How To Study Efficiently | Intense Study Sessions

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The Center for Academic Success presents the Intense Study Session, a studying strategy that improves efficiency. So how do you begin? Step 1: Set a Goal What do you want to accomplish? Do you need to read your textbook? Complete homework problems? Review notes? Gather research? Write a paper? Intense Study Sessions can be anything that needs to be completed. Beginning with a goal can help you stay on task. Step 2: Study With your goal stated, begin doing what you have selected with action and focus. Most students find that 30 to 50 minutes is enough time to accomplish one goal. Make notes as you read, complete a concept map, fill in missing information by searching online. Think about what you are learning to be sure the new information makes sense. Step 3: Recap Once you’ve completed your goal, recap your progress. Recapping is simply writing a short summary or making a note to track your progress. If you have a question, or are stumped on a concept, you may note that as well. Step 4: Break Go for a walk, stretch, get a healthy snack, or whatever will help you relax for 5 to 10 minutes. After your break, begin another intense study session. Concentrating on one subject for two to three sessions is typically beneficial; however, changing subjects can help you improve retention of information and focus. Implementing Intense Study Sessions will help you keep focused, retain more information, and stay in control of your learning. For more information on intense study sessions or any of our workshops, visit the Center for Academic Success’s website at

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