How To Self Publish A Book & Become a Best Selling Author


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12 thoughts on “How To Self Publish A Book & Become a Best Selling Author”

  1. JosephMartin says:

    IM PRESENT!!:):):)

  2. Self-Publishing with Dale says:

    😮Wow! I know this was a DEEP dive into becoming a best seller.
    🤔What do you think about the data? Has your experience been any different?
    📚Also, is publishing on KDP worth it? Check out my candid thoughts in this popular video:

  3. Jacob Rothenberg says:

    10:00 the TRUTH in how to boost your sales and become a legit best seller!

  4. JosephMartin says:

    Good stuff….gotta watch this again:):)

  5. Self Publishing with Walter Weyburn says:

    awesome brother, and congratulations to you and Walt 🙂

  6. Lord Vader says:

    Is all of this in your complete DIY publishing course? I published on KDP but I’m ignorant of the advertising. And, I just bought Publisher Rocket…

  7. Bonnie Phillips says:

    Love your content. 🙂

  8. C.S.Allen says:

    Just found a new editor and had her look over one chapter and see how good she is… She's the one so far. This will be a third book out by January most likely. I need to pay a guy to get me on the best list on Amazon, lol

  9. Ankur Agarwal says:

    Hi Dale, one question here. Do you implement launch strategy separately on both versions – kindle and paperback or just on kindle?

  10. Kevin Maguire says:

    Oh, Canada 😆

  11. Words that Move says:

    I'm loving the beard man!

  12. Stan Belyshev says:

    Great insight…thanks Dale! 😎😎😎

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