How to Start a Book Club : How to Recommend Books to Read

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This is Jeanna Rock, and we’re discussing
how to recommend a book. When you’re accumulating your list of books that you’re going to read
for the year or suggesting the books that you might want to read for the year, our book
group has recommended books in a list. We’ve compiled it into a list. And generally what
we do is we go to Amazon or some other source, and just give their little Publisher’s Weekly
summary of the book. We want to have something that sounds engaging for us, we want the content
to be applicable to our group, and we want to have a variety of different subject matters.
So generally the information that’s contained within those little summaries of the novels
are very helpful in letting other group members kind of know a little bit about the book so
we can decide whether we want to read that book or not. Some other times you can verbally
recommend your book in the same way, where you just let them know what the book is about,
why it would be important for your group to read it, and what other people are saying
about the book as well.

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