How To Source Books at a Library Store – Sourcing Trip/Haul


[Luna] Thunder, thunder,
thunder, thunder, thundercats! (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, it’s
your boy Reezy Resells. I’m about to head into a library,
a bookstore like an ongoing… ongoing sale inside of a library. You can get a lot of good
books at places like these. They are not to be overlooked or
forgotten, no book left behind, let’s go. (music) Boom, packed. I think we got 48 books like $167. Average price around $4 each or
so but the average sale price is easily like $15 so at the very
least we’re doubling our money and you’ll know more soon. Here comes the tickle hand,
here comes the tickle hand. Give me that tickle tummy. (laughs) Alright guys, that pretty much
wraps it up for that haul. If you enjoyed the video,
please give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions or
just want to say you liked it, you hated it whatever. Just
leave me a comment in there and if you haven’t subscribed
yet, I would really appreciate if you would press that red
button one time for your boy. I’m going to make another
video after this video that is going to go through 10 of the
best books from this haul in detail using FBA scan. Showing you guys
how I make my buying decisions so if that’s the sort of
thing you want to see, be on the lookout for the next video.

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20 thoughts on “How To Source Books at a Library Store – Sourcing Trip/Haul”

  1. Mario B says:

    hello reezy what do you set your triggers at for scanning books because its rejecting all the books i scan

  2. Dan Sapp says:

    love it man. keep em comming!

  3. roisul islam says:

    Thank you for the video mate! One question, how do you know which book to pick and how would you know that the book will sell? Moreover, do you ship them or FBA?
    thank you again

  4. roisul islam says:

    thank you so much mate, sorry few more things, any good cheap bookstore that I can buy from?

  5. BLAZINBEATS123 says:

    hey can you tell me what coffee machine that is , i need to get one thanks

  6. Emmanuel Perla says:

    are you from California? I'm from Morgan Hill CA,good too see a amazon fba YouTuber from here 😃

  7. John Sutterfield says:

    Thanks Reezy! I'll add this as a source.

    So when sourcing from libraries, how do you handle processing? Do you try to remove the library labels / stickers or sell as is? Can you advise what condition we can use and how to disclose it in the description?

  8. kelton gresham says:

    Great videos bro I've been watching quite a few of em and I subbed. Anyway ……where do you store your products until they sell and do they really go fast enough to not end up as junk around the house? thanks and God bless

  9. Yuliya Zushynska says:

    Hi, would you recommend using Bookscouter app instead?

  10. Krislyn Miller says:

    Did you have some competition in there? Thought I spotted another scanner

  11. Anias Cantu says:

    What's up man good video thanks! Quick question. How do you determine how much money to reinvest or when to pay yourself? Where can I find more on that?

  12. mr patron says:

    what's the scanner ???

  13. ArbitraryLifestyle says:

    What mode on FBAscan do you use?

  14. cdrawdy23 says:

    I completely understand that this isn't a get-rich-quick kind of deal and there's a lot to being successful, but what's your honest expected turnaround time on selling these books on average would you say?

  15. Jens Larsen says:

    I have 2 girls myself. Your daughter is adorable.

  16. Julio Velez says:


  17. stilgottheblues says:

    So we can source from regular library store too?

  18. Grace Richardson says:

    I never know I can go library and buy books🤭🤭🤭🤭! I thought they are there just so you can seat and read. So I can go and buy?? Thank you for ur time

  19. Brandon Spiegel says:

    Love your videos man!!!!

  20. Erick Oliva says:

    that library employee straight up looks like Greg Popovich

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