How to Start a Book Club : How to Make Your Own Club


I’m Jeanna Rock, and we’re talking about
how to make your own book club. Let’s suppose that you want to read literature on a particular
topic. For example, politics. And there is not political group out there. How do you
organize your own political book group? The first thing I would suggest is talking among
your friends and see if there’s anyone interested there? If you want to widen your horizons
and invite other voices into your group, I would suggest posting some notices at your
local library or at the bookstore. And that maybe you’ll get some more political views
as well. Be sure and specify where you’re going to meet and when you’re going to meet,
and if you’d like to invite some local politician from the area to be a guest speaker at that
book group, you might even get more people to show up. At that meeting, you’ll organize
and decide what you’re going to read, where you’re going to meet, and how often you’re
going to meet, and maybe what political slant you’re going to take. Or, you might invite
people from opposite political parties and get a good debate going as well.

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