How to study effectively for exams | 5 tips for studying effectively


Pick the right study environment. Remember that the right study environment
for someone else may not be the best environment for you. Picking the right study environment means
picking a place where you feel “in the zone” and free of distractions. Some people like to study with some background
noise, while others need to study in absolute silence. Before you pick the perfect place to study,
run a reconnaissance mission to find the right place. Here are some things to consider when choosing
the best environment for you: Pick a place that is free of distractions. Avoid being around a television or going to
places where people are engaging in laughter and fun conversations. If the Internet is a big distraction for you
but you need a computer to study, pick a place that does not have Wifi. You can study in your dorm, but don’t do it
if your roommate is always around and you’d rather be talking to him than study for your
big test. If you are studying in your dorm, close the
door or put up a sign to let people know that they shouldn’t just pop in on you. Pick a place with the right noise level. If you like absolute silence, go to a library. You will also be surrounded by fellow students,
which will motivate you to study more. If you like some background noise, try a low-key
cafe. Pick a place that is well-lit. A coffee shop with dim lighting may look cooler,
but it will hurt your eyes and make it easier for you to fall asleep. Pick a place that isn’t too hot. Infernal temperatures will make you want to
curl up and take a nap. Pick a place that is pleasantly cool so you
can stay alert. Find a place that really helps get you “in
the zone.” This is harder to describe, but you’ll know
it when you see it. This will be a place where you feel sharp,
unstoppable, and motivated as soon as you walk in the door. You may even have a favorite chair or study
nook in your study hall or library that really does this trick for you. Find what works and stick to it. If you feel that music helps you concentrate
then create a playlist on your phone or an music player device in order to avoid temptation
to use your computer and browse other websites. If you are listening to music, make sure that
it is something relaxing that encourages you to calm yourself and focus on what you are
doing, sometimes it is preferable to listen to more relaxing music without lyrics as your
brain will automatically focus on following the lyrics instead of reading and remembering
what is in your textbook. Research has shown that it is beneficial to
study in an area where nature is in close proximity. Consider decorating your study area with a
few plants or flowers in order to maintain a balance between studying and at the same
time appreciate nature around you. Remember that the time of day that you study
is just as important as the environment. If you’re an early bird and
think best in the morning, maximize your morning study time. If you’re a night owl and concentrate best
after the sun sets, then get into the groove then. If you prefer studying during the night, it
is important to make sure that you get enough sleep as your brain needs to
be well rested in order to function properly. It is recommended to select a study area that
is not in your bedroom, this is due to the fact that you will associate that area with
concentrating and studying, while you will then associate your bedroom with resting or
spending your free time. Make sure that you don’t spend all day in
one room as it is good to switch things up eventually. Bring the right things. Once you pick your dream study spot, you’ll
need to bring the munitions you need to keep you going. Knowing what to bring to get your study on
is just as important as knowing what not to bring. When you figure out exactly what you need,
you can even write a checklist so you know what works for you every time. Study with a variety of methods. Studying by using a variety of methods will
help you reach a deeper understanding of the material and will also help you mix up your
studying habits and will keep things interesting. Use your resources. When you study, don’t forget that a wealth
of resources are available to you beyond just your textbook and notes. If you’re studying, then you must be in school,
and schools will have a variety of resources to help you make your studying as effective
as possible. Take breaks. Remember that taking breaks is just as important as focusing on your studies. The mind does better when you take a
short break every half hour to an hour. This helps you absorb material and decompress,
and will get
your mind feeling fresh for more studying. If
you study for
six hours without stopping, you will give yourself a headache.

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