HTML and CSS by Jon Ducket Book Review – Learn Front-End Development in 2019 | For beginners


Hey, welcome back. So, today we take a
look at “HTML and CSS: design and build beautiful websites” by John Duckett.
This is quite a big book. Actually, I was very surprised when I got it.
This book presents itself as the nicer way to learn about HTML and CSS. Now, you
might be thinking: “My boy, is this a good book if I want to learn HTML and CSS?”
Well, when you first open it, you start noticing that this book is
very interestingly laid out. Everything is very simply laid out. There are
diagrams and codes with examples for pretty much anything you wish to learn.
This page is on h1 to h6 the title tags. I really like how this book is laid out. I
am Not sure I’m the best person to tell you if this is the best way to learn
from a book HTML and CSS because when I got this, I was already a web developer. I
got this pretty much to complement my actual working knowledge and I used this
more as an encyclopedia (which it works very well as). Let’s say I was looking for
background color… well background color’s perhaps a little simple for our
example. All right, font formats. Now, this is more in depth. If I wanted to learn about font formats, I could have just typed it on Google (let’s just say that
the art of googling is one of your best assets and the best skill you can learn as
a developer), but still this book has a very easy to understand and has a very concise
page of on this. Concision is what I really want to focus on.
There is no unnecessary content. You get straight up what you need in just a few
paragraphs so you can really cut the time it
would take to normally search about it on Google. Granted, you still need to find it in
this book and this book does not cover everything, but there’s been at least
five examples in the last year of me just finding something useful in there.
I’m not saying that this is a game-changer and definitely we’re not
worth it for me for the $35 Canadian which is $29.99 US dollars. I don’t think
this was worth it for me. If you’re just trying to learn HTML and CSS, well this
is a good-looking book. It’s very well laid out and very simple. Everything you need
to learn about HTML seems to be there. HTML is pretty easy to understand so
I don’t think you will have trouble learning HTML from this book. For CSS it’s pretty much
the same thing. However, the thing is that for this price, you could get online
courses. There are very good courses on HTML and CSS. I would recommend you go
check especially the web developer boot camp by Colt Steele which would cost you
only 2/3 of the price of this book and you get exercises on top of it. The best
way to remember something is actually to do it. Not to read it. Not to memorize it.
Just think about school. In school, you learn about all this shit and after one
year of not using it, you just forget all of it. Think about your history classes.
How much of your history classes do you remember? Probably very fucking little.
And this is the same with all that you memorize and all that you read about. If you
don’t use it and if you don’t try everything that you read in this book, it’s just
gonna get out of your mind and you’re not gonna be able to use any of it very
effectively. Most of your understanding and most of your long term
knowledge will come from practice and what’s really good about the web
developer bootcamp (which is my recommendation to you that you should get instead of
this book) is that you get very good exercises which tests all the things
that you need to learn about HTML and CSS and these exercises are fun
very varied. You get to practice pretty much everything you
learn. One of them is even like some sort of keyboard musical instrument that
you program where you use your keyboard an input. You’ll be making some blogs
and some sample websites. Really, I can’t stress enough how
practicing this shit is important and the problem with this book is not that
it presents it very bad but I think that the book format is not the best way to
learn HTML and CSS. If you’re interested in getting your copy, you can
get it on Amazon. Links in the description. As I said, it’s not a bad
book. Definitely best for beginners not intermediates nor experts. Go on
udemy, get a HTML and CSS course (hopefully the one I’m recommending;
links in the description for that as well) and yeah I think that’s pretty much
it. Not a bad book but it’s not the best option for you out there according to me.
If you have books or online courses you want me to review, just write them in
the comments down below. If you have questions about anything about this book and
about online training as well, I encourage you to write them in the
comments. I’ll be very happy to respond as soon as I can. With that, thank
you again for watching. my name is Alec Gagner and I’ll see you soon!

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2 thoughts on “HTML and CSS by Jon Ducket Book Review – Learn Front-End Development in 2019 | For beginners”

  1. Anthony Capo says:

    This is supposedly one of the best books for html and css. It’s extremely old though.

  2. FOCV says:

    I'm new at this World of HTML, I already bougth this book on Amazon, it's gona arrive soom on this days, I saw it's old book but today still being a recomendation from profesionals, so I gonna start to learn whit this book

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