How to Study for the SAT and ACT: Study Schedule [2019]

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in this video, we will talk about
creating a schedule for your standardized test prep
I’m Katya Seberson the inventor of the Sevberson it then a scientifically proven
way to learn anything fast let’s talk about creating a schedule for your SAT
or your ACT. I know that a lot of you guys are posting reddit or the SAT or
the ACT thread or the college admissions thread the places where I
hang out the most is you’re wondering how do other people create a study
schedule and you usually want to know how other people study and especially
those who achieve really high scores and it doesn’t really matter but I’m just
going to give you an idea if I were to study for the SAT right now how would I
create a study schedule and my perspective comes from my current self
my current perspective and I have a schedule which is a Content schedule for
this YouTube channel I think about the videos I’m going to create I’m thinking
about the publishing schedule I’m thinking about how much time of my life
this channel is going to require so I have my most important tasks MIT’s I
have a list of them and I know how much time it’s gonna take me per week so I’m
going to walk you through my content calendar super personal I know and then
you will see how the same exact kind of methodology will translate into a study
calendar alright so many of you don’t realize that but it takes me 10 hours
per week to maintain this channel and let me just show you where these hours
go so I need 10 hours and I know two hours will go to posting hashtagging
and replying to comments so all of this and then I’m going to need one hour of
Thursday and then one hour on Saturday the reason my
favorite channel will take me so much time is because we have posting days we
have Thursdays and Saturdays these are the days when we post and I also need to
spend time editing and I need to spend time creating new material for you
creating new content so these are the things I know I must do for my channel
and if I chose to be on YouTube and to distribute my message by YouTube this is
what I’m committing to 10 hours okay so when I take out just like a paper
calendar I’m going to include those commitments in pencil notice that there
isn’t any specific time that is this is assigned to this just says edit edit
edit because I edit about 6 days a week and usually do it in the evening from 9
to 10 and then we post we try to post in the middle of the day and Thursday and
we try to post on and kind of in the middle of the day on Saturday usually do
it right after my last client on Saturday leaves and then they post the
video so that takes time and everybody know that that takes time so I write it
in my paper calendar so that I let myself know that these are my
non-negotiables to do when we get closer to the week every Sunday I take a look
at my Google Calendar and in my Google Calendar I then plug these activities in
more specifically and I’m a very predictable person so I can predict when
I’m going to be able to write to edit to create content and then what am I going
to be able to post so all of these times are predictable for me when I try to
work with it at two-week chunks so as soon as I made a list of everything I
need to do for the next two weeks I’m going to plug it into the calendar these
are kind of like appointments with myself
it’s it’s called Katya plus YouTube right or Katya
Plus YouTube edit Katya Plus YouTube post so these are my little subtasks and
this is how I make my schedule work of course there could be adjustments and I
can move it but this is how I know these are the things I need to do and for the
next two weeks when the two weeks run out I go through a list of my activities
if I feel like I’m going to be doing the exact same thing then I’m just going to
plug these same activities different times let’s say I during this during the
spring break at most of my clients I have them in the afternoon when during
school I actually have a lot of clients after 4:00
sometimes I have 4 to 6 and I have 6 to 8 and then sometimes I even have 8 to 9
8 to 10 so 9 p.m. editing is not a an option therefore I would move my editing
to an earlier time so just something to keep in mind because this is very
movable well Katya thank you for telling us how you prepare for this YouTube
channel and how much time you spend on it but what does your content calendar
have to do with our study schedule well I like to think of them kind of in
parallel because the way your study schedule works is it’s just a bunch of
non-negotiable non-negotiable actions that you agree to do and you agree to do
them ahead of time so I think that you should start preparing for your
standardized test if you’re shooting for a high score at least three months
before the test date so if you’re taking this guy May 4th then in order to get a
good score it would be a really good idea to start preparing as early as
February 4th or before that for example if you’re working on your reading diet
and you can start preparing years and years in advance but at the minimum
start to prepare three months in advance you’re going to need three full-time
practice tests so every month you’re going to take a
full time to practice tests in parentheses it says for our thing when
you’re planning your prep on the bigger picture you know that you have to take
three practice tests I’m not talking about the initial baseline test that
doesn’t even count so every month and in the last month you’re gonna take two
practice tests so you want to look at your calendar and see usually you’re
gonna want to do those practice tests when you either have a break from school
or when you have a weekend right on the weekend it’s much easier to find four
consecutive hours when you’re not exhausted so let’s say there will be a
Saturday when there’s no Bar Mitzvah or any sports events that you need to
attend that Saturday will be dedicated to the to the test and then you will
spend another hour or two analyzing all the errors that you made so altogether
it’s not a four-hour thing it’s more like a six-hour thing but you can break
