How To Spot A Cheater: Experts Reveal The Warning Signs | TODAY


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100 thoughts on “How To Spot A Cheater: Experts Reveal The Warning Signs | TODAY”

  1. Marki Faux says:

    One word. . . INTEGRITY.

  2. Kenzo Halifa says:

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  5. P. DoubleYou says:

    Shoutout to all real women in this world that are loyal and faithfull !

  6. WoofWoof82 says:

    The black haired girl is more knowledgeable about the topic

  7. Mr Slate says:

    Relationships are stupid

  8. kuznew poertra says:


  9. Maya T says:

    The hostess looks like Sharon Stone….Catherine Tramell

  10. George Norman says:

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  13. Jevaughn Gordon says:

    Lol 19% of women admit to cheating*

  14. Jevaughn Gordon says:

    Wtf is micro cheating? You're either cheating or not.

  15. Jevaughn Gordon says:

    Gotta disagree with Dr. Ramani, don't date someone if they're charming? Lol I thought that was a good thing.

  16. sadetwizelve says:

    1:18 oh you mean FLIRTING

  17. john miller says:

    I love that psychologist,she has a great channel for narcissistic abuse support

  18. john miller says:

    Change in patterns and distant attitude.

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  20. Amanda Farnham says:

    people who cheat in love dont know love………..own up and walk away theres nothing worse than empty vessels ….and there every where best tostay single and find a man of god trust your instinct best to feel the pain cry like the rain run like the sain……….

  21. Analog Digital says:

    The death of America begins here

  22. Curtistine Miller says:

    Your Best guide is your "Intituition"…..

  23. Vanessa Acosta says:

    I love Ramani!

  24. josef Wayne says:

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  25. Darthwing Xodius says:

    She is spitting truth about both genders being toxic. The biggest problem was birth of children as a result of infidelity and now revealed later. 40% higher now because women infidelity was revealed. As for men we have yet to know if their easy to read or they can get away with it.

  26. Mark Jamson says:

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  27. dunni says:

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  28. J Edwards says:

    Dr Ramani is the truth!!

  29. Cupcake Paper says:

    The blond therapist is typical….dark haired therapist is amazing! She is real!

  30. Rubi Molina says:

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  31. Charlotte Jordan says:

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  32. Martha High says:

    NBC messed up when they let Megan go. They have no one comparable to her…

  33. Phawta Khun says:

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  34. Margaret Greenwood says:

    Take time to know them. Watch how they treat others. Find out from their friends family whatever their history. Meet their family. See how it works. Take time

  35. Walter Lawrence says:

    Go MGTOW. Then none of this matters.

  36. Courage Is Standing Up Alone says:

    Women are WHORES in the 21st Century.

  37. Hunter Hunter says:

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  38. stella connor says:

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  40. Yellow Rose says:

    Ramani has a really great YouTube channel!

  41. Bob Smith says:

    Lady on far left (blond) “Sometimes there are no signs!” Um no girl there are ALWAYS signs.” Brunette talks about sociopaths – blonde – “Well I’m an optimist!!” Um, what does that have to do with ANYTHING?! Guarantee she’s being cheated on
    And she’s in denial about it.

  42. boo1987 H.P says:

    Women never cheat on the king💯 Only on a poodle

  43. matrix vodafone says:

    Earlier women would feel devastated because of their husbands’ infidelity.. now they just cheat on them to feel better. To find validation with another man is the way to get back that lost self esteem whether they stay with the same person or move on. it’s just revenge therapy.

  44. Andrea Riegler says:

    Where does someone's perception of "micro cheating " become an insecurity? If someone who is already insecure goes by these standards, the abuse victims are riding a powder keg 24/7. Cheating is cheating any way it is cut. Narcs who use jealousy, ("you're my property"), can literally drive their victims insane with this imo–thx to Dr. Ramani for educating the masses #knowledgeispower

  45. sea says:

    blonde chick dont know what tf she doing

  46. President Santana says:

    "Love and sexuality expert" LOLLL WTF does that even mean. Should've just brought the Indian psychologist lady. She has real knowledge

  47. Sherrie Lynn says:

    Basically if you cheat your only cheating yourself out of happiness

  48. Ds Mr says:

    Through time, humans discovered when the father stayed, his offspring had a higher chance of survival. So. Not cheating is a survival mechanism. Other than that, it's pure instinct to 'travel'.

  49. Frank Mack II says:

    It all started with the woman tricking Adam! We gotta stay strong Fellas, but still respect women
    Dark hair lady is fine tho and smart

  50. dgmoocher D r says:

    I'm still blown away that Megan gave up a spot at the top to be the female version of Jerry Springer…say what?!

  51. ian miller says:

    Did that psychologist get her qualifications from of a online course or a womens magazine special offer? This dreadful show is typical womens garbage that fails to be held to any standards of accountability.

  52. Anthony Kist says:

    hmm stats ive read is that 52% of infidelity is the female…52% of the time its the female that is cheating…

  53. Principal Yenyenyen says:

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  54. Alumojiri Shiite says:

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  55. Atori Bewu says:

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  56. Mark Silva says:

    Such misinformation.

