How WWE Booked Kurt Angle’s Illegitimate Son… | WrestleSketch


HHH: We’ve been teasing this Kurt Angle
mystery for months, and now’s the time for the reveal. VINCE: Are you ready? Get it? HHH: Yes. VINCE: That’s your line! HHH: That’s my line. Vince: HA. Kurt’s sleeping with Stephanie. HHH: What? VINCE: Angle’s having an affair with your
wife. Just in storyline for now. But you know how these things go! Hey Matt, what’s up? MATT: I’m DELIGHTFUL, MeekMahon. Gonna jump off a ladder. Team Xtreme, dude! VINCE: Weird guy. HHH: I don’t think that’s the right creative
direction. VINCE: McMahon family drama, love, revenge,
incest – it’s got everything! HHH: I think we should do lite-Wait, did you
just say inces-? VINCE: Alright hotshot – what have you got? HHH: Erm…we do a…err…illegitimate son
storyline. VINCE: WHAT!? NOBODY’LL BELIEVE THAT! THAT’S RIDICULOUS! HHH: It could work out…er…Chad Gable was
in the Olympics- VINCE: Chris Blable!? I don’t know who that is! HHH: Or Jason Jordan has an amateur wrestling
background, he’s tall- VINCE: You’ve lost your mind, Trips! Wait a second. How tall we talking? HHH: 6 foot 3. VINCE: What’s that in cm? HHH: 191. VINCE: That sounds even taller. I gotta hand it to ya, Trips – you’ve booked
this one better than I ever could. Why would anyone wanna see a storyline 17
years in the making when they could watch…a big guy!

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100 thoughts on “How WWE Booked Kurt Angle’s Illegitimate Son… | WrestleSketch”

  1. Aj Bloody Styles says:

    please make a wrestlesketch of how they discuss the draft

  2. Josh says:

    Vince mcmahon is my illegitimate grandfather

  3. doc Mo gun says:

    yo.if the wrestlesketch was on a bigger channel like what culture wrestling.each wrestlesketch would have made at least 500k views.almost each wrestlesketch are good bro.馃槈馃槈

  4. Notorious Court says:

    Hey OLI,What about Daniel Bryan Illegimate son CHAD Gable,How WWE Should book that??

  5. VideoGame Garcia says:

    Oli is better than What Culture I only watch one serious from them but I can watch every video from Wrestletalk Tv

  6. John Freakin Cena says:

    wwe draft discussion
    vince : i got it , how bout we bring nakamura , aj and cena to raw
    hhh: ok but what does smackdown live get
    vince: well smackdown live will get bo dallas and curtis axel
    hhh: but isn't that a bit …
    vince: and aj , nakamura and cena will lose to roman
    hhh: oh god

  7. frieza says:

    you got 40 views in the time it took to load the video 馃憤

  8. MyNameIsJoeTheProGamer says:

    Oli will be more over than Blampied by the end of the year trust me.

  9. Hamzah Iftikhar says:


  10. Jhankrit Sharma says:


  11. Alvin Reforma says:

    WrestleTalk truly.listen to their fans.

  12. SoFkinEpic says:

    early comment hoes

  13. JoeTalksWrestling says:

    Hi Oli! i recently included you on my top 10 favourite wrestling channels! the video is on my channel if you want to check it out 馃檪

  14. Robert says:

    Love these sketches

  15. Kylhalil Kelley says:

    Lol how tall

  16. Gurpreet Bhatt says:

    yeah I hear that

  17. OTR JAY says:

    Who's up

  18. Alexandre AVOCAT says:

    So like that Jason Jordan is not really the son of Kurt Angle? Vince McMahon wants to make the fan service, I say that Jason Jordan does not deserve this, the fans will be tired of this father-son relationship, it will eventually stop and finally the career of Jason Jordan will take a turning remarkable in the eyes of all

  19. Alexandre AVOCAT says:

    I will see a heel turn of Kurt Angle or Jason Jordan will be the new protegee of Triple H

  20. World Of Wrestling says:

    My favourite sketch

  21. Johnny Nguyen says:

    Vince Mcmahon loves tall and sweaty men!