it up you could take half a section in one day half a section on the other but
this is just something for you to keep in mind and three months in advance you
should get very serious with your study schedule at least six hours per week you
can do more but don’t do less don’t think that oh if I just work for 20
hours one week then I don’t have to work on my SAT for another two weeks
don’t do this six hours every week is very manageable very doable if you are
strict with your schedule and your calendar so what are those six hours how
are you going to allocate hose those are just my suggestions and I’m going to
be using the tools that I love the most so if you don’t like my suggestions and
for example you don’t have the books or you don’t have your world just plug your
own materials in but I just love to give very specific examples cuz I think that
you will benefit from those the best so six hours the first hour we’re going to
spend on UWorld ten minutes of UWorld every day
ten minutes of Uworld not every day six days a week will give you an hour so
if you do anytime you’re standing in line and
you’re waiting for something you have a study hall or you’re just not you’re on
the bus you’re in the car not driving but in the passenger seat just log into
UWorld do ten minutes of UWorld every single day what’s really great
about that is you can be taking screenshots and those screenshots then
become flashcards for you I know UWorld doesn’t really love the fact that
we’re taking screenshots but as long as you’re not trying to sell this and try
to recreate the questionnaires because those are kind of proprietary to
UWorld they really don’t care no one’s gonna sue you trust me if
you’re just using it for your own purposes so you’re okay now
that’s the first hour let’s look at the other five hours how are you going to
spend those. Well it really depends on where your week at but keep in mind that
math is 50% of your score on the SAT if you’re taking the ACT you’re going to
adjust that because their math is only 25% of your score
you’re taking an SAT the huge chunk of your time should go towards math unless
you are already a math genius if grammar and reading is more than and the essay
if those are the components that are dragging your score down then definitely
focus on those but I’m just gonna talk about like an average person who doesn’t
have splendid abilities in any area who is just you know maybe scoring 1400
right now and ones to get to 1550 or maybe you’re scoring 1100 and you want
to get to 1350 or 1400 stuff like that so you want to divide that time and I
suggest you spend more time doing math so three hours for math and two hours
for verbal math is going to look like this if if I’m using this book on this
book in the table of contents we have 29 chapters actually no 28 the way Nelson
who broke it up is friend from the way it’s broken up in
you world as we have already discussed in the you world video which I will link
up there they organize their material very specific in accordance with the SAT
book so their layout is exactly the same as the College Board’s layout Nelson Phu
it is taking a little bit of Liberty here and he divided up the topics into
28 different parts so the last one is volume and he begins with exponents so I
suggest that you go through a chapter each week actually because you’re only
have three months let’s do three chapters a week so in
week one you’re going to do this and week two you’re going to do this four
five six in week 3 – 7 8 9 in week 4 – 10 11 12 you get the picture three chapters
each week so in order for you to read the chapters and then do the exercises
and then read another chapter and then do the follow-up exercises and then add
some you world targeted practice so let’s say on week 1 you guys are doing
exponents percent and you’re also doing exponential functions so let’s say we’re
gonna go and create a targeted test you’re gonna click click on tutor you’re
gonna click all and then you’re going to choose percents first we need to click
this one and then unclick all the other guys and then you’re going to be doing
exponential functions again you’re just doing these see how he took a
problem-solving and data analysis subtopic and then a passport to advanced
math subtopic and he put it he put it in you know and in the front of his book
and then you’re going to decide maybe you’re gonna do like 10 problems and
then you’re to generate the test for you and then
your loan sold that test so all of that should take you two hours three chapters
exercises after chapters maybe you want to create flashcards maybe you want to
look for similar questions in the actual SAT problem tests and then you want to
do some UWorld that should take you two hours in the first week really
there’s nothing for you to review yet but on week two as you’re going through
chapter four five and six you are beginning to forget chapter one two and
three therefore you have this extra hour built in your schedule where you can
review the previous material and also continue mastering the material you
already know so you’re going to go to your world and you’re going to create a
test with six topics in it and you’re just going to go through them and review
the material go back to your error logs you for view your flashcards for that
you have that extra hour built in so two hours for new information one hour for
review you’re not gonna have anything to review first week so you’re just going
to use that time for extra verbal practice now as for verbal you have
reading and you have grammar you’re going to need to work on both and since
reading requires you to get really deep and understand the test really well it
needs you to solve passages and then analyze the types of questions why some
answer choices are correct and why some answer choices are incorrect and it is
not enough to just read the explanations that are provided in the book in fact
some of the explanations are just laughable because they explain that the
reason answer B is correct is because answer a is incorrect
and the answer C is incorrect because answer B is correct they’re just not
making sense well it’s understandable because if the SAT was very
