How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro


Hey, how’s it going, Dave 2d here, so I don’t play Fortnite very often if I’m playing games at all It’s usually overwatch but on the MacBook There’s no overwatch client at least not a native one so the game that I play the most on my MacBook is actually Fortnite. But there’s a problem it runs really poorly on their best MacBook Pro So this is their 15-inch 2017 model Radeon pro 560 It’s decked out, but it just runs really poorly at really low settings you can get near 60 frames per second But there’s a lot of stutter there’s stutter when you jump out of the bus there’s starter when you’re in combat It’s just not a very good gaming experience I don’t know Macs aren’t ideal for gaming anyways, but Fortnite isn’t a particularly demanding game It just still runs really poorly on the MacBook Pro, but then this came in the mail. This is the gigabyte gaming box It’s their new external GPU built specifically for MacBooks, and it cranks up the graphical power of your Thunderbolt 3 equipped MacBook Pro So it’ll work with the 15-inch the 13-inch and even the iMac on the 15-inch model It’ll bump it up by like double on the 13-inch It will bump it up Even more depending on the 13-inch model you have so this box is literally the smallest External GPU I’ve ever used it’s running an Rx 580 and because of the new Mac OS 10.13.4 the connection is Really easy to set up. It’s literally plug-and-play you plug it in. There’s no setup. There’s no drivers. There’s no reboot even it just works right off the bag when you connect it a few seconds later and Icon appears at the top of the screen saying that an external GPU is connected And that’s it and when it’s connected you get a very Significant improvement in performance for something like Fortnite so before because the framerate spiked because it was actually very difficult to play properly in Fortnite But now with the gaming box You can get well over 60 frames per second on an external monitor now if I tweak the settings a bit I could keep viewing Distance maxed out while keeping all the visual fluff down and I could still float around 70 to 80 frames per second one thing to keep in mind though Fortnite does run better in Windows games in general are just better optimized for Windows and even for a huge developer like epic the Mac OS client has lower frame rates than the Windows client with the same kind of hardware now obviously this isn’t for everyone if you have a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop Then you don’t need any of this stuff to play Fortnite or any game for that matter But if your Mac user if you’re kind of required to use it for work, or if you prefer Mac OS This is a very viable option. It goes for six hundred dollars You get the enclosure the GPU a carrying case and all the cables and stuff and the power supply in here is 450 watts so it can easily handle charging your macbook pro while it’s connected even the 15 inch one and it’s also a big enough Power supply that if you wanted to in the future you could probably upgrade the GPU provided that that new GPU fit in here So a few other things to note Mac OS supports multiple external GPUs So if your device has enough lanes like the 15-inch MacBook Pro this thing can handle two external GPUs the other thing I’m seeing is that there’s no bootcamp support. I don’t know if it’s coming I hope it is, but at launch we’re not seeing official support And we’re also not seeing the ability to use the built-in laptop display, and this took me a while to figure out It’s right in the documentation But if you don’t have an external monitor plugged into that external GPU this setup won’t work right now It does require it the other thing is that there’s no nvidia card support So if you want to swap this thing out with an nvidia card it won’t work at least not officially There’s work around some stuff like that, but if you want easy mode. It’s got to be an AMD card now There’s one other issue. That’s a little more prominent It’s the fact that software support is relatively limited right now this still does not work with Finalcut so that’s Apple’s video editing program this connection does not work in Finalcut and I’m also having issues getting this to work in Adobe Premiere It’ll load up, but the moment I drop in footage. There’s an error now I am pretty confident that over time the support is going to improve quite a bit but it’s just kind of weird to see Apple put out an Official release for this thing while still being the kind of half-baked for a lot of their services so a couple other things to note The noise levels on this thing are really quiet obviously depends on how close you keep this box to you But at 2 or 3 feet away It’s a very comfortable noise level And I also think that the value of this $600 box is not bad like a lot of external GPU cases are quite expensive We’ve seen some cases that are like five six hundred bucks just for the case itself This is 600 it includes the GPU includes like all the hardware that you need to make the whole thing work and there’s Upgradability right not just for the card and stuff But if you want to upgrade your laptop in the future you still going to have Thunderbolt 3 ports in the future like there’s just A path of upgradeability which I like to see in something like this So external GPUs are pretty viable for macbook pros right now And the supports are is going to get better over time all right. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it and here’s some Fortnite footage. There’s actually my very first win and I was on a freaking MacBook enjoy

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100 thoughts on “How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro”

  1. Dave Lee says:


    Thanks for watching =)

  2. Gilbert T. says:

    This makes no sense, if it's 600 bucks just build a decent pc

  3. Parker Gentile says:

    looking into this to game on my 2017 13 inch MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar. Just looking for a way to get around 60 FPS on your everyday games like fortnite, battlefield, etc.
    Basically, should buying this add enough power to be able to run games well enough even with Mac OS 10.13.1

  4. Nayel says:

    Best gameplay ever 😂

  5. [GD] SlowingUnicorn 180 says:

    You can’t. Unless you are very skilled.