  22. Tipu Imran says:

    I always loughed with Goldberg part in the end

  23. EwilDmoN says:

    more wrestlesketch plsss

  24. Bartimusable says:

    Oli still salty about that fantasy booking warfare.

  25. Lunatic Gamer says:


  26. Ross K. Foad says:

    Love it.

  27. FunnyMadd Games says:


  28. The Phenomenal Channel says:

    Vince McMahon's secret fantasy for the Big Sweaty mens exposed.

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    For april 1st exchange positions for 1 video with Adam Blampied please

  30. Jimboola says:

    Frankly the Gobbledigooker had more 'personality' than this fella.

  31. Gamingdragon says:

    Young , tall , muscular guy with lots of sweat AND VINCE FELL IN LOVE AGAIN ……

  32. scotty soul Bear says:

    Oli that was awesome best wrestle sketch yet, Delighful !!!!!

  33. andy mellinger says:

    Wrestlesketch!!!!! I missed it so much

  34. Chris Maccio says:

    Dum segment

  35. 212frankiefame says:

    Chris Blable…

    My sides….have officially split. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  36. Cruzyi_HD says:

    Please make a Wrestla Sketcha how they book how to book the BREAKING of the WONDERFULL Matt Hardy.

  37. Prodigy0013 says:

    5 minute episode anyone? These are so great

  38. A A J is the best says:


  39. Klumpozyte says:

    Great as always. And the locker-headbutt at the end still cracks me up 馃榾

  40. MrSuperchacho77 says:

    Sound like Ok I is projecting hika feelings after losing to Luke in the fantasy booking of this

  41. Ruki says:

    I think Vince forgot that Hornswoggle was his son

  42. SephyGames says:


  43. MuaazC says:

    Nice one trips

  44. Joe Van Hansson says:

    I love the schizophrenic Matt character, hope to see him more often in future Wrestlesketch episodes.

  45. The Kriz says:

    so Jordan is not Angle's son in real life ? it's all just a promo ???

  46. Boyko Dimov says:

    191 cm, that's even taller. LMFAO!

  47. UndeadNinja says:

    17 years in the making or a tall guy sums it up right there

  48. Cameron Hass says:

    These are awesome! I would love a draft wrestle sketch

  49. Ahsan Rasul Khan Mahsud says:

    The "wrestle sketches" is the best thing on wrestling on YouTube!! Respect and HATS OFF @ #OLI 馃帺馃帺馃帺馃帺
    P.S..Wait did u say Incest!? hahahahahahha馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
    And Subscribe. Goldberg head butts(so glad he made this part a regular at the end) 馃槀

  50. Brock Bright says:

    The ending with Goldberg hitting the locker again made me lose it. Lmfao

  51. Pastechi says:

    man i fking love these sketches

  52. WallsOfRKO says:

    I don't know why I love these so much… but I do.

  53. Vince McMahon says:

    How tall are we talkin???? Ahahahahaha

  54. Rasslin fan and Animu watcher says:

    People complaining about the storyline not being realistic are the same guys that keep sucking Bray Wyatt's cock.

  55. Setu Pandey says:

    When for a second I though vince actually had a better plan with him and Stephanie reveal but he was the one who gave the green light to Jason Jordan馃槀馃槀馃槀

  56. Daksh The King says:

    kurt sleeping with stephanie..what! 馃槀

  57. iraqilemonade says:


  58. xXxScarKnightxXx says:

    I thought Vince was gonna add on to the fact that Jordan is Black and the rumor of a Rib on Kurt Angle Back then into African American women lol.

  59. wolveric0 says:

    Poor Matt, he's suffering from bipolar personality lol

  60. Nugget Pig says:

    this was good oli!

  61. Saket Arora says:

    The head bump thing is Gold!!