  57. Maya Brown says:

    The blond in the black dress, is trying to control the conversation- but she only halfway knows what she chatting about.

  58. Hortus MornsEst says:

    All of this sort of emotional massaging for the insecure, interdependent, interpersonal cultists. Never a mention of the endless hypocrisies and passive aggtession that is "romanticism"; or plainly stated (metaphysics).

    Excuses, excuses, excuses… In one hand its "death first", rather than the "betrayal" of the oh-so-important western pair-bond. In the other hand, it is only the invested party blamed for any loss… Coupled with the pressure to "try again".

    Western relationships are (overrated and toxic by about 70%). Grow up kids.

  59. ike koya says:

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  60. KAY -LEE says:

    3:10–3:35 she literally described a Pisces 😂

  61. Lana Sumner says:

    So my husband has cheated on me when we first started going out.i dumped him but he wouldn’t leave me alone so I took him back. After I had our first son he told me he cheated on me agin but it was hard for me to leave. But then after I had 3 sons with he kept on. Not it been 10 years. But I don’t trust him and he won’t let me leave and I’m not okay I want to not be here any more he swears he’s not but I don’t believe him. I wish I would just die cause I feel that’s the only way out.

  62. Atori Bewu says:

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  63. Alumojiri Shiite says:

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  65. Christiana Trump says:

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  66. Liz Ruiz says:

    She said it, modern day feminism causes all this negativity like cheating.

  67. ms Janet says:

    Let me put on my track shoes on then🤣 lol jk good words of wisdom

  68. Calm Dust says:

    That last 30 seconds was the best part of the interview. Tough truth there but good to know.

  69. candy cane says:

    Tell take sign is placing phone faced down….

  70. Amy Gonzales says:

    I've never trusted a "CHARMING" man. The men that are too charming, flattering and too good to be true so soon is a RED FLAG!

  71. Della Green says:

    Blonde hair lady throwing me off. Had to cut this one off

  72. Holly Young says:

    Once a cheater always a cheater can mean that if u cheat then afterwards ur partner is always gonna be scared u may cheat again. And whoever may know u cheated. U have the stigma of a cheater therefore once a cheater always a cheater even if u aren’t and never cheat again. Same as once a thief always a thief. Once u get caught stealing people will always be watching to make sure u don’t steal again. I hope that I explained what I meant correctly. But it doesn’t always mean u will always cheat if u have in the past. People do make mistakes.

  73. Lin duo Yinwu says:

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  74. Liane Layman says:

    Past behaver predicts further behaver is a saying Dr. Phil always uses for all things.

  75. The Real Love Trance says:

    She’s exactly right about the love bombing and mirroring! You will feel like you’re in a fairytale! Just remember if something seems to good to be true then it probably is. These toxic narcissistic relationships are so damaging to the unsuspecting victim. Pay attention to your gut and get out before you experience too much devastation emotionally, physically or financially!! I had to learn the hard way.

  76. Сергей Ковтун says:

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  77. LilithBerlin V says:

    You can always tell when someone is cheating if you pay attention and are willing to see it which most people aren‘t because its understandably very scary because we anticipate being hurt immensely

  78. Naomi Lee says:

    Dr. V is as legit as they come.

  79. Marvin Portillo says:

    Women cheat way more but they’re sneaker and don’t confess

  80. Victoria Hadden says:

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  81. Kim T says:

    These guys are really selfish these days. Guys who think too much about emotions , part of the problem. It's more emotions and less "responsibility". Life is not all about how can we make HIM happy, every guy I've had a long term relationship, they're spoiled. Let's put it this way, I've seen guys out there always trying to see what they can get away with. When they see they "can't get away with" something, then they settle down and hang in to do what's right. But it's that underlying, I didn't get what I want so I'm going to spite you. Bad, bad, bad. In my case with my ex, he'll smile and talk, mirror you when he wants something; the minute that's over he ignores you like you are nothing and doesn't care about anything you say.

  82. Reality Check says:

    Notice what she said the world is rewarding cheaters they are getting attention, She literally just said Women cheat for attention and feel rewarded when doing it, us Alpha males know exactly why women cheat it has nothing to do with attention, it's Boredom women have nothing better to do but cheat, they aren't productive they have too much time on thier hands

  83. Quality Control says:

    Lol… that woman really said there are no signs of someone cheating… Should have googled it better. Ramani totally stomped on her answer!!!

  84. Wagner Sane says:

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  89. Giulia Gwinn says:

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  91. Paddy Keogh says:

    How about Narcissistic friends

  92. Paddy Keogh says:

    People suffering from Depression are in trouble now from the arm chair clinical psychologists

  93. Mark Anders says:

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  94. Richard B says:

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  95. Sun Rise says:

    The blonde is blank af 😂

  96. Alicia R says:

    I love Dr Ramani, she is amazing

  97. J. C. says:

    Judge JEWdy is mean but people love her anyway.

  98. Guadalupe Serna says:

    People cheat because they're trash and cowards male or female

  99. Piaush Francis says:

    Micro cheats… Dafuq

  100. GIwillo says:

    The one on the left is a cheater… 4:51 What a disgusting hypocrite bunch

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