  6. [GD] SlowingUnicorn 180 says:

    It still sucks

  7. Steve Zhang says:

    Will this work with MacBook Air 2016?

  8. xZaKI oof says:

    who got triggered he didnt use the scar

  9. Somebody 1999 says:

    wtf 2 scars and you dont take them why

  10. Tigran Petrossian says:

    Jesus just by the Switch; save $200, and your ears from that fans spinning up.

  11. 이희경 says:

    can youaccept my friend request dave?

  12. 이희경 says:

    my name is chubby boy

  13. Glenn says:

    Good thing the new MacBook Pro don’t require eGPU for gaming

  14. spoder men says:

    honestly, why would anybody upgrade their mac for about 600 dollars to play fortnite on low when they can buy a pc for 600 Dollar that runs this game maxed out? smh

  15. Sreyas Amanamanchi says:

    Fortnite IS a demanding game,and isn’t optimized for Mac anyways
    but still it’s extremely poor performance,maybe it would work better in bootcamp

  16. Minecrafted says:

    What monitor is that?

  17. vandi says:

    For 600 dollars I could build a pc better than the mac with the external gpu

  18. La chs says:

    He has building hotkeys but cant even run!!! LOL

  19. AndreW GaminG says:

    what is the dell monitor ?? i love it !!!

  20. @phxntkms says:

    It works with PC laptop's tho, right?

  21. John Willker says:

    Please, what the keyboard model?

  22. Tony Ruiz says:

    Now that's what I call pay to win

  23. Hockey Productions says:

    Can you use the mini pc on windows

  24. 3rdPartyA.I says:

    Someone link me the keyboard in the thumbnail please

  25. Music Takes Over says:

    GG yesterday I tried to bullshit my friend that the MacBook Pro supports multiple GPU'S Finds out that it actually does

  26. Lock Hell says:

    Which keyboard you in this video

  27. Authen Nik says:

    Thats why MACBOOK sucks

  28. Authen Nik says:

    NZXT S340 is BETTER
    But with these
    nVIDIA GTX 1050 2600+ mhz
    Core i3-8100 (3.6 Ghz) or i5-8400 (2.8 Ghz) It can do in average of more than 80 FPS😊

  29. Authen Nik says:

    ROG Strix is also good😊

  30. Adam McEvilly Osterdock BBA says:

    $600 to avoid stutter on a $2,000 laptop. Just buy a PC

  31. Ege Göktepe says:

    I am having 100-110 fps in MacBook Pro 2017 15 inc at high settings

  32. Sima Jubran says:

    600$ is theprice for that thing i can sell ,my macbook for 700 dollars and buy a realgaming pc

  33. David Mayr says:

    Busch camper

  34. Jan says:

    "a very viable option"
    just 600$ to play games on low end hardware,when for the same price you could get a budget gaming pc and play with almost the same framerates

  35. MagnumLifeGaming says:

    Or just sign up for GeForce Now lol if you get in, it's free. My friend uses that right now and it works great as long as you have a good internet connection

  36. d0vvN says:

    you can build a pc with this price, u know its not worth. advertisement

  37. N O says:

    Will it work on a 2016 MacBook Air, with 1.6 ghz 🤣

  38. garv goyal says:


  39. louie bridger says:

    Does it work when running fortnitenin windows bootcamp?

  40. DrivN says:


  41. Pedro Pais says:

    Just build bro.

  42. California Institute of Memes says:

    i thought u were going to sit on it and use a gaming pc

  43. B1SQ1T says:

    Short answer you don’t XD

  44. Kamran Kyarimov says:

    DA HELL was that ? 1000$ for the laptop, and 600$ for external GPU


    Thanks God I built my PC…

  45. SilentStorm says:

    You may as well just build a low end gaming PC for that price, especially if just playing fortnite

  46. Marvin Price says:

    I get around 50FPS in Fortnite. Very smooth. MacBook Pro, i9 and not even the 560, I opted for the 555X since I don't intend this to be primarily a gaming machine. It's a work machine. I seldom hear the fan, or if I did they were very quiet.

