How to Start a Book Club : How to Facilitate a Book Club


I’m Jeanna Rock, and we’re discussing how
to facilitate a book discussion. First of all, read the book. It’s hard to have a discussion
when you haven’t finished reading the book. And it’s really important that all the members
of your book group read it as well. We’ve had moments in our book group when no one
read the book, and it’s kind of hard to have a discussion. I mean, it’s fun to get together
and chat, but you can’t really talk about much. Second of all, make sure that you write
down page numbers of important passages in the book that were striking to you. You want
to have something to lead the group to so that you can have a discussion. Come up with
about eight to ten discussion questions. And good places to find those are on,
or at, or any–a lot of websites will have discussion questions. The back of
your book will quite often have readers reading group discussion questions as well, so check
there as well. Pretend like you’re an English teacher and ask your question and then let
other people speak. Make sure that everybody participates in your group, because there
are some people that will be more quiet than others, and some that have a tendency to monopolize
a conversation, so you want to have everyone participate and voice their ideas about the
discussion topic as well. Make sure that you’re in charge and that you don’t go off on tangents.
I know that in our group, we could probably spend an hour on a topic that has nothing
to do with the book. So as the teacher of the group, make sure that no one gets too
far off topic, unless that’s where you want to go. Remember, you don’t have to cover all
the questions in the book, but make sure that you get to the essential ones, and then you
can have your discussion afterwards.

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