  62. Thomas Schreiner says:

    For once Vince actually made sense

  63. Alyaf3i says:


  64. Paul says:

    Chris Blabel馃槀馃槀馃槀

  65. Helicard says:

    How roman got his groove back

  66. David Martinez says:

    Goldberg ending is funny馃槀

  67. Dog and Crow says:

    I don't mind if Goldberg interupts,lol

  68. Feed says:

    Can we get a Wrestlesketch with Hunter explaining NXT to Vince ? (With Asuka ? :3333333)

  69. Cole Snyder says:

    ……..the accuracy is uncanny.

  70. Frank Torre says:

    As funny as the WrestleSketch videos are. This is probably the way they decided the storyline for Kurt's big secret. It would've been too easy to work in the Kurt and Stephanie affair which leads to the Kurt vs Triple H WrestleMania match. So we're all stuck with the incredibly unbelievable Illegitimate son plot. But hey WWE have been breaking up tag teams lately. So WHY NOT break up American Alpha and push the less talented one?

  71. Niko The Arms Dealer says:

    That head slamming into a door sound at the end kills me every time.

  72. MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall says:

    Thank you for bringing this back!

  73. Mulldrifter Z says:

    I lost it when Vince asked whats that in centimeters lol. Pure gold.

  74. Parth says:

    Wwe will be soooo much better without Vince. Atleast more good bookings will be there and talents wouldn't be wasted.

  75. Anthony Norris says:

    Finally another scetch!

  76. The Lying Triangle says:

    I want Stephanie Mcmahon to be my Stepmom

  77. Satyen Kulkarni says:


  78. cody mitchell says:

    lol oooooh twist

  79. campo says:

    Oil… You are off your nut m8…Hahahah

  80. Adam Windsor says:

    This is so fucking cringy.

  81. Dragon R3born says:

    i legit lol'd at how tall is that in cm

  82. X lDaNnYol X says:

    Think Vince is just a dumb ass for allowing all the bs to happen in WWE, put the main championships on aj for SD and Finn for raw

  83. Ahmad SQALLI says:


  84. szcz臋艣cie jest koloru czarnego says:

    I absolutely love it. Keep them coming!

  85. Chad M says:

    Trips convincing Vince to put Shin over

    Trips: if Cena loses… he can go to Raw and stare at Roman
    Vince: GREAT IDEA

  86. 3s10 says:

    U get a like for this!

  87. Mac Anthony says:

    Chad Gable shoulda been booked as the son

  88. Toran Hansen says:

    Oli still seems super salty over losing that fantasy booking warfare.

  89. Lightspeeds says:

    And this STILL works because in both kayfabe and real life, Kurt does love black people.

  90. Deep Sheet says:

    I actually don't mind the affair storyline

  91. Kashif Reza says:

    Triple H has a sweaty as face lol

  92. AJ Ward says:

    Please do another one of these. I love them. It's funny and surprisingly accurate

  93. Dar_Welchito says:


  94. Jambo And Stuff says:

    What's that in centimetres

  95. STICKGAMES says:

    Vince: Wait a second, how tall we're talking?
    Trips: 6'3''
    Vince: what's that in centimeters?
    Trips: 191…..
    Vince: man, that sounds even taller….

    XD XD Man I love these sketches XD XD

  96. Se帽or Vanderino says:

    I love how it was not Vince, but Haitch that wanted the illegitimate son angle instead of the affair angle.

  97. Thor Boysen says:

    What the fuck??? That was (at least) the second worst storyline in recent WWE history…!!! Only beaten by the worst storyline when Vince made his daughter Stephanie marry an egocentric wrestler and made her "head of creative"! Oh, wait…….

  98. bigbabyzubas says:

    HOW TALL IS HE? (6'1") how much is that in metric? (131CM) THAT SOUNDS TALLER! LOLOLOLOLOL

  99. John Wheeler says:

    crisp label has broken me….

  100. Anthony Ditizio says:

    0:08, 0:17, 0:40

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