How to Start a Book Club : Recommended Books for College Students

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I’m Jeanna Rock, and we’re talking about recommended
books for college students. One of the things that you’re doing in college is expanding
your horizons and your book list should suggest the same thing. Quite often we get stuck with
a particular genre of literature, particularly science fiction, and we need something to
kind of throw us out of that loop and get us into some other things and widen our horizons.
And so joining a book group is a great idea for widening your horizons. A great source
for looking for books for this type of book group is to look at the American Library Association’s
list of nonfiction. They’ve got topics that range from music to war and their list, and
these are nonfiction and maybe in college you want to read some fiction for a little
bit lighter since you’re getting so much nonfiction reading in your own classes, but these books
are great ones, and their ones that you can join a discussion on larger topics. Some of
the books on that list that I would suggest would be G?del, Escher, Bach. This is a fascinating
book about G?del, who is a logician, and MC Escher who is an artist, and of course Johannes
Bach, and how they are interrelated in a lot of their–it is very mathematical, so if you
like math you’d really enjoy a book like that. But it’s pretty good reading for anybody.
Another one is The Rape of Nanking. This is a little known event that happened during
World War Two, overshadowed by the Holocaust, but the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China,
was a devastating period of time with some very, very horrific events, and this is something
that I think more Americans need to be aware of.

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