How To Take In Or Let Out Men’s Dress Pants At The Waist

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Let’s take in this men’s pair of pants. Whether you’re taking a pair of pants in or letting them out, the same method applies. Today I’ll be demonstrating taking in this pair of pants 1 inch total. That means back here at the waistband, I’ll be taking in one-half inch on each side of the original seam. Happily, men’s pants are very easy to take in. That’s because the seam is continuous through waistband through pant area, much different than women’s pants where often you have to take the waistband off in order to take the pants in and then reset the waistband. Not so with men’s pants, it’s a continuous seam. First we’ll rip the underside of the waistband away from the pants. I’m ripping from approximately suspender button to suspender button to free this area until we can see this continuous seam. Waistband – pants. So we’ll be taking in our pair of pants alongside the existing running seam all the way down to the crotch. Now one leg is inside the other making that back seam easy to access. Let’s do some chalk marking. I have chalked both seams for ease of viewing. The right-hand most seam is the original seam. I’ve chalked a half inch to the left of that original seam a new line that I’ll be sewing starting from up in the waistband area through a curved area because I can’t rip back past the suspender buttons unless I of course choose to. So this is a little tight through here and then we continue on down to the crotch where the curve is very obvious, tapering together. Pin taking care to match seams. If you don’t take that kind of care, you’ll look at the outside waistband and it will be crooked. Here’s the tight spot. Take your time, match those up, you’ll be much happier. Once you’ve done that area, pin a few pins along the chalk mark until you get down to the merge line, then we’ll sew. Approaching the touchy area being careful about the bulk underneath. This is when we’re glad we pinned carefully. When you get through here, it’s a breeze. Now all I have to do is make it down to the merge line at the bottom. See how everything matches up beautifully back here? That’s what we need to achieve. And I’ve ripped out the old seam now. That’ll get pressed. This area is still loose, we’ll take care of that in a moment. Had I taken in more than an inch total, I probably would have trimmed the seam allowance with either the pinking shears or serging. Were we letting out we probably wouldn’t have any excess to have to finish. So let’s do the last step and then we’re done. We want to manipulate this area for pressing, so I’m just going to finger everything out flat and press. All right then, now the idea is to take that one leg out of the other keeping the pants inside out. We’re now actually going to stitch in the ditch between the two belt loops, this area. Everything is secure here now. This is where we stitched in the ditch on the front side, flap all stitched down, secure there…and I went ahead and stitched the inside seam twice just for security. So okay, we’re all finished. Won’t that man be pleased!

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