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– Hey guys! Welcome to Vlog Nikah day seven. Today I have Leena and Lucy with me. Most of the time when
the three of us hang out it tends to be like after work, evenings, we record the podcast and was like, bye! so we never actually
have fun and hang out. And we’re not really friends. – No we hate each other. – But we thought we’d pretend
to be friends with you for today because, segway: this video is sponsored by PlayStation UK and we’re going to be playing a bunch of their PlayLink games. So PlayLink basically lets
up to six players play games from their phones, so you don’t have to worry
about controllers because basically you buy the
game on the PlayStation and then you just download the app. We’re gonna be playing That’s You. Has everyone downloaded the app? – Yes, I have. – We’ve all got the app,
we’ve all got our tea. I’ve tested this game out, I’ve played it. It’s great. But you guys have no
idea what we’re doing. – I have no idea. – Eee! – I haven’t touched a
PlayStation in like five years. – Every day’s a school day. – What’s happening? – Is everyone in? Play,
if we all hit play. – Okay. – Oh wow they’re so pretty! – Okay we get to pick a card. – I want to be pregnant woman,
can I be pregnant woman? – You can be pregnant woman. I’m gonna be this green bling bling guy. – Oh yeah he’s very cool. – Okay and then, oh okay and
then we have to take a picture. (laughing) – Enter your name. – Confirming profile. – There you go, I’m ready. Oh look it’s comin’ up. – I’m ready! – Ready! – [Game Narrator] This
is a game like no other– – Lucy you did like a perfect selfie. – Lucy that was not the plan, – No I’m like– – Stop looking good in the picture. (game narration inaudible in background) – This is gonna test how well the three of us know each other. – Is it? – Yeah. – Oh God, that’s not what I signed up for. I definitely don’t understand this game. – [Game Narrator] We’re
gonna be hopping around from place to place, sharing experiences, cause I really feel like life is all about shared experiences. – Hmm yeah. – That’s so true. – [Game Narrator] If you were
all lost in the wilderness, who would you blame? (laughing) – Who would you blame? (laughing) – Okay so you can play a
joker if you’re extra sure that everyone’s gonna say the same thing. – Oh, okay. – And it gets you double points. – Oh God. – I think I know. – Yeah! (all laughing) – I played a, I played a j– – Sorry Lucy! I care about winning
more than your feelings. – I would, I am– – You’re like, Sorry, on
AirBnB it looked great! – [Game Narrator] Who’d
insist on holding the map? (laughing) – Oh my God. – I wonder. – Don’t copy my answers. I mean DO copy. – [Game Narrator] Let’s
see what everyone thinks. – I feel like if somebody
wrote us as a trio in a book though we’d all have very different characteristics. It would be very clear who was who. – Yeah. I don’t know what’s happening, but I think we’re winning. – Continue. – [Game Narrator] Who
would love the freedom of being lost in the wild? (all laughing) – Wait this is bait, this isn’t a game. – This is actually like they studied us. – [Game Narrator] Let’s
see what you thought. – We have such a formulated friendship! – I know. – I’m like actually
crying, this is too funny. Just the fact that we all
are caricatures of ourselves. – I know. How the *quack* are you guys winning? – Because I put down more jokers, yeah. – [Game Narrator] My
friend, you’ve clearly got the exploring instinct deep within. – Ooh, hello Leena! – [Game Narrator] What
would they look like after a day lost in the wild? – Oh my god. – Okay so which one of
those pictures would Leena look like after
a day lost in the wild? But Leena also has to answer this. – I have no idea. – Yeah I don’t know. – Yeah.