    I'm running on the beta of macOS Mojave 10.14. I set most of the settings to epic then turned off shadows, made sure I wasn't in Windowed mode, just full screen, and Fortnite runs great, though I suck at the game. I just don't get why people love that game.

    Don't make the MacBook Pro sound like a piece of shite because you don't know enough about it to get it to perform well. Plus you know very few games are built using Apple's Metal and Apple opts for AMD GPUs not Nvidia. So you know what you're getting into when you buy this machine. There is no surprise that Windows performs much better when gaming.

    I use it for development, network management and security research and testing, and everything else mostly. At any one time with 32GB of RAM I have macOS, Windows 10, and Ubuntu UNIX running simultaneously. I will go into UBUNTU, take scripts written for BASH on UNIX, move them over to the native BASH shell on the Mac and go through a slight conversion process. macOS is UNIX, and is still far more secure than Windows. I still don't bother with a anti-virus program. Neither does IBM who recently began switching to all Macintosh.

    For development purposes and hard core computer science stuff, you can't beat it. It kicks ass for development of machine learning stuff. I have a virtual machine with Windows server running. I will use macOS as a client to Windows Server and Ubuntu to test different configurations. I can run a web server under UBUNTU while doing web development under native macOS. All of this while my general computer stuff including email, slack, messages, etc. is running. I will sometime purposely infect a Windows Virtual machine with a known piece of malware to follow how it attacks.

    For all the little kids on Youtube who whine and complain about the MacBook Pro, it's just not for you.

    Full disclosure, my primary gaming machine is a Razer Blade Pro with a GTX 1080 in it.

  47. EU LER LΛM says:

    Well Epic Games might have improved the performance on MacOS cuz I play on the 2017 13inch and it isn’t that bad or laggy

  48. Deni saga 123 playing says:

    I really hope i can play fortnite on the macbook beacause i don t have other device i have a phone and a tablet but it s not compaitiable 🙁

  49. Sam Perceval says:

    I like this idea
    Costly and restrictive given the stated desire to play Fornite (and Win) on a MacBook Pro
    The effort that goes into developing this kind of "GPU Dock" will likely decline in price over time
    Seems like the MBPs just need occational 'boosts' and most renders occur in similar patterns
    Being able to return to "base camp" and link into a powerdock could prolong the longevity of any portable computer
    Portable devices likely get thinner and lighter due to consumer demand
    If the engineers had their way you get THICC
    I think I need a 'Docking Scenario' Solution
    This video helped me to obtain a sense of the real world performance of the thing so many gamers are doing
    I now see the potential value of something like this (as a future buy)
    This kind of GPU amplification would be a very affordable alternative to a complete repurchase
    Thanks Dave and Friends
    Go get 'em TIGER!

  50. ViralTriple says:

    Hmmm… 666 dislikes

  51. Ameen Ahmed says:

    Apple a huge disappointment for games.

  52. Aamir 1 says:

    lol no building whatsoever

  53. marlon_lf says:


  54. Kenese Su'e says:

    Well, in Apples defense, it’s more of a business computer.

  55. Blaiserr says:

    Oh I play on a Mac with no extensions and I have 20 wins and get around 60fps

  56. Assad Nawab says:

    Would this work on a base line MacBook Pro, without touch bar. Doesn't that have two thurderbolt 3 ports with like less PCI lanes than the one with touch bar. Wouldn't that affect the performance of the external GPU?

  57. AirTess YT says:

    Or just use gforce now

  58. SñG _ says:

    4:39 What a legendary bush

  59. @phxntkms says:

    You're such a BOT, Dave!!😂🔧🔨 I respect the win tho, good job xd

  60. N4RD says:

    So will it work with windows bootcamp? Help Plz!

  61. IvyOps says:

    I mean I played with my MacBookpro for a while and I had no problems winning games normally with a 20% win rate 3.5 kd

  62. Vivek Joseph says:

    that was a good win bro!!

  63. Nikhil Dhande says:

    i can comfortabelly play fortnite on macbook air at medium settings

  64. Gavin Larson says:

    Wasn't this because Epic Games messed something up or they didn't optimize it for Mac correctly

  65. Alfrancis Guerrero says:

    Will this work with Macbook Pro Retina 2013?

