How to Start a Book Club : Creating Book Club Reading List

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I’m Jeanne Rock and we’re talking about how
to create a book club list. Now sometimes you don’t have an option as to the books that
you’re going to read particularly if you belong to a book club that is sponsored by a book
store or the library. But if you’re in a group where you can choose books, there’s several
methods that you can use. In our book group, we have going through several different incarnations
of choosing. It first started out that I had categories and so we just voted. And sometimes
it was just very time consuming. It would take us two hours to decide on our books.
Today what we do is we submit three decisions to one person. She combines the list, sends
it out to everybody and then we vote, in our meeting, on the books that we want. Generally
we choose 12 books or 11 books every year because we have the book a month, except for
December where we have a party and choose our next list. If you don’t want to spend
two hours choosing your list for the next year, you could assign one person to be in
charge of discussing a book for the month and that person chooses their own book the
month before and lets everyone know.

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