How WWE Booked Raw & SmackDown’s Survivor Series Fallout… | WrestleTalk’s WrestleSketch


VM: Hmmm… ‘meat castle’… surely there’s
a *heavy gulp* ‘gimmick’ there– SM: Maybe he could be a really tall castle
I jump off? VM: *quickly turns off music, struggling to
put the evidence away* “Gyah, uh, Shane! How long you been there? SM: Since last night! I can’t move! VM: Well go away. I’ve got Raw to book! SM: Was that why you were looking at Braun
Strowman’s Instagram? VM: Yeah. SM: And listening to sensual music? VM: That’s my thinking music, Shane. For when I think. *ENTER TRIPLE H, bursts through the door* HHH: VINCE… WHAT. THE. F- *SHANE interrupts* SM: Friend! It’s my best friend Triple H! HHH: We’re not friends, Shane. SM: Nope. We’re BEST friends! VM: Good to see ya again, Trips! How’s the busted titty? HHH: My pectoral muscle is recovering fine. But my – *coughs* – I mean, your – SmackDown
brand just got jobbed out. I leave you alone for a few weeks and you
make them lose six to one?! VM: You mean ‘six to none’! The Kickoff Match don’t count anymore. Raw was meant to win that too. HHH: THAT’S NOT ANY BETTER. SM: I wrote down the wrong result! HHH: *breathes in and out, trying to calm
himself down* It’s ok, we’ve still got Raw and Smackdown to do some course correction. We could use the 6-0 loss to turn Shane heel… SM: I’m the best in the world! HHH: …and *feels a sharp pain* OW! VM: Your titty hurting again, Trips? HHH: *through gritted teeth* Yeah. I’m still recovering… But we really need to figure out what’s
going on with Raw and Sma- VM: Hold that thought! I’ve got the perfect guy to numb that pain
and psych yourself up! HHH: Oh god… G: My *headbutting locker door sound* ears
*again* are *again* burning! Hey everybody, how’re ya doin’, my McMan! SM: Hello Mr. Goldberg, sir! G: “Well if it isn’t little ‘In-Shane
in the Membrane!’ Look how big you’ve gotten!” HHH: “Bill, he’s 48 years old…” G: “What’s wrong there, Kevin Nash? You look a little down in the dumps! Lucky for you, I got just the thing to perk
you up!” *Goldberg pulls out a locker door* VM: *whistles* “Now that’s a fine-lookin’
locker door!” G: “Damn right! This door is made from the purest 12 gauge
steel! The finest locker door on the market!” HHH: “Bill, I know you’re trying to help,
but we really need to get back to – *feels pain again* ARGH! OK, whatever gets this meeting going… *Triple H barely taps his head on it* G: “C’mon, Trips, you ain’t gonna get
anything from that little love tap! Hit it like you mean it!” *Goldberg and Vince proceed to start “hit
it” chants* HHH: Alright! *Triple H hits his head on the locker door* *moments pause* VM: Well did it work? HHH: …Did what work? G: The headbutt stuff. Did it psych you up? HHH: I don’t know, let me give it a go. *locker noise* VM: Well did it work? HHH: …Did what work? G: The headbutt stuff. Did it psych yo- HHH: Wait a second… I’m feeling something… I’ve got an idea! *hits head again* DEAN
engaging complexity of his heel turn! *Triple H takes another hit* HHH: RAW GETS ANOTHER HEEL GM! VM: I love it! *Triple H takes another hit* HHH: SHANE IGNORES THE SURVIVOR SERIES LOSS
AND INSTEAD HAS COMEDY SEGMENTS WITH THE MIZ ABOUT SHARING CUSTODY OVER A TROPHY! VM: You’re on a roll! *Triple H takes another hit* HHH: TAMINA! JUST… JUST TAMINA IN MORE SEGMENTS! VM: There’s no way it won’t get over! *video fades as he yells this, fade to black,
white text: “10 MINUTES LATER”* *fades back in, Triple H’s last hit, he
also sounds like he’s coming down from his high* HHH: The winner of Mixed Match Challenge main
events WrestleMania. VM: Done! HHH: And *out of breath* Drake Maverick…
*pant* steals Bobby Roode’s robe… *pant* shoves it in a toilet… *pant* and just…
pisses all over it… *Triple H falls down, tuckered out* G: Is he dead? ‘Cos I don’t need that kinda heat, Mac. VM: Ha! Don’t be a silly Billy! Trips is tuckered out! And he just booked the next 2 weeks of TV!

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  3. Adrian Denila says:

    hahahaha I miss this

  4. christina_21700 says:

    The whole Dean Ambrose germaphobe gimmick comes from his near death experience from MRSA. Unfortunately creative did a poor job of portraying that. What I would have done would have Dean in the doctor’s office discussing that and how his elbow is doing, meanwhile blaming Seth (who’s watching in the ring) for the whole thing. 1. It gives an inside look of why Dean is a germaphobe now. 2. It shows why Dean turned on Seth to begin with. Creative needs to just let this feud write itself, Dean & Seth have great chemistry so honestly not a whole lot needs to be put into it because those two are that good working with each other.

  5. The one that was here before you :P says:

    How I have miss the best segment of wrestletalk!!!! more of this and less of the other segments.

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