– Damn it! – I was like, I’d be ready! – You look like you’re
just gonna get a real like – I look like I’m ready to
kill something I’m more like, Just leave me alone, I’ve accepted it. – I just thought you’d be really intense. – Intense, get it? – [Game Narrator] –draws
out your inner artist, I need to slap down a picture
and you need to embellish it. Draw their temporary shelter. – Oh God I’m so bad at art. – I thought you were good, okay. – Okay, yeah I’m enjoying this. – How long do we even have? – Can’t talk right now, sorry. Too busy concentrating. Oh God this is bad. – [Game Narrator] 40 seconds remaining – Ahhh! – Ah, I don’t know that’ll do. – Yours is much better than mine. – Which one do you prefer? – I went with mine. I genuinely thought mine was the best. – That’s such a Hannah response. Mine had a *quack* cake in it. – Mine has a hammock in it! Mine has a hammock. – [Game Narrator] You have to try and mimic their expression. – Hmm, right, okay. – [Game Narrator] Okay,
mimic this picture. – Okay so, Lucy’s gonna win this. – Oh God. – Oh my God. – Okay, so who’s impression is the best? – That’s pretty good Hannah. – Thank you. – Nice. – Lucy’s just gonna look– (all laugh) – Lucy’s, yours frustrates
me ’cause you’re facing the wrong way, that’s the only. – Yeah. – I’m like– – Oh Hannah had it. – Why am I still losing? – [Game Narrator] We’re
hanging out somewhere new so that means another joker all around. Who’s most likely to make out
with a stranger at a funfair? – We all have boyfriends. – Is this single us or not? – No. – Alright no this is bad. – [Game Narrator] Let’s see
the results of this one. – I think it will be bad. – Oooh! – Pass out on the teacups? – Yeah I don’t know about that, pass out from being drunk? – Or just pass out from
hating it? Dizziness? – I don’t even know. – Okay so we both guessed you. – Should be me. – [Game Narrator] Who
thinks that to hook a duck you must first think like a duck? (all laughing) – Oh (quack) seven
seconds, think like a duck. – [Game Narrator] Okay guys,
only five seconds left. – Come on Hannah! – [Hannah] I got it! Oooh! – I thought that was something
meta that Leena would say. – Yeah I’d be like, Have you ever thought
that you were a duck? (all laugh) Do you ever feel like ducks feel? – [Game Narrator] Who’d
spend the entire day in the hall of mirrors? – What does that–? – I don’t know what that means. – Who loves themselves? – But then you don’t look
good in the hall of mirrors. – Yeah that’s true. – Yeah! – [Game Narrator] I’m
starting to get an idea of what you’re about, let’s
dig a little deeper. Which attraction would they
spend all their money on? – Oh that’s such a good question. I know exactly which one I think it is. – Well done Leena! – [Game Narrator] You have
to tell me how this person would finish this sentence: My idea of fun is to– – Can we use emojis? – That was hard, I had to write
like an essay about myself. – [Game Narrator] Okay let’s
see what you’ve come up with. (all laughing) – Snap someone so that they can be drawn as a fortune teller. Okay. – Do I have to be in it? – We’re both in it. – Wow. – This is so stressful. I don’t know how to draw clothes. Okay I’m done. That’ll do! – [Game Narrator] Only five seconds left. Cool, let’s have a look
at your masterpieces. – That’s very good. – I like that. (all laugh) – Two headed. – [Game Narrator]
Everyone wins on this one. – Is that yours Lucy? – Yeah. I really am enjoying this. – It’s quite relaxing. – Yeah it’s like those like team games likes the ones on your phone where you– But better. – [Game Narrator] Who’d
get way too excited at a New Year’s party
and pass out by nine PM? – Is this from alcohol or? – No, no I think it’s
just pure excitement. – That could be any of us. – I know, that’s the thing. – We are so excitable. – You know when to hop out
though, you’re like, I’m done. whereas I’m like, I’ll never be done. – [Game Narrator] Who’d
have an existential crisis as the clock struck midnight? (all laughing) – But what is the future, do any of us really have one? – Oh gosh, I’m a bit torn but I think– – [Game Narrator] Looks
like we’ve got our answers. – Ahh. – My first guess was you
and then I was like no but depends on if Lucy’s been drinking or not. – Me and Lucy would be in the corner having an existential crisis together. – I never have crises when I drink, I have crises when I’m sober. – This is intense guys. – [Game Narrator] Who’d have broken every New Year’s resolution by one AM? – You’re not allowed to look at me. – I’m like lookin’ in people’s eyes like– Guys this is really tense. – I spent my joker on that! – It was between us two. – I think you would. – I think I have a reputation for baby. – Are you a breaker of New
Year’s resolutions then? – I just don’t make them. – What’s tucking everyone? – Tucking everyone in, like
putting everyone to bed. – Oh that’s a great question. – I mean I’m already
passed out at nine PM. – Yeah.
