How To Use A Book Futon in the Reading Room.

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To use a book futon simply roll it into a tube. Use two per book: one for the back and one for the front. Position the futon so that the book is well supported. If you need to weight your page, a light curtain weight can be put on there to keep the page down. If you have a particularly big book, or you are just looking the front of the book, it might be that you have to roll two together to give you a large enough and firm enough roll to support the boards. Again, you might need a light curtain weight to keep the page open. If you have a very small book, you can use part of a roll on either side. Again a curtain weight to keep it open. You want to roll enough of a tube to support the boards and the joints to relieve stress on the spine but still be able to read your book.

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