How to Study for Your PSI Contractor Exam


Hey everybody! This is Ron with my contractor’s
license and today I wanted to talk to you about our amazing success rate and to show
you our easy plan to get you to pass your test the first time.
So we’re always been asked, how do we get thousands of people to pass a test so easily.
Over the years we’ve developed a very simple five-step process.
Some of the contractor’s exams like the NASCLA here have over 10,000 pages in their
book set. In fact the carpentry book alone is over a 1,086 pages by itself. It will take
you a very long time to read all this information and you still won’t know which parts are in
the exam. For example; in this carpentry book, in the first 183 pages; there’s only 8 sentences
you need to know. So this is where our highlighting sessions come in, we will walk you through
each one of your books showing you exactly where the highlight, what sentences, what
part of the book and we will take your training time down about 95%.
Okay, step number 2, audio CDs. Each one of your books will have an audio track and all
this is, is just questions and answers. So you highlighted it last night, you’re going
to listen to it today. Let’s take for example the carpentry book; you highlighted it, you
simply insert the CD in your vehicle and it’s about 10 minutes long, listen to it during
your daily commute and this will help you remember what you highlighted in the book.
Step number 3 is your study guide. This is a printed off list of every question-and-answer
we’ve seen out of each one of your books. Again broken down by book, so let’s say tomorrow;
once you get home you can go and focus on the book that you’ve highlighted and you’ve
been listening to and see all the questions and answers out of that. This is something
you have access to when you’re not in front of your computer.
Step number 4. Now is time to test your knowledge on just on this one book. There are quizzes
and tests for each of your books, once you feel like you’ve gotten the first book down
pretty well, start the next book and repeat steps 1 through 4 for each book, one book
at a time. Lastly, step 5. You have unlimited practice
exams, PSI is the company that will give you your real exam, so we’ve designed our practice
exams to look just like the PSI test screens. You’ll be able to mark questions, skip questions
and jump to questions. The practice exam will be timed and randomized just like your real
test. This gives you an accurate simulation of the real test experience. Once you’re making
a 95 or better on your practice exam, then you’re ready to go take the real test and
best of all, you’ll pass your test the first time guaranteed.

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  11. 109harold says:

    Guys if you want to pass the state exam , buy this program and follow their instructions and you will pass but you HAVE to put in the study time,and know the books, no way around it . Ron and Neil answered any question I had and was always willing to help when I called ,they provided great support. This program does work ,good luck

  12. Alex Kish says:

    I from nj and I'm thinking about starting a caulking,silicon,glazing,waterproofing, and fireproofing business. do I need certs or license in this? or can I operate it with just a llc?

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