  66. Penguin Bastard says:

    Or just have a mouse, nvidia geforce now and 5g wifi.

  67. Sonic Jay says:

    i get alot of frame drops on my imac pls help

  68. Brandon Baker says:

    $600!? Might as well just build a PC for $600 and get better frame rates

  69. Voal Channel says:

    Thanks for that information its pretty good i should buy this

  70. RappidGamer11 says:

    PAY 600 DOLLARS FOR THAT or you can just buy another computer for that price

  71. ItsDaDude HD says:

    how do you sneak in footnote with pc ?

  72. Bubex says:

    SOMEONE HELP OR ASK SOMEONE ELSE I REALLY NEED IT. So my laptop is acer gaming laptop but is not so good. It has nvidia geforce gtx 950m graphics witch is good enough for fortnite . It has 4gb ram witch is also enough and intel core i3 6100 witch is also good for fortnite. Only thing that is lacking is ghz . For fortnite you need to have 2.4 and my laptop has 2.3 and i dont see such a problem. I thought that my laptop should run fortnite at least normal. But fps is always dropping on 2 or 3 even if i put the setting on lowest . This is really frustrating me bicouse i saw people with far worst laptop specs run fortnite better. SO IM SAYING IT AGAIN PLS HELP I NEED IT.

  73. CRAIG! says:

    Theres this dude on youtube and tell you on how to increase fps on fortnite its legit

  74. JustCube says:

    I would rather get an alienware laptop.

  75. Outrageousrabbit Gaming says:

    What about MacBook air

  76. BrunoToma GR says:


  77. Fupand says:

    The baby sharks dad

  78. Luna Edits says:

    That is not a Mac 😂

  79. Gabriel Raccosta says:

    How come I have a 2012 never opened until I got it mackbook air and it’s faster lol

  80. al sahim says:

    does the gtx1080 version support bootcamp now?

  81. AwesomeHD says:

    so does this mean i can buy a $700 pc with 8gigs of ram and integrated graphic card (non so runs prob at 0.5 fps at fortnite most of time) and 1tb of memory and just plug the external graphic card to my pc and it'll run fortnite on a smooth 60+ fps? wow!

    just got the newest razer blade with gtx graphic card so i run at 300 fps now 😉 but still wana know if it can run fortnite on a nongaming pc with the razer core

  82. The Real Cool Pup says:

    if you want to game, use bootcamp with windows.

  83. Raudra Sadman says:

    please make a vedio of this egpu

  84. black gamer says:

    I like youe vidio

  85. Костяныч says:

    Press shift please)

  86. Isaiah Eastman says:

    Does fcpx support it now ?

  87. Justin Stewart says:

    Hey Dave, does this box allow you to see the boot screen when switching to windows bootcamp? As in, when restarting and holding “option” to choose the boot drive ——can you even see this screen when using this box?

  88. Riyaan Aldimassi says:

    Hey what keyboard is that

  89. Shadow says:

    Which keyboard is that

  90. Thomas Anderson says:

    Won't work in Windows.
    Won't work with Nvidia cards.
    Won't work with the laptops display (requires external monitor).

    Wow Apple, you fucking suck.

  91. Zakey says:

    Does It Work With the Macbook Pro Basemodel? with the built-in display?

  92. Joeyzツ says:


  93. Zakey says:

    I have a question , Can you play Fortnite with the Macbook Pro's Display with

  94. Kourosh G says:

    And the search continues.. I’m not a gamer, but definitely can enjoy better performance on everyday tasks like Adobe softwares. For that I don’t really need a bulky enclosure, more like midrange CUDA/OpenCL enabled mobile GPUs that can fit into a portable frame. I hope exklim starts back production..

  95. Lima Bean says:

    HI! PAY 1000 BUCKS FOR A LAPTAP AND THEN 600 MORE TO PLAY GAMES ON IT! Like seriously you could just buy a pc for less

  96. Trent Baker says:

    Your a og

  97. Century_ Jokester says:

    The thing I'm interested in is what is that keyboard called it's nice af!

  98. Isaac Garrett says:

    You are play on dell stupid

  99. Hanxi Guo says:

    I thought you were gonna sell the Mac and get a 8-core Core-i7 laptop

  100. Mine Craft says:

    Does it work on the air

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