straightforward and they they were just telling you well there’s no evidence in
the text it’s neither a statement or demonstration and this is just a trappy
answer choice that uses words from around the quote but actually doesn’t
answer the question like if they were to describe the traps to you and then
everyone will be scoring 1,600 and they need to stay there they need to keep
their reputation as a very reliable source for identifying some bright kids
so they need to keep their secrets so if you are guys attracted to the answer
choices and I was I was very surprised initially, why wouldn’t they give us just
like a regular grid we’re like 1a 2b 3d for a you know like a regular answer
grid instead they’re giving us this library question 3 and then an answer
question 4 and then an answer question 5 and then an answer and they’re actually
doing this on purpose so don’t read this this is not helpful for the most part so
try to avoid going by the explanations so in order for you to master reading I
suggest that you do just reading one week so the other two hours just reading
and a good way to do it would be to just take one type of passages let’s say
prose fiction and learn everything there is about prose fiction passages how to
approach them what type of what types of questions to expect and master a drill
fiction passages over and over again personally I am a writer I like to draw
and I call it murder my passages so if you guys have watched a you world video
then you probably know that I don’t your world for reading but I have seen
their passages and there are questions that are pretty good I think that they
are consistent with the logic and they do a good job at grieving wrong answer
choices and right answer choices but I like to work on the real reading
passages so if I were to for the first week just work on the prose section then
I would just take all the first texts from the first eight from the first
eight Tests that are provided by the College Board and you know you have a
couple of extra tests on the reddit for you to actually use as practices so I
would just do all old passages that are prose fiction and that would be week one
on the second week I wouldn’t be doing reading I would be doing two hours of
grammar and essay work if you are required to take the essay I suggest you
start working on the essay early and I have a great video on how to write an
essay it gives you the template it will pretty much guarantee a high score
you’re not going to score low if you memorize a template well so start
working on that and also just work for two hours next week just on reading just
on grammar so I mean obviously you can break it up if you like but I suggest
that you do targeted study and targeted training now how does this get into your
calendar now that you know that for the next two weeks you’re going to have to
spend 12 hours well one hour on one hour on your world
you don’t have to schedule this because it’s just ten minutes a day just keep it
in mind that I have to be doing you world for 10 minutes but then the five
hours each week that are very specific I’m doing chapter one to three and then
I’m doing practice exercises and then I’m going to be doing more you world
next week I’m doing chapter four five six and then I’m doing
this exercises and I’m doing more you world and that is the actual assignment
that you’re going to do so what your you’re doing now is you’re looking at
your calendar and please please please buy yourself a paper calendar so let’s
just turn to April and I want you to look at two weeks at a time because a
whole month is kind of harder to work with but if you guys have a really good
hang of your calendar absolutely do that so I would just choose days when I know
that my evening is not occupied or maybe I have a free weekend then I’m going to
schedule those training sessions and I’m also going to schedule my full practice
tests at the beginning I told you that you need to take three practice tests
you need to and it’s not counting the first baseline test that you took so
after each month and as we’re getting closer to the test you want to take one
full length test one more time and analyze your errors so I hope this helps
you guys I know I didn’t touch upon the ACT I just don’t want this video to get
overly long but this is the premise of it you want to first identify what is
it that you’re going to do and I think I want oral detail what is it that I
suggest that you do then you plug these into the days and then once it gets
closer to the day I don’t know how much you guys use the Google Calendar but I
use it a lot you can actually decide from what time to what time you’re going
to be doing your work so let’s say it’s Thursday and you know that you don’t
have a lot of homework for Friday or like Friday is a day off some holiday
then on Thursday from 4 to 6 you can actually study four five six chapter
four or five six in your in your math book you can study the content and you
can do the exercises and then you also know that on Saturday you will have two
hours and you’re just going to do and you’re just going to do a particular
type of passage just going to do the fiction passages and two weeks from now
I’m going to do just the social science passages and then two weeks from now I’m
going to do just the history passages or the paired passages or the natural
science passages so you can come up with your own system but having a set of
activities in mind and then deciding which days you’re going to plug those
into it’s super helpful so I hope this video was helpful for you guys if you
need me to write a set of tasks for the ACT please let me know in the comments
below and guys I encourage you to comment on this video because every time
you leave a comment or you like the video we actually choose someone every
month we choose one lucky person and we get on a free session together I don’t
care if you’re preparing for ACT SAT GMAT MCAT LSAT or you’re just learning
and studying from MOOCs or online courses there is probably something that
you want to ask me or there’s something that we can study together so you have a
comment and I’ll see you guys soon bye

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