How to Take Comparison Notes in Word // 2 Minute Study Tips


Hello guys! For this video, I wanted to show you a quick tip to help you integrate your lecture notes with your textbook notes. You can use the method that I showed in one of my previous videos to know the basics of textbook note taking and adapt it into your typed notes. All you have to do is open your textbook notes in Word as you normally would To open the comments column, all you have to do is select a random word on your text and click the REVIEW tab Making sure that you have the button “SHOW COMMENTS” enabled, just click on “NEW COMMENT” and the column will automatically pop up. If you chose to print the document, the right column will also be printed along with your textbook notes on the left. You can use this method two ways. After typing all of your texbook notes on the left side, you can print the documetn with a blank comments column and take it to your lecture. You can easily add information on that light grey column and complement the information that you’ve summarized on the left side. If you like to take your laptop to class, using comments in word is also perfect if you don’t want to wrte the same information twice. Keeping your textbook notes on the left side, just type in the information from the lecture in the right column during your lecture. You can easily print this out, and file it on a binder keeping both sources of information next to each other and being able to actively compare both types of notes. This method really helped me simplify my life whenever I had mandatory readings for a class or had to prepare my lectures in advance. I hope you found this small tip useful. Just click the subscribe button for more school advice and give this video a thumbs up. It would make my day! Thank you for watching! Bye!

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  1. Imaan Moussa says:

    First . Gonna have to try this method for school 🙂

  2. Mara Sim says:

    I LOVE your videos !! 😘❤️

  3. Emily Kwok says:

    yay first video from Alice in 2016

  4. Angelica says:

    thank you very much alice!!! this is very helpful!!!!

  5. Thaís Camila says:

    planner 2016 in word plis <3

  6. Candee P says:

    Awesome video Alice! keep it up! 👍

  7. Whitney P says:

    Thanks!!! Definitely needed to know this. classes start next week!!!

  8. sabshimi says:

    I will try to do this at school 🙂

  9. Harshvardhan Joshi says:

    Actually 95% of my study associated with my laptop………………….but I never try it …………..its cool, I will try it……………………………………Thank you

  10. Tiffany Phuong says:

    Awesome video.Love your channel so much!

  11. Lizza L E T says:

    I'm talking about you to my friends, kinda like 2 months ago. Then we decided to study in my house with all of your methods, 4 days in a week. Then after that, we got straight A's in every test, and we got a good grades in class,,

    Me and my friends just want to say..


  12. Salma Ahmed says:

    wonderful … thanx Alice (∩_∩)

  13. Wafaa Emily says:

    Just perfecttttt <3 , thank you so much for this amazing video :*

  14. Supriya Mishra says:

    I like the tip.I am gonna try it

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  16. s h a s t a says:

    I love all of ur vids Alice. All of these vids have been very helpful to me. THANK U agalin

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  18. Ellen Eggink says:

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  19. nazirah says:

    need more videos omg loving them so far!! thank you alice!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Zainab Mohamoud says:

    really enjoyed this video
    can you make a video of how you plan with your filofax(the one in the video)

  21. Zainab Mohamoud says:

    really enjoyed this video
    can you make a video of how you plan with your filofax(the one in the video)

  22. Zainab Mohamoud says:

    this is awesome
    can you make a video of your filofax in this video
    how you organise it etc
    I have one and I don't really use it as much

  23. Zainab Mohamoud says:

    this is awesome
    can you make a video of your filofax in this video
    how you organise it etc
    I have one and I don't really use it as much

  24. Zainab Mohamoud says:

    this is awesome
    can you make a video of your filofax in this video
    how you organise it etc
    I have one and I don't really use it as much

  25. nataliakaori2009 says:

    Alicinha, cadê o nosso vídeo sobre seu planner lindo ???
    sempre adorando as dicas.

  26. Gracie C. says:

    I was waiting for you to upload this video but then I've figured it out on my own LOL. Thanks anyway! Please bullet journal next?! You are the reason why I'm starting bullet journal this year.

  27. Yve Yve says:

    Thank you. Great video!

  28. Mrs touami says:

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  29. Anouk Post says:

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  32. MissKriekentaart says:

    So simple, I'm amazed I never thought of it myself! Especially since I use the review options all the time 🙂

  33. Silver Fox says:

    Wow this is a great idea! I think I am going to try it. I always lag behind during lecture because the Prof moves too fast. So this way, I can force myself to review the lecture material before class and calmly follow along during class, adding any other important information.
    Thank you! Also, I'm really looking forward to your bullet journal video!

  34. Briana Parnell says:

    Super helpful I've always wonder how to do this. Needed video thanks so much.

  35. ömer top says:

    It looks like art, nice video

  36. TraduSendo says:

    Mah meniiiina, teu canal é tão lindo! Por que não faz vídeos em português também? Acredito que ajudaria muitas pessoas 🙂

  37. busra ozal says:

    I love your videos so much

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    I am obsessed with your channel! All your tips are amazing!!! I get exited every time a see a new video from you!!

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    i just subscribed to your Chanel couple of days ago and it came at the right timing. my finals are in a couple of weeks and i needed a new note taking method and i found you! your videos are superb and just what i needed in my life. thank you so much!!

  40. Farheen says:

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  41. 5pecialist says:

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  48. Journal of Saroo says:

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  50. A Lea says:

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  52. Júlia Honda says:

    I am a new subscrit (hope this is right) and saw that some of your notes and books are in Portuguese , you are Brazilian ? I'm pretty sure you can understand if I write in portuguese, right?
    Bom, assim é muito mais fácil pra mim porque não sou muito boa em inglês, mas estou aprendendo :v Sabe a agenda que você imprimiu? Então, queria saber como que você colocou na espiral do caderno, se você mandou imprimir ou coisa assim.
    I love your channel! Bye

  53. Elizabeth O says:

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    Thank you for the great videos 🙂

  58. Ali ullah says:

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    +alice Hi! i liked your tip about planning the study sessions in a calendar for test, but the thing is that my professors give to me the date of the test but i dont really know how much material will i have to study! what do you recomend me? i dont want to study material that in the end wont go to the test because the teacher didnt have enough time! ( im talking about midterm test)

  60. Wika Mirna says:

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  61. Jennifer Nelson says:

    awesome tip! I also love all your videos. I wish you posted them daily. I have only used comments in Excel, and I love that the function is in Word. I will be using this all the time for my text book assignments.

    BTW how did you incorporate the chapter reading into word? I did a copy/paste.

    P.s. I still have not mastered my handwriting 🙁

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    Hi,I like your video very much:)
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    Have a full summer off of school (except for some summer reading) but still preparing 😬😄

  76. Jessica Brown says:

    So simple and SO helpful. Thank you!

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    Hi Mariana! I love your videos! I am obsessed with watching them. Anyways, I handwrite both both my notes and textbook notes. What would be an easy way to combine them if both are handwritten?

  78. Man Duc says:

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  86. Noannelle Sky says:

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