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It was a good experience to listen to the stories of the human books tonight because they were talking about very personal things and things you normally don’t hear from your friends for example a very special person from Denmark who told a very funny story someone who came as a refugee to Switzerland It’s nice if the people take their time to talk to you it’s a very good form of interaction that you can ask questions directly My name is Marie-Joelle Boussengue I come from Wynigen in the district of Emmental My book topic is “foreign locals” because as you can see, I have foreign rooots but I grew up in Switzerland and therefore was always confronted somehow with prejudice My book is called “rock ‘n’ roll through life” because when I was 16 years old I had a sport accident and since then I had to fight obstacles as a tetraplegic [PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE] I have a long story of drug abuse I was infected by HIV by syringes I’m HIV positive since 20 years and that’s my book story I like this project it’s closer to reality than reading a book by Christiane F. called “My Second Life” than if someone is in front of me and tells me his stories face to face. I would take part in another human libray project anytime again I think it’s interesting if people are curious and they enjoy it as well Yes, I would particiapte again To hear a personal story directly involves you much more and makes you more conscious and probably let you question your prejudices

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2 thoughts on “Human Library Project”

  1. Rohit Bhosale says:

    This is a fabulous Project. How do I get involved in this? Is there any chapter running in London? Would you please share the contact details?

  2. Graham Tritt says:

    In Fribourg and in Berne, Switzerland. See

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