How to Start a Book Club : How to Start a Science Fiction Book Club

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This is Jeanna Rock and we’re discussing how
to start a science fiction book club. There are a lot of science fiction readers out there
and I doubt that it’s going to be very hard for you to find people who will join your
group. My suggestion would be probably to advertise at a book store or at the library
to find other science fiction aficionados to join your group. You may even find someone
who is a science fiction writer in your community or someone who teaches science fiction at
the local college to be a guest speaker at your first meeting. That would draw people
in and make it really interesting as you organize your group. Don’t forgot also that there are
a lot of science fiction movies that you could watch as well. In fact, it might be interesting
to read the novel and then watch the movie and make a comparison to that. Philip K. Dick
has had a lot of his short stories made into films and you’ll recognize them. So you might
even decided to read some of Philip K. Dick’s short stories and maybe watch one of his films.
Don’t forget the aspect of short story in science fictions. Orson Scott Card has got
lots of short stories as well as Ray Bradbury and other story story or science fiction writers.
So you might even choose one author and just read short stories that month for your book

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