How to Start a Book Club : How to Lead a Book Group

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I’m Jeanna Rock, and we’re discussing how
to lead a book group. When you’re deciding where you’re going to meet, sometimes the
book will lend itself to a location. Think about places that might relate to your book
that you could meet. Also think about food. If you’re serving refreshments at your book
discussion, think about food that might relate to the book as well. When our group read Amy
Tan’s Joy Luck Club, we had Chinese food that night. And that really helped us get into
the feeling of the book. Also, another thing that we did was we did some community service
for a particular cause that one of our books was about. We read Three Cups of Tea, and
so we did a money tree and we raised some money to send back to that organization in
Afghanistan, and that really made the reading experience for us much more personal, especially
since we felt like we needed to do something to help that organization. So think about
other ways, interesting creative ways and places that you can bring into your discussion
of the book, and that’ll make it a lot more fun for everyone.

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