Huge Book UNhaul (60+ books!) || 2017


hi Booktube today is going to be my
first unhaul of books video that was the wrong order of words, let’s try that again.
today I’m going to share my first book unhaul video. I’m not unhauling books
for the first time I actually unhauling books very regularly I do that at least
once a year because once a year my library has the huge books here where
they accept any kind of book donation I love that because every penny they make
they’re investing in new library books. that works out perfectly because I
love using my library. all of the books I’m showing you today will be gone when
this video is uploaded. also just quickly say don’t be offended because I gave
away any of your favorite books most of the books are getting rid of I actually
really enjoyed, but I cannot longer read them because they’re in the mass-market
paperback size and when I started to read English books 15 years ago I could
read those most market paperbacks without problem and I got them and love
them and enjoy them and I really actually like the format. I think it’s a
really wonderful format. But they have incredibly small font. I can no longer
read that font in a comfortable way. I have had problems with my eyes for
basically the entire year. They are just acting up in the worst way. I have
reading glasses, but it’s just… I cannot read those books anymore because the
font is too small for me to enjoy reading those books. So instead of
torturing myself and hurting my eyes even more I just decided that I don’t
need to keep books on my shelves that I know I will not feel comfortable reading.
All of my mass market paperbacks, which I have a lot, I know that I read all the
books I’m getting rid of today. Some of them I loved some of them I’m really sad
to see go. But if I can’t reread them in the format I own them in, what is the
purpose of keeping them on my shelf. You know? So before I get into them I also
wanted to quickly say I will not be giving synopsis to any of the books. I
will quickly tell you if I enjoyed them or if I’m not sad to see them go but
that is it. because I have a huge stack of books as you saw in the thumbnail
of this video. let’s just get into it. the first one I have is beautiful ruins by
Jess Walters which was quick easy fun read then. I have Magic Hour by kirstin
Hannah was also quick and fun. PS I love you by a Cecelia Ahern. I
have no idea how to say last name. Which I actually enjoyed the film more than the
book which is interesting. Than I have Bet me by Jennifer Crusie, which is… I bought this
because I love her a “manhunting” book but this one was just not for me. tell me
lies but Jennifer Crusie. which once again is one of those books that I thought I
will enjoy because I loved one of her books but this was not for me either.
so probably she is a one-hit wonder for me. Then I have to Rachel Gibson book one
is I’m no fool for love and one is tangled up in you. which were entertaining reads.
then I have seduced me Carly Phillips which was pretty stupid. Just say, not that
any of those books are not pretty stupid to begin with, but anyways… Than i have He loves Lucy by Susan Donovan which was fun. see Jane score by Rachel Gibson that was
fun as well. the kept woman also by Susan Donovan. this was about a kept
woman so yeah take from that what you will. So while editing this I noticed four more
books I’m going to get rid off. I decided to add them on instead of just getting
rid of them and that is the Bronze Horseman by a Paulina Simons. I just
didn’t enjoy this book I don’t need it on my shelf because it is pretty big.
also get rid of the small mass market paperbacks of Janet Evanovich
the first three in the Stephanie Plum novel
series. even though I really enjoyed all three of them there are mass market so I
overlooked them when I gathered up all my other small mass- markets and back to the
original video. moving on to a bit more substantial
books. I have the invention of wings by sue monk kidd which I’ve really enjoyed
and highly recommend. the signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert. which
I’m not a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn’t really love this book
either by her so I just decided she’s not an author for me. we are all
completely besides ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler which was a pretty great
book. the lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri. not sure if I pronounced that
correctly but that was a good book as well. the longbourn by Jo Baker which I
will be missing on my shelf. Then I have the story of edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski. that was a great book as well. then I have the Night Circus by Erin
Morgenstern and if you look right there. I already own that in a better size for
me about I got secondhand and that is so much better for me. so that one can go
because I don’t need two of them. then I have the circle by Dave Eggers which was
a great book and I’m going to reread but I cannot in that size so I have to see
where I can get my hands on reread for that because I want to watch the movie.
