation, so from one person) and we spent soooo long wondering if we were technically allowed to sell them😂 we decided that if we just put them very high up away from children then we couldn't be faulted but the manager hasn't quite had the courage to put them out in store yet…

  18. Benjamin Josselin says:

    Im in love with u hannah 😍

  19. Kathryn Flood says:

    Do a Banging Book Club special for the 30s book, do a chapter each time – you lot are always very considerate about the subjects and hearing the 3 of you tear apart literature that causes breath intake through teeth would be well worth it

  20. Rodie Rooster says:

    U da best

  21. Barry Pate says:

    Love the video x always so varied x keep up the great work x

  22. mysteriiis says:

    Yes! Give us the podcast!

  23. Ameerah AlGohary says:

    The Earrings 😍

  24. mj28 says:

    Hannah!! Do you ever read erotic books that aren't nonfiction? erotica, romance novels, etc.? I'm curious! I feel like it fits into your interests a lot but you see like primarily a nonfiction person

  25. Zophosphoros says:

    Ah so you've listened to My Dad Wrote a Porno too… great series xD

  26. Ameerah AlGohary says:

    Please please do a series or a podcast about the encyclopedia of sex practice.

  27. Daisy S says:

    lool i literally just got one of my flatmates some erotic books from a charity shop ! ! plus a cowboy hat hehe

  28. Eep Umm says:

    Yes definitely miss the banging book club podcast. Keep on going with podcasts I say

  29. ErinMcLeod-- says:

    Would love to listen to a podcast covering that book!

  30. thinking_about_figures says:

    You randomly selected numbers from Fetish 101. But you didn’t look at the obvious one. What is number 69?

  31. Jessie Writes says:

    You should get the book “the guide to getting it on” it’s huge but so fun to read

  32. Julie Gurley says:

    I'm a 75 year old lady and I love books – I have a house full of books – and I read constantly when I'm not watching YouTube.

  33. Julie Gurley says:

    You left me smiling and loving.

  34. Cassia says:

    omg so frustrating having to censor everything for youtube

  35. lilithfairxo says:

    Totally joyful. I love your unbridled (lol) enthusiasm.

  36. Rach says:

    Kama (humanly interpersonal love) is important to Hinduism.

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