How To Replace Your Kindle Fire HD X43Z60 Battery

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Giving New Life To Your Old Stuff How To Replace Your Amazon Kindle Fire HD X43Z60 Battery Begin by using the special tool provided in your kit from to open your Kindle Fire HD as shown. Remove the four screws using the included philips driver. Remove the final screw using the special driver included in your kit. Disconnect the cable and gently pull away as shown being sure to pull back the tape. Disconnect the original battery and lift out the protective metal battery case. Carefully pry the original battery from the protective metal case. Place your new extended life battery from into the protective metal case. Replace the protective metal case as shown. Connect your new extended life battery. Return each screw to its respective place. Return the cable into the channels along the protective metal case and replace the tape. Reconnect the cable. Replace the back cover and snap into place. Turn on your Kindle Fire HD with its newly installed battery from Your Kindle Fire HD should now work perfectly. Be sure to charge the device for at least two hours before continuing to use.
Giving New Life To Your Old Stuff

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