How to Start a Book Club : Book Club Discussion Guides

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I’m Jeanna Rock and we’re talking about book
club discussion guides. The simplest place to find questions or ideas about discussing
your book is actually in the back of some of your books. Now a days because book groups
are so popular, a lot of publishers actually produce a book that is intended for a book
discussion and they’ll have questions in the back of the book that you can use. If your
book doesn’t have that, go on line. Quite a few books have discussions on line, questions
on line. I know as a teacher, when I’m preparing to teach a novel, I’ll go on line as well
because quite a few places like SparkNotes will have on line discussions where you can
find questions that you can bring to your book group and discuss. You don’t have to
limit your discussion questions to published ones. As you’re reading your novel, just think
about questions that you have. And quite often, you can just open the book, the discussion
up to the group and they can come up with their own questions that need to be answered.
It’s been my experience that when we start asking questions in our group, we don’t stay
with the questions, we go off onto our own tangents and discuss what’s important to us.
So don’t depend too much on finding questions for your book. Your book group will find their
own questions.

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