– Ohh. – I picked you! – Yeah, but I’m already passed out. Oh, time for the tap. – [Game Narrator] I’ve got some questions about our dreamer here. – I’m a dreamer. – Oh my God, that’s just
like a handbag you have. – [Game Narrator] Where
would they most like to spend New Year’s Eve? – There are two very
accurate options there. – Ahh I was between cause I was like that’s a club but that’s a home spot. – Exactly, yeah. But I thought everyone
else would pick for me. – [Game Narrator] Draw their party hat. – But how do you draw aesthetic? I just, I’m not a creative person guys. – The only thing I want
to create is babies. – Relatable. (all laugh) – [Game Narrator] What do we got? – Nice. – That’s a very good one. Love it. I’d wear all of these. – Yay! – [Game Narrator] Let’s
see what everyone thought. – Ohh, thanks Luna. – How am I doing so well? I know you both. So well. – Yeah. – Mimic this picture. – Okay. Oh I need a bucket. – Cool, cool. – Duck face. – Yeah, nice. (all laugh) – I agree about myself. – I pick me cause it
got the biggest laugh. I know I said it was
team game but now that I’m not winning, I’m like no. – I feel really competitive
about this and I don’t know why. – Wait something about my phone. – Oh final game. Alright, take a selfie. I don’t know if we were
allowed to tell each other cause ours all they all
say something different. – Oh sorry. – Messed it up. – There’s too many secrets between us. – Oh no, mine’s a joke one. – [Game Narrator] 40 seconds left. – No, okay I think I’ve nailed this guys I’m really proud of it. – Add to it. – I think adding would
just be taking away. – I really don’t know
what to do with this one. No one will ever guess what this is. – Oh is that what we’re supposed to do? – [Game Narrator] Five seconds. – Cause there’s always one
that we haven’t touched. – Ohh. – Hannah as a Pharaoh. Leena as a hunter. – What’s, oh the bear claw, enjoy that. – And then Lucy as an elf. (all laughing) – That’s done amazingly. – Oh wait, which drawing is the best? – That’s not fair. – That’s hard. – You know what, this is the last game, I’ve got loads of jokers left
I’m just gonna use a joker. – Do it. – Yay! – But it’s great cause
like we’re all winner cause Lucy’s face plus
mine and Leena’s arms. – Yours was so good, all I
added was blush and a beard. – Oh it’s done now. (cheering) – Lucy won. – How do you feel about it? Are you okay? – I mean, I’ll be fine. – I never win anything, I’m thrilled. – Well done. – Congratulations. – We don’t have a prize like last time, we should’ve brought a prize. – Our continued friendship. – Yay. – The whole 2018 is now secured. – Thank you guys. – But also, you can do
that with up to six people. – Thank you for watching,
hope you enjoyed this edition of Vlog Nikah. – Are we gonna do it again? – No we’re not playing again. – I really wanna play
again, can we play again? – Let’s play again after
we’ve recorded these podcasts. Thank you for watching, hope
you enjoyed this edition of Vlog Nikah, tomorrow’s the last day. Yeah, tomorrow. Hope you have enjoyed this
video, I’ll leave some of the links in the description
where you can check out more PlayStation PlayLink stuff. Would recommend as a party game. Genuinely good fun. And they’ve got loads of others as well. There’s one called Knowledge is Power which is basically like– – Let’s play that now! – Yeah well let’s play that
one afterwards actually. Please give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. These guys have YouTube
channels, check ’em out, but also check out our
podcast Banging Book Club. – And go and watch the rest of Vlog Nikah. – Yes, thanks. – That’s more important. – Thanks PlayStation, bye. – Bye! (laid back music)

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