How to use the shipping industry’s first instant booking |

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Hi and welcome to this short introduction to the industry’s first instant booking we will show you how to easily book and get an instant confirmation enter your booking information add the price owner by clicking on ‘Add’ and then select your choice scroll down and chose the earliest departure date commodity container type & size number of containers and the weight per container click on ‘continue’ and specify contract allocation if relevant for you or otherwise select ‘I do not have Customer Allocation’ and click on ‘continue’ on the select sailing page what you see, is what you get! if the vessel doesn’t have space will show it as “fully booked” click on ‘Show Route | Pricing | Other Details’ to see the details of the route you can also see the “Price Details” “Deadlines” for the booking “Service Contract & Allocation” (if they are relevant to you) click on ‘Select’ to book on this vessel without waiting for availability confirmation nor risk of rejection! here you will see the container yard where containers are in stock choose your pick-up yard select the “Pick-up date” and click on ‘Optional Details’ to see some of the value-added services where specific needs can be easily added click on ‘Review booking’ review your booking details add an additional email address if you want your booking to be sent to someone else submit your booking for an instant confirmation at the click of a button here you go! Welcome to Instant Booking!

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