the mermaids singing by Val McDermid which was also a good book if you enjoy
crime book between other books. a most wanted man by john le carré and that was
pretty good as well. even if it has the ugly movie cover. the art of racing in
the rain by Garth Stein which was heartbreakingly beautiful. if you have a
dog I would not recommend this. if you’re somebody that loves animals, this will
break your heart but it’s a beautiful read. so decide for yourself if you want
your heart broken and want to enjoy a beautiful read or if you prefer to stay
away from that kind of read. then I have the dark road by ma Jian and this was
beautiful and if you’re into the Chinese culture and how they just live on a
daily basis, highly recommend. the song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
which I love. I have the Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and both of them really enjoyed. and then I have… I Know Why the Caged
Bird Sings by Maya Angelou this was beautiful as well. the one I didn’t
really… I’m not really sad about seeing go is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
close by Jonathan Safran Foer. this one was okay but I didn’t really love it I didn’t get
the hype about this book because for me it was just a book about a kid that is
going around New York after 9/11 unsupervised and how stupid is that. so
yeah I couldn’t get over that sorry. to kill Mockingbird by Harper Lee which is
just not one of my favorite books. and then I hope
Life of Pi or Pi never sure how you say it in English by Yann Mantel and that one I actually got last year. last year or the year
before in the library sale. it’s perfect time to give it back. so… then the three
books I’m really a most pathetically sad about seeing go. because I love them
and I’m so sad that I’m getting rid of those three books and not own
replacements yet. so I will just have to get over not owning them. right now,
because I can’t read them anyways in this format and that is Ayn Rand’s we the
living, Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead. all of them I love all of them are
highly highly recommend and all of them got to go. Pillars of the earth by Ken
Follett which I’ve really enjoyed actually. that’s you know big book and
particularly small font because mass market paperbacks enjoy putting huge
books in especially small font. The glass castle by Jeannette Walls which I want
to rebuy it because this was beautiful. and the last one of the mass-market
paperbacks which I am not at all sad to see go, and that is think big by Trump.
Those were actually all of the mass market paperbacks I’m getting rid of. So let
me just take those out of the frame and then show you the other books. the first
one is the passage by Justin Cronin I read this. I think it was my own fault why
I didn’t really enjoy this book because I read the stand by Stephen King which
I really love and this book really reminded me of that. so I finished the
Stand, read one other book and then picked up this and that was just the wrong
timing. I got this for really cheap and this is a huge book. so why would I keep
it if I didn’t really enjoy it and my library actually has that book so if I
want to reread it I can get it from them. one I was really disappointed by and
that is the monuments men by Robert M Edsel the movie is pretty great and it is
actually if the movie cover so you can see the actors that played a part in
that movie. and it is a nonfiction book about the American monuments man that
came to Europe to save the art that was in danger of being destroyed in the
world 2. they concept of the book is beautiful but the author
didn’t do a good job. so I don’t need that because it was disappointing to
read. now moving on to YA books i read and didn’t love and just that is shatter me
by Tahereh Mafi. which was okay but… the second summer of the sisterhood
by Ann Brashares. I enjoyed this when I read this. bright young things by Anna Godbersen. Not sure how to say her name! And I have the first and the fourth book in a series
actually we read two and three as a free e copy so I don’t want them in paperback
so why would I need these two when I don’t own the entire series and that is The Luxe and splendor of those were okay and entertaining but nothing especially
special so I don’t need those anymore. see a theme here? then three books I also
got on my library sale and that is stolen by Lucy Christopher which was
good but it was also one of those books that I don’t need to reread. and I have
the movie cover of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and this
was good. and then I have transparent by Natalie Wooper
which was okay but not great. breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu which was okay but nothing
world changing for me. then I have water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen which was
a disappointing read for me and the know it all by AJ Jacobs which was
interesting but nothing I need to re-read. then I have two classics and that
is John Steinbeck’s the Red Pony it’s a very strange book. I didn’t enjoy it. I
think John Steinbeck writes better than I don’t think that you should judge
John Steinbeck on this book because this book is not why he is a loved
author. Enough said. and then I have my last classic and my last English book. And that is
love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. this was a book I read
with in my school and I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I wouldn’t
have had to read it for school. I didn’t enjoy it so goodbye. and then the last
pretty big stack of books I have are my German books I’m getting rid of
so I try to look up the english titles for them and that is the worst case
by James Patterson. Stephen King’s insomnia. I’m getting rid of that
because I actually own the English version of this book now. then I have
child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. is that the right title I just gave? I just decided
that that would be what it was called. it is right! yay! this is the dirty job by
Christopher Moore this book is years old and I enjoyed it when I read it but I
recently found out that this is part of a series and I don’t plan to read that
and I don’t plan to reread this so let’s just ignore that I read that and let’s
just not make myself more uncomfortable by owning it and giving myself feeling
that I should be reading the entire thing because it was entertaining but
nothing I really loved and that I have blood angel by Justine Wilson which is I
can’t really remember a huge amount about this I enjoyed it when I read. it
and the last book I have to show you is the burning wire by Jeffrey
Deaver and that is a pretty chunky thriller that was entertaining when I read it
but I got it very use looking from my library sale last year so it is time to for it
go back. those were all the books for the actually the second haul I’m giving
there I already get rid of quite a few children’s books I kept for years but
now just decided a chunk of them has to go I’m not showing those because they’re
all in German they are not translated so I don’t need to show those to you I hope
you guys enjoyed this video if you did please feel free to give it a thumbs up
and maybe subscribe to my channel please let’s chat in the comments about if I
get rid of any books that you think I should give a second chance to because
as I said I read all of them already let’s just talk about unhauling books
do you do it regularly how do you do it you sell them somewhere or you’re just
donating them as I’m doing to my local library or what are you doing with books
you no longer want to keep let me know in the comments let’s chat there I hope
you guys enjoyed this video and I hope to see